Touges ninja teen mutants: the revenge of Shredder The Dotemu editor and the developer Tribute Games have launched the first of a series of videos behind the scene detailing the creation of the game. Titled «Once Upon to Shell», the video presents Tribute’s technical director, Jean-Francois Major, and the Executive Producer of Dotemu, Cyrille Imbert. In the video, Imbert reveals that Dotemu planned to launch Nickelodeon into a new TMNT game afterwards Calles of Rabia 4, only to discover that Tribute Games was throwing a similar project! As a result, the two decided to form equipment and work together in the game.

The video behind the scene can be found embedded below.

While the revenge of Shredder_ will probably make comparisons with the work of Dotemu in Calles of Rabia 4 Major hurried to point out that the two games have significant differences, including a different rhythm. However, he also pointed out how that experience is helping Tribute Games in the revenge of Shredder. Major also points out that he has previous experience with Ninja turtle games; The Technical Director previously worked at Ubisoft’s TMNT for Game Boy Advance. That game was well received when it was launched in 2007, although Major admits that the GBA hardware was not conducive to multiplayer mode.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge - Behind the scenes #1: Once upon a shell
It is worth watching the video for those who awaken the revenge of Shredder, although it does not offer any indication of when the game will be launched. On Twitter, Dotemu confirmed today that the revenge of Shredder_ is still planned for 2022. TMNT fans also have Konami _ Ninja Mutants Teenagers: Cowabunga Class than waiting this year, but that compilation does not have a release date! 2022 is performed as a great year for brand fanatics, but we will all have to continue waiting patiently for more information!

TUPTUGAS NINJA Mutants Teenagers: The revenge of Shredder will be launched in Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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