The second season to The Witcher ran only a few months ago, but fans fever on the upcoming season. The filming even started and the first details are already available.

The Witcher: What is known to the 3rd season

The Witcher Cast and Creator REACT to Love Triangle Twists and SEASON 3 Plans!
The filming to the next “The Witcher” squadron have already begun. “Our family is together again. #Thewitcher Season 3 is officially in production! “, It says on the official Twitter account to the series and a first picture is already available to see , including plenty of snow. But what is already known to the story?

In an interview with Techradar showrunner Hissrich revealed that the history of the third season is based on the book “The time of contempt” . Compared to the side of Collider, they dropped that another great story from “the legacy of elves” will play a role.

Much does not reveal this information yet, after all, some “The Witcher” novels contain short stories to straight and other acquaintances in different life epochs. However, one can assume that it will also be in the third season gloomy and exciting, but also humourous sections will not be neglected . If you have liked the flowing timeline of the second season, you can look forward to seeing you. Also in the upcoming season there will be no big time jumps.

(Sources: Techradar / Collider)

The Witcher: When should the 3rd season appear?

There is no window, let alone a solid release date. The previous seasons both appeared in December. Possible so that the upcoming season is already available from December 2022 . If there are no incidents, that’s even quite realistic.

By the way, after the 3rd season, more will follow. Overall, seven are planned and probably also all turned when the series stays as successful as before.

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