You need to move quickly and effectively use the maps of the soul, if you want to become the best neon in neon white. There are different weapons at your disposal, but you will start every level with your faithful katana. This is important, since you will need it to get a parrying. This can make you ask how to parry in Neon White.


How to get an achievement of parry in Neon White

The parrying in Neon White is as simple as attack a katana against the shell. A heavy part occurs when you want to get an achievement of a parry, since you will need to kill the enemy with a parry-off bullet. To do this, you must synchronize your parry with enemy shot and take the right position.

We recommend that you get an achievement of parrying against one of the yellow enemies . These enemies are larger and telegraph their attack. The bullet they release is also large, and it is easy to hit when parrying. The closer you are to the enemy, the greater the likelihood that the bullet will fall directly into it and kill him.

As soon as you parry and kill the enemy in this way, you get an achievement. You do not need to end the level. Then you can restart the level or return to the choice of level. Finally, be careful not to wave the katana too much before the parrying, otherwise you will only stay with fists.

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