Publisher Gamera Games officially released “ Keplerth ” for PC (Steam) on May 24. After four years of early access distribution, this work was a formal release with fullness. It seems that it has been gaining popularity as soon as the polished gameplay has been polished. Although it is not officially supported by the Japanese display, a Japanese modification mode by volunteers can be applied.

“Keplerth” is a 2D sandbox RPG that looks down. In solo or multiplayer, challenge a dangerous alien planet. In addition to combat with aliens and dungeons, there are a variety of elements in gameplay, such as agriculture, architecture, item craft, and alien tames.

The stage of this work is the planet Keplerth. Players who wake up in a dormant pod will survive on this planet where dangerous aliens are widespread. Collect resources and craft tools and equipment. Then, cultivate the fields and cultivate various crops to secure food. However, at night, aliens attack from the enemy base. You must repair early buildings, create new buildings and traps, and prepare for enemies.

If you explore the dungeon, you can find valuable treasures. The dungeon map uses an automatic generation system, so you can enjoy fresh play even if you search repeatedly. In addition, there are a wide variety of player characters’ skill tree, and you can build your own battle style. You can also tame aliens and work together. Use various elements to make battle advantageous.

In the official release version, new elements such as the alien invasion system described above, defense equipment for it, and colleagues cloning generations have been added. It is said that further updates are scheduled in the future. Please refer to the patch notebook for the Version 1.0 roadmap.

This work is a sandbox game that supports multiplayer and enjoys various elements. The game play seems to be good compatibility with stream distribution. For example, in this distribution, you can see how lively bases and alien exterminate while interacting with viewers and other distributors in multiplayer. On the other hand, the distribution that is captured by solo play also attracts many viewers. The large proportion of combat elements, such as dungeons and alien invasion, may be a spectacular solo play. In addition, it may be a popular reason to be able to capture a solo at a good tempo by pulling a clone or a friend’s aliens.

According to SteamDB, the film has recorded a number of viewers on Twitch after its release. It seems that the population of distribution is increasing, and the number of simultaneous connection players is increasing steadily. The number of simultaneous connection players at the peak has been increasing in units of 1,000 people every day since May 27, with about 6,800 people on May 29.

In addition, this work has been polished through four years of early access. The development efforts have been successful, and the evaluation from the players is also good. In Steam User Review, 89 % of 1467 cases have been popular at the time of this article, which has been very popular. The update will continue in the future, so the play will increase.

“KEPLERTH” is being distributed for PC (Steam). Volunteer Japanese MOD is distributed at Steam workshops.