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Where Long: Fallen Dynasty – Official Launch of Team Ninjas Tough Action-RPG!

Where Long: Fallen Dynasty plays in AD 184, throughout the later Han dynasty, in a nation that is haunted by disorder as well as destruction.
With a royal dynasty on the edge of the collapse, it remains in the hand of a nameless militia soldier to emerge successful from these hard fights.
In the turbulence of the 3 kingdoms, you not just satisfy many satanic forces but also to some of the most scary and also powerful warriors in history, such as Liu at, Can and also Sunlight Jean.
In order to get rid of the difficulty, gamers have to awaken their self-confidence by grasping the flowing sword battle of the Chinese martial arts, having actually spells based upon the five phases (elements) and also summoning magnificent beasts.

As a person that has actually been amazed by the ‘Love of the 3 Kingdoms provided in mangas and films given that childhood years, I was thrilled that I might meet the desire of creating a video game over the time of the three realms, so
Where Long: Loss Dynasty Manufacturer, Fiumicino Masada.
We hope that you will take pleasure in the intensity normal of Team Ninja games if you make use of various techniques to test the mighty warriors as well as deadly satanic forces that stand in your way.

Development Producer Masai Yamagata adds: We got a great deal of feedback from those who played the test version of the game, and also we did our finest to exceed your assumptions.
We wish that you will enjoy the interesting ambience of this job by Team Ninja, the obstacle of dealing with the risks and also the delight that will undoubtedly follow will delight in.
To commemorate the launch of the game, Goa Team Europe released the TO Long: Fallen Dynasty Original Soundtrack on numerous music systems.
This has all 53 tracks from the video game completely length, consisting of numerous masterpieces by Kenichiro Sudhir, the designer of the songs of Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another Globe and also Golden Kabul.
In addition, Goa Team revealed a cooperation between where Long: Fallen Dynasty and also Nanak: Blade point, a popular action video game that has actually marketed over 10 million times around the world and on Xbox Collection X | S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Vapor and also in Microsoft
Shop is offered.
The cooperation starts on 3.

March in Nanak as well as will be readily available in a future DLC for where Long: Falls Dynasty.
A partnership between where Long: Fallen Dynasty and also the apparel brand Edwin has additionally been revealed.


It is intended to make products based upon the video game globe in collaboration with Group Ninja.
Additional details follow at a later date.
Where Long: Loss Dynasty-EUR 69.99 (SGP).
Where Long: Loss Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition-EUR 94.99.
Gamers that buy either the physical or the electronic version of TO Long: Fallen Dynasty will obtain the unique Baidu shield.

Graphics Card User: NVIDIA encourages PC

To get new NVIDIA graphics cards for the EIA is currently almost impossible. But even if PC players make it to accomplish this feat, they should experience a nasty surprise at the next drop – because Nvidia has increased prices shortly.

RTX graphics cards are more expensive: Nvidia turns on the price screw

Do you still remember the start of NVIDIA’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards? An RTX 3070 was advertised with an EIA of 499 euros, the RTX 3080 should cost 699 euros and on the price tag of the RTX 3090 stood 1,499 euros. Already in the spring of 2021 NVIDIA then increased the prices for the first time between 20 and 50 euros – but that does not seem to have been enough to the graphics card company.

Because who raises a look into the official NVIDIA shop will notice that the prices of the current RTX models have increased again . Depending on the model, buyers have to override between 20 and 100 euros more:

  • RTX 3090: Price rises from 1,549 to 1,649 Euro
  • RTX 3080 Ti: Price rises from 1,199 to 1,269 Euro
  • RTX 3080: Price rises from 719 759 Euro
  • RTX 3070 Ti: Price rises from 619 649 Euro
  • RTX 3070: Price rises from 519 549 Euro
  • RTX 3060 Ti: Price rises from 419 439 Euro

According to the computer base information, NVIDIA distributors have pointed out to consider price adjustments at the next drop (source: Computerate).

PAUKENBUCK IN GAMING SECTOR: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard! More about this in the current episode of the GIG HEADLINES:

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NVIDIA Explanation: Price increase triggered by inflation

From the same notification, the official statement NVIDIA also emerges for the price increase: the company reports that one has determined to the price increase to respond to inflation . This was in 2021 in Europe at proud 5 percent, in Germany at 3.1 percent.


Gaming graphics cards 2022: The best GPUs of Nvidia and AMD

Daniel Carat

Depending on the model, the graphics card prices increased by 5 to 6.5 percent. Nvidia beats additional profit from these changes. In addition, the price adjustment for many players is another blow in the face . Whether this price adjustment NVIDIA will be noticeable in the Custom models, remains to be seen. The prices on the free market are currently already 80 percent above the EIA anyway. We’ll keep you up to date.

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