Square Enix announced “ Valkyry Elysion ” on March 10. The corresponding platform is PS4 / PS5 / PC (STeam). It is said that it will be released within 2022.

“Valkyrie Elysion” is a “Valkly” series new. A franchise developed by a work such as “Valkyri Profile” and “Valkyry Anatomia-Gi Origin-“. This work is said to be developed with 3D action RPG.

The stage is the world towards ruin. The world was dangerous by Lagunarok in the end of the end. The primary god that controls the whole thing creates the apostles of relief with the remaining power. She entrusts her life to her. A new battle of Valkly starts.

Grinding Weapon and Suit Materials // Elite Dangerous

Speaking of the characteristics of the Valkly series, the existence and death of the gods and the view of the world. Also combo action is also attractive. This work is developed as a 3D action RPG, and the elements of such series are also inherited.

It is Soleil to develop development. It is a studio established by creators who once have been enrolled in Team Ninja. Speaking of “Valkly Profile”, the impression developed by triaces is strong, but in this work, Soleil seems to jointly develop with Square Enix. About music, Mr. Sakurasa, familiar with the series, continued. As for the character design, Mr. Yuya Nagai, who is also involved in “Valkyrie Anatomia”, is in charge.

“Valkly Elysion” will be released in PS4 / PS5 / PC (STeam) in 2022.

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