We did not lie when we said that the idle market is going hard on the field of video games, and we showed it with China and its graphic demonstration in Bright Memory: Infinite or its spectacular games proposals. However, now it is to set us at India, since it seems that its population is increasingly interested in video games and, therefore, its market is that grows faster on the continent.

PC and mobile games will generate benefits of up to 1,491 billion dollars in 2025 This news is celebrated by Analyst Daniel Ahmad, who also shares the general results of Nike Partners’ last report on Twitter, a company specialized in market analysis. Getting full in the numbers, the benefits generated by PC and mobile games will grow by 31.79% each year, equivalent to an increase of 534.1 million dollars. And this will not end here, because Ahmad ensures that the income will reach 1,491 billion in 2025.

And is that every time there are more people fascinated by the world of video game, since it is estimated that the number of players grow 21.97% in 2021, which corresponds to a total of 339.9 million users. Looking later, it is considered that by 2025 there will be some 529.1 million players throughout the country.

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Leaving aside the figures, the report believes that this rapid growth is mainly due to the low cost of the 4G, the proliferation of cheap smartphones and the great offer of free games of great quality. In addition, this panorama will even improve more with the appearance of 5G, as it will attract more people to the universe of video games. And it should be taken into account that India has a players market very focused on mobile entertainment, which leaves an average of 14.1 hours of gambling weekly in their community.

As in all cases, there are still many things to improve, because India is the market with the average income by User’s lower Asia, so Ahmad considers that developers must have a different approach to increase this figure. Either, it is clear, it is clear that India is a very powerful country in terms of video game, because we already told you that part of the success of PUBG: New State comes from this country, from where the 30 % download of this Battle-Royale.