Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the number of players in the team-type action overwatch 2 has exceeded 25 million.

This work was released for free on October 5, but it was revealed that the number of players exceeded 25 million in the first 10 days, and the number of daily peak players was about three times that of the previous work. I did it. According to the company’s president Mike ISARA, This is only the beginning. There is still room for exploration in the world of overwatch, and wait for the player to experience all the teams created for live games. No.

The new hero Kirk is also popular, and it has been revealed that the ultimate fox run has been released more than 2 million times in the first week.


A new patch will be distributed on October 14. The rival play has been revised the phenomena that is recognized as a lower rank than the original, and the hero Kenyatta and Kirk are being implemented. You can see the details of the patch here.

Overwatch 2 is distributed for free play for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Windows ( for free.