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Summers War: Chronicle Increase server by increasing user

Com2us (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) announced that the new server Lucho has been expanded as the new users of their new summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ continued to increase.

‘Chronicle’, which was launched in Korea on the 16th, was limited to character creation as the number of ‘Artamiel’ servers reached the maximum capacity of the entire server in the morning, four days after the service.


Com2us has continued to increase the number of new users of Chronicle since its launch and the user access of each server has soared, and the service has been updated in a week, adding a new server, Luzeng, and preparing a pleasant play environment for users..

In addition, Com2uS has also improved various contents to increase the play pleasure by increasing the number of basic positions of the battlefield to ‘Chronicle’ and adding 1 ~ 3-star pumps to repeated rewards.

Along with the opening of the new server, an event will be held to obtain a five-star pump. If you perform a mission to collect seedlings and collect shellfish, an event that allows you to obtain a 5-star desert queen will be held from September 23 to the morning of September 6th. If you access the game every day during the same period, there will also be a welcome event for the Guardian Summary, a summoning letter, a summoning letter of light and darkness, and a legendary summon.

In addition, if you strengthen the summoner according to the mission, you can obtain a 5-star rainbow monk and legend summoning. You can get it.

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Fortnite: Marvel Crossover for five

The Epic Games Studios have created a platform with Fortnite, which has meanwhile have driven around the most diverse artists and video yields of other universes. Now it is not about playable characters or a live concert in the game.

Fortnite All Marvel and DC Crossover Trailers and Cutscenes (Season 1 - 17)

This time Marvel has announced the comic book series Fortnite X Marvel: Zero was announced, in which it should be about some islanders from Fortnite, which are caught in a seemingly infinite war. The only thing that can help is a crystallized fragment of the Zero Point, which was thrown into the Marvel Universe.

In the opinion of the Comic Editor Allana Smith, it says: “In the heart, it is an adventure series in which characters come together from both universes to compete a treasure hunt in the deepest, darkest width of the Marvel universe. It will be the ultimate team-up, in which the best of Fortnite and Marvel represent. “

Some of these characters are already on the coversite. Spider-Man, Wolverine and Shuri from Marvel and two heroes from Fortnite were shown so far now, there was a speech of a guest appearance of the Iron-Man. The whole thing will appear in June 2022.

Of course, Fortnite is still a game, so the players should not go empty. The first edition of each series of comic books will additionally include a code with which the players can acquire cosmetic items, one week after publication of the respective book, in the in-game shop.

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