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** \ – T1 followed by Yasu – 4 teams of 4 teams, including Kia-DRX,

** \ – The first three consecutive wins of the foundation

** \ – T1, which has been 14 times since opening,

2022 LCK Spring Split The contour of teams to enter the 6th round of 2 or more and the outline of the sixth rhetoric is slowly revealed.

E-Sports hosted the Korean Program Champions Korea (LCK) (hereinafter referred to as LCK) in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena in the LCK Arena, And Catheriner, and DRX have confirmed the entry of playoffs.

In the past six weeks, T1 was first confirmed to advance to playoffs, and the three teams who have kept the top of the top, and the three teams who have been steadily observed, such as Park,

2 showed the power to the group

Park Jae-hyuk, who was ahead of T1 and three days before the opening of the unmatched march, and Jens, who was ahead of the 3rd days, the day before the confrontation,

Genji tried to prevent Park Jae-hyuk’s blank, ‘Obelier’, which was active in Mid Liner in LCK CL, but did not block the momentum of T1. Genji, who dragged to the early 20-minute, did not defeat the late-stage concentration of T1, and lost to 0 to 2.

Jende was a crisis for the mid liner ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon, a decision on Mid Liner ‘Chobi’, It was the “LCK CL), which was urgently called by the LCK CL Roaster, and Zen, who was urgently called to the Guangdong Prix, but he gave me a set of 2 and 3 sets.

Congress Kia, 7 consecutive PO

‘Defending champion’ was successful in entering the protagonist playoffs in the Seven Split. In the sixth car, Congress, who has lost T1 to 0 to 2, riv sandboxes in the 7th, and the Hanwha Life E Sports, which has been in a 7-week car, rushed to 2 to 0, rushing and 9th. Congered Kia was all the end of the remaining four games, even if he had a minimum 6th place and put the ticket on the playoffs.

In the second half of 2019, he was promoted from Spring to LCK, and the crew activated in LCK, and participated in playoffs and followed the team’s record. 7 Continuous playoffs are achieved by SK Telecom T1 from spring to 2015 to 2018, and KT Rolvents have achieved by Summer from 2015 to the 2018 and T1 is achieved from spring to this split to this split.

Duck Duck Duk even after the transition

T1, which has already confirmed the entry of playoff, continued to move on to the split transition. T1, who grabbed 2 to 3 days, to two, a 6-day mobile carrier rival, has achieved 14 consecutive wins after the opening of KT rolls, KT Rolvents.

GEN vs T1 | NS vs KDF [Full VOD]ㅣ2022 LCK Spring Split

T1 has achieved 14 consecutive wins since the opening in the 2015 monomer split participated in the LCK in the name of SK Telecom T1, This is a second-made record since 2015, which introduced Double Elimination method in regular leagues. T1, which continues to win in 7 weeks, secured 2 rounds of play-off tickets.

DRX has seen the reflection profit as T1 followed the exhaustion after the opening. 6 days, DRX, who won the rib sandbox, and DRX, which recorded the same 9 wins, the same 9-sided 5 losses, has raised the probability of entering the playoffs to 99%, but did not confirm.

DRX made the 6th largest KT roll, followed by DRX, and DRX made 100% of the probability of entering the playoffs. DRX, which played playoffs in Spring in 2021, went up to playoffs again in two seasons.

The first three consecutive wins of the foundation,

At the time of 7 weeks of car, the top four teams decided to play the playoffs and raised the probability of Guangdong Prix.

The Pretit Brille has grabged KT rollers in the sixth, and the Hanwha Life E-Sports, assigned to the 7th, and the game with Nongshim Red Force is the first three consecutive victories I went to. Prelete Brion, which is the same as the 2-day Precision Prix and 6 wins, and the L.Press, which had a defeated in June 8, was ranked 5th in the 5th point.

As the subordinate teams were defeated in the 7th, the Ledeer Brille has been ahead of the 7th KT and the two games, and took up to 83% of the probability of entering the playoffs, and took a chance to play the first post season game.