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Broken RANKS without pay2Win Premium currency we will get through a normal game

Whtiemoon did not build their reputation for 10 years to now — for apologize — give me a puppy with monetization in Broken Ranks.

The latest entry on the game website ( here ) applies to a business model, and more precisely, premium currencies (platinum), which will exist, but which will not be required to fully enjoy the gameplay.

What’s more, platinum can gain for gold from other players, through promotions to a higher level and through events, so even without real cash, we will be able to get such currency. A similar system exists in Albion Online, and Albion would never call the P2W game.

There is no wonder because it is one of the most important topics that we have not yet explained accordingly. We will do it in installments to clearly communicate to what principle the monetization in Broken RANKS will function.


Let’s start with the fact that in Broken RANKS the role of premium currencies meets the so-called platinum. Under no circumstances is required to enjoy the game. At this point, you will definitely think: everyone says so at the beginning, because nobody in their right mind would not advertise his title, as Pay it win. Of course, there is a lot of reasons, but in Broken Ranks, the premium currency is released in trade, so you can get it from other players for gold (free currency in the game), any items or even for free, if the other one will agree on it,

A model that appears in Broken RANKS is based on over 10 years of experience. In our previous production (The Pride of Tavern) there is an identical system, and it must be mentioned that he checked very well, gaining the approval of the community.

In summary: in Broken RANKS, simply take advantage of your merchant sense and exchange satisfactory both sides.


I managed to put up a bit of gold, or elevate a sword, helmet or another item from Boss? Great, certainly someone needs them! You can replace it with gold or a sword with another player on raw materials, missing helmet, or… platinum, our premium currency. As you can see, classic trade — platinum functions as one of the many items that can be freely operated.

Platinum forms

Platinum, as an object, occurs in the so-called Packages ( Platinum pack ). In the game, they are present in two variants: 10 and 50 platinum in the package. There is no limit of the number of platinum packages or restrictions related to trade.

How to get it in the game?

In addition to trade between players, for objects and gold, platinum in the game can also be gained differently:

for the promotion of characters to specific levels,
As part of the prizes during Events.

The entire Content is available without a platinum requirement, and all the best possible can only gain their own forces — from bosses, special mobs, through trade players and crafting.

When the Game is Pay to Win...

Global Prime Minister Broken RANKS is scheduled for January!

Gloomy free2play

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar s– The Director s Cut is an enhanced remake and also director s cut of the traditional 1996 point-and-click adventure game Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templar s established by Transformation Software program. It was released for Wii, Nintendo DS, iPhone, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android and Linux covering 2009 to 2012. The player represents George Start as well as Nicole Collard, who was a critical however not a playable character in the original variation.
After being sought to bring Broken Sword to the Wii and Nintendo DS, Change made a decision to create a director s cut. Comic publication artist Dave Gibbons produced extra art work for the game. The game received favorable testimonials from movie critics, and also is typically listed as one of the best games on the Wii, DS and also iOS/Android smartphones. It was likewise a commercial success, outselling the 3rd and fourth Broken Sword installations. The Nintendo Wii variation of Director s Cut varies from all other versions, as it does not include the visual tip assistant system, which is typically consisted of as a compulsory function which it can not be impaired.

The new MMORPG Broken Ranks (PC) starts in January. This was announced by the developers in a new pre-launch trailer. Who should look at the game, we summarize from Mango here for you.

What is new to Broken Ranks? Already in July we reported that the new MMORPG starts an open beta. There is no precise release date, but there is a release period, but Broken Ranks appear in January 2022, as the developers announce the Studio White moon.

They decided against a release in 2021, because there is already quite full in the MMO genre, the page MMORPG.com reports.

What there is already this year is a pre-launch trailer for the gloomy MMORPG. It shows brilliant action and bloody, round-based battles. It also reveals the launch period for January 2022.

What are the features? Broken Ranks is an MMORPG in the ISO perspective, so from above. It sets a dark atmosphere, appealing optics and round-based battles, even in the PVP. What else is there?

A non-linear story told Story
Round-based battles with timeout
Eve with dungeons, raids and open world
Group gameplay, but also solo content
PVP modes in which both players choose their train at the same time
Graphically appealing 2,5d worlds with 3D characters to 2D backgrounds
A cash shop with tradable currency
Crafting and trade between the players

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7 different classes with own mechanics

Here you can see the trailer for the new MMORPG:

Where can you play broken ranks? The new MMORPG appears for the time being for the PC via its own launcher. A steam version as well as cross-play and mobile versions is also already talked. But there is no release period for this yet.

Worth Broken Ranks for you?

