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Fortnite: New Battle Pass from Period 4 provided in the trailer, brings creepy teddy and brand-new Marvel

Fortnite were revealed the upcoming skins for the new Battle Pass of the 4th Season in Phase 3 in the trailer. You can discover here which Skins Epic Gaming developed for you as well as whether there is a secret skin.

What’s going on? In Fortnite, the circumstance is completely out of control. Everything starts to church. Woodlands, hurricanes and also whole map parts start to beam in the new silver appearance. Currently, Legendary Gaming has actually also released all new Season 4 skins in the Fight Pass trailer for the new Season, consisting of a scary bear and a new Marvel superhero with the abilities of Spider-Man.

Marvel-Skin as well as a new skin to the 7

What skins can the followers anticipate? In the trailer, an overall of 7 skins were seen, which are the Fight Pass numbers. Below:

  • The paradigm-an advocate of the 7
  • A weird bear with a tiny bear in itself
  • Gwen, a Wonder superhero
  • A kid with silver hands
  • An anime-skin with large braids
  • A man with technological glasses and also black hair
  • Goth-meowscles, a resin from the muscle feline made of chapter 2

Additionally, an extraterrestrial being is understood, which may be a manager on the map that causes the whole chrome. It is unclear whether this will certainly likewise exist in the Battle Pass.

What do you consider the brand-new Battle Pass from Season 4? Is there a skin that is especially impressed by you or does not do without the Battle Come on this season and also enjoy the brand-new terrain? Allow us to discover in the remarks.


On top of that, there are new abilities and tools in the trailer that are strongly similar to Platoon. From now on, players will also have the ability to go through wall surfaces or can become a liquid state with new and also special explosives.

** Fortnite were shown the upcoming skins for the new Fight Pass of the 4th Season in Phase 3 in the trailer. You can find out here which Skins Impressive Gaming developed for you and whether there is a secret skin. Currently, Legendary Gaming has actually additionally launched all new Period 4 skins in the Battle Pass trailer for the brand-new Season, consisting of a creepy bear as well as a brand-new Wonder superhero with the skills of Spider-Man.

Is there a skin that is especially excited by you or does not do without the Battle Pass in this season and enjoy the brand-new surface?

FIFA 22: Update 8 shortly for download

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 Update 8 . On Twitter, the Publisher announces that the patch is initially available for the PC version as a download. On PlayStation and XBox the update follows as usual in the coming days – an appointment is not fixed so far. The patch notes with details about the changes and innovations are already available. Extensive, the Changelog does not fall out, but goes on individual points that the developers have improved in gameplay.

Update optimizes goalkeeper

One of the most important points: After the update download, the goalkeepers should act better in FIFA 22 . So it could happen in rare cases that the keepers simply ran from their boxes and attacked the ball-carrying attacker. The new patch should belong to the past. This also applies to goals achieved in the last seconds of a match and previously not counted. And: leads her to the drag-to-drag skill-Move, you can interrupt it earlier.

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What is in the patch also?

From the patch Notes to FIFA 22 (Buy Now 21.99 €) Update 8 also emphasizes that the impetus animation at Koop lots lasted longer than planned by the developers. With the patch, the matches should now start flotters. In Pro-Club mode, the developers have again eliminated a mistake that could lead to a representation problem of the user interface. The full patch Notes for FIFA 22 update can be found in the EA Forum under this link. By the way this week is the FIFA 22 TOTW 27 in the Ultimate Team – we have a first prediction for you.

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