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BVB can be used for talks with Marco Reus and Mats Hummels time

The BVB is facing a major change. Captain Marco Reus and Mats Hummels’ contracts run out after the coming season. The black and yellow still hesitate whether they should continue to employ the two veterans.

Sebastian Kehl, who finally takes over from Michael Zorc in summer, has long since drawn the strings in the background and is driving the upheaval at Borussia Dortmund early. In order to finance further newcomers in addition to the two central defenders Niklas Süle and Nico Schlotterbeck, some players will also have to leave BVB.

There is a lot of speculation. Manuel Akanji, Raphael Guerreiro or Julian Brandt are not uncommon. The black and yellow will probably not leave two professionals, although their contracts expire in 2023: Marco Reus and Mats Hummels.

As the “Ruhr Nachrichten” report, both the captain and the central defender will end their careers in Dortmund. Only it was not yet clear when this could be the case. Kehl has no time pressure in these talks, as Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke confirmed at “19:09-The Schwarzgelbe Talk”. The BVB has not yet promoted no hurry and the conversations with Reus and Hummels.

BVB talks with Reus and Hummels-Watzke: “Do not have a hurry”

You got this?! with Mats Hummels & Marco Reus
“Why should we extend with both 18 months before the end of the contract if it could then turn out that they can no longer call up their performance?” Watzke clarified. Reus will be 33 and Hummels at the end of May 34. While Reus is still an important factor and can hardly be replaced on the offensive, also due to the thin personnel situation, Hummels will be exposed to great competition in the coming season.

The “Ruhr Nachrichten” speculate that the two deserved players have to adapt their ideas to the “Hummelsing realities” in possible extensions. That should certainly also affect the salary of the two actors. Reus and Hummels are currently among the top earners in Dortmund.

“Everyone knows what they did. We will take a look at it in peace and speak at some point,” emphasized Watzke and spoke of great trust among themselves.

World of Warcraft: This error should the new extension according to Twitch

The revelation of the next extension of the popular MMORPG’s World of Warcraft is imminent. Already on 19 April Blizzard wants to offer our first insights into patch 10.0 and its content. Many players were quite dissatisfied with the direction of Warcraft within the last few years. Both the last extension Battle for Azeroth, as well as the current Shadowlands was quite negative by much of the gameship. Some users therefore understandably hope that Blizzard can tear the rudder with the next extension, and again offer a fun gaming experience.

ASMONDOLDS expectations for the new extension

One of the most biggest fans as well as the greatest critic of the MMOs is likely to represent the Twitch Streamer Asmongold. This has meanwhile collected an experience in the world of World of Warcraft for 16 years, and of course knows exactly what he wants in a new extension.

Asmongold recently released a video about all things that should not be part of the next WoW expansion for him. The error that Blizzard should never repeat according to Asmongold is to introduce a system again, which is planned by numerous problems without addressing them.

_ “The systems are probably the worst thing in the game in the last five years. Each time an extension appears, most people complain about the systems. Whether it’s the Legion legendaries, whether it’s the Azerit Armor is whether it is corruption or whether it’s the packages, it does not matter because people in one way or another are angry about how the game systems work, “_ explains the streamer. What he hopes for exactly from the new extension, you will learn on the next page.

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