This can be broken ranks: The game is suitable for those who want to try out something fresh and at the same time. Because although the new MMORPG offers exciting approaches like the time-limited round struggle, it is basically an OLD-School MMORPG.

You fight you through a world in 2D, which looks nice, but not necessarily set to the latest graphics. Together with others, your boss kills, fight you in the PVP, Loots what the stuff is holding and follows a story that is not linear told.

How do fighting work exactly? While your normal movement in the world runs in real time, all battles are round-based. Whether your bosses, normal opponents or other players.

The special thing is that you have only 10 seconds for your trains. So you have to have a strategy in mind beforehand and know how your class works. Broken Ranks thus offers many ways to get into characters and fights and does not always explain themselves from themselves.

In PVP, the combat system works so that both players get a period of 10 seconds at the same time to determine what they want to do next. After this time, the corresponding actions are executed.

This leads to exciting struggles and to the incentive to itself, always one step thinking as your opponent.

For whom is Broken Ranks? If you promise you the above points, the game is worthwhile for you. Especially thanks to the Free2Play approach, it is all possible to take a look at the gloomy MMORPG.

But if you can not do anything with the 2.5D graphics, ISO perspective and round-based battles, then you should rather leave the fingers of Broken Ranks.

The community can not wait

What do the players say? BROKEN Ranks may not have a big community yet, but one who is enormous for the game. In Reddit on the game, there are numerous comments that turn the release (via Reddit).

The User Poharatany writes: I m really looking forward to seeing the project we all have been waiting for!
User Bludgeoned is closing and writes: Nice! I can hardly wait. The beta has already fun.
Also User Veteran Gareth writes: I ve only discovered the game today and love the direction in which the art style goes. I really can not wait to finally try it. Too bad that I have not heard of the game before.

How do you see the game? Do you want an Old-Schoo MMORPG, which nevertheless does a lot of new? Are your fans of the gloomy atmosphere or are you rather looking for something more colorful like Lost Ark? Write us in the comments here at Mango.

In addition to MMORPGs, idle games are the trend on Steam — now a large MMORPG studio rises to the Clicker Business.

Gloria Victis Best Polish Broken for free

Before Broken Ranks appears on the market (January 2022), it was Gloria Victim who holds the best palm, and certainly the most recognizable Broken MADE in Poland.

And so happily suggests that Gloria Victim has just started with the first Free Trial in its history, which is one of the last tests before leaving early access.

Until November 15, you can download and play Gloria without any fees.

HTTPS: //store.steampowed.com/app/327070/gloria victis medieval Broken/

This event is a milestone for our team, project and community, preparing us for testing stress tests before leaving the early access stage and continue our amazing journey. After almost 300 weekly updates, since Gloria Victim appeared on Steam and stormed Steam Greenwich, winning the first place from over 1500 other projects in less than 48 hours, we enter the development phase in which we feel confident and ready to invite more players, To show them our game and love that they are giving her.

There are no restrictions on the game. During free trial version you have access to 100% game content.

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We Played Broken Ranks - An Incredibly Unique New MMORPG

Worth? Gloria Victim is one of the few Broken with a medieval world and a tiny dose of fantasy (the so-called Low-Fantasy). It is also a title that drips Slavskowcy.

Have fun!

Broken RANKS Polish promising MMORPG will start conquering the world in January

The approximate date of the Premieres Broken RANKS appeared – probably the most promising promising MMORPG ever created in our country.

Ladies and gentlemen, Broken RANKS will start somewhere in January!

With pride and dispute excitement, we announce that the time of your expectation is approaching to the end. Already in January 2022, we start Broken RANKS servers and you can take a real adventure.

The end of the year was quite tight when it comes to premieres on the promising MMORPG market, so we decided on January.

Who, but who, but Broken Ranks has a huge chance to succeed and exist for long years in the consciousness of Western players.

Key information (straight from the latest FAQ):

Free-to-play model without pay2Win!
There will be a premium currency, but she will be released in trade between players, so you can simply buy (or get) also from other players for items or gold inside the game
During the premiere, Broken RANKS will be available only on PC
Broken RANKS will start on Windows systems from version 7 up to 10 – both 64bit and 32bit
Later BR will also debut on mobile devices and will become a cross-platform
Console versions are not planned
The game will be available in Polish, English, Russian, French, German and Portuguese
Servers dedicated to a specific language will be created

Broken Ranks Pre-Launch Gameplay Trailer

Hardware requirements? Funny little.


CPU: i3,

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GPU: HD Graphics 5th generation,
512 MB VRAM,


CPU: from I5 high,
GPU: from NVIDIA GeForce 1050 high

https: //brokenranks.com/

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