Samsung Galaxy S23 right away offered

Hardly presented to the public, the brand-new Samsung smartphone is already noted in numerous online stores.
Delivery needs to begin at the earliest in mid-February-even the producer specifies a delivery time of several days on his website.
The Dutch business Combo apparently received the Android flagship earlier and wishes to delight consumers in 1-2 working days.
The 2 memory sizes 128 and 256 GB are available in the color variations Green, Lavender, Phantom Black and Cream.
The offer only uses in connection with a cell phone contract from Playmobil.
You have the choice in between the Telecom and Vodafone network.
It starts at 10 GB information volume with up to 25 Bit/s (Telecom) or approximately 50 Bit/s (Vodafone) at a cost of 19.99 euros per month-multi-rays can be as much as 25 GB (Telecom for 29,
99 euros per month) or 40 GB (Vodafone for 44.99 euros monthly).

With the leading tariff in the Vodafone network, Playmobil even uses a 5G alternative for 5 euros more per month, which increases the maximum transmission speed to 150 Bit/s.
A telephone and SMS flat rate is always included.
The connection cost is 19.99 euros.
Crucial: The costs discussed just describe the tariff.
Depending upon the one-time payment for the device, there will be another monthly cost of up to 15 euros.
This leads to total expense in between 1,075.75 and 1,460.75 euros over the 24-month minimum contract term-plus shipping costs of 4.95 euros.