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The best equipment and the Type 99 class in Call of Duty Warzone

After the patches of the balance of the 5th season, the Type 99 sniper rifle became one of the best aggressive sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warz1. The weapon is characterized by a high aiming rate (ADS), high rate of fire and decent resistance to trembling. Here is a guide for the best investments and classes of Type 99 for use in Warzone Pacific.

Best combat equipment zone Type 99

Muzzle *: muffler mx
barrel : shirashi 712mm sniper
reserve : Remove the stock
Substract *: Pistolet handle SMLE
magazine *: 8 mm round stores Klauser 5

ammunition *: elongated
Rear handle : Leather handle
perk 1 : vital
* perk 2 : at hand

This assembly of Type 99 is designed to ensure a balance between sniper range and mobility. The MX muffler and the Shirashi trunk with a diameter of 712 mm significantly increase the range of weapons and the speed of the bullet, so that you can hit targets at large distances. However, these devices reduce the characteristics of the mobility of weapons, such as ADS, sprint to firing and speed.

To return the lost mobility, we use on the weapons the Percued Osteu, Smle Forgrip, Leather Grip and Hand-Hand on weapons. Although we did not use the optics in our assembly, you can equip something like SV-40 PU sight 3-6x if you are not satisfied with the placement of the Type 99 sight by default. Finally, equip the 8-mm store of Clauser Vital Perkom for maximum damage.

Best Type 99 Warzone class settings

Main weapon *: H4 Blixen / 141 kg / XM4
Additional weapons : Type 99
deadly : Semtex
Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : serpentine
perk 2 : Excess
* perk 3 : amplifier

Stay with us in professional games for games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, go to our article about the best equipment and class RA 225 in Call of Duty Warz1.

The Cycle: Frontier: Guide to complete the tasks of your civil debt

In the quest chain Your Civil Debt in The Cycle: Frontier you will need to make five different deliveries for an independent fraction of civilian consultants.

These results include craft materials that you will need to find on the map, but there is a chance that you already have most of them.

In addition to experience points and a sweet reward at the end, the chain of tasks will help you increase the level of fraction, earning fractions at each stage.

The next leadership will lead you through all parts of the quest chain Your Civil Debt in The Cycle: Frontier.


The Cycle: Frontier: Guide to complete the tasks of your civic duty

You can start the quest Your Civil Debt by talking with Marie Gilbert, director of the purchase of ICA faction. The quest is divided into five different parts, each with a new task.

quest Your Civil Debt, part 1

In the first part, your target will deliver 1 component sheet to the marked place on the map.

Compound sheets can be found scattered throughout the map. Most often they can be found in the Poi Science Campus, which is located in the southwestern part of the card. They are one of the main materials for creating almost everything in the game.

You will receive 50 ICA FP, 1x ICA Script and 4800x Krypto Marks as a reward for the implementation of this part of the quest Your Civil Debt.

quest Civil duty, part 2

In the second part, you will again be given the task of delivering some items to a new place. This time you will be asked to deliver 2 hardened metal and 3 spinal bases to the indicated place.

Tempered metals can be obtained as prey on floors around various POIs, as well as in boxes that can be sought in different parts of the card. Taking into account that in order to obtain spinal bases you will need to kill and rob striders.

When you have the necessary items, go to the delivery point to fulfill the second part of the quest Your Civil Debt. You will receive 50 FP, 1x ICA Script and 4800x Krypto Marks as a reward for the implementation of this part.

quest Civil duty, part 3

The third part of the quest will confuse your target a little. In this part, your goal will visit the basic camp located in bright sands, and trace 5 criterly there. The base camp is located right in the center of the map.

Get there and track 5x creatures. As soon as this is done, this part of the quest will be completed, and you will receive 50 FP, 2x ICA Scrip, 1x C-32 Bolt Action and 4800x Krypto Marks as a reward.

quest Your Civil Debt, part 4

In the penultimate part of the quest Your Civil Debt you will again be asked to deliver some items. Your goal will deliver 3 alloys and 1 printed circuit board to the indicated place.

Alloy can usually be found in industrial boxes and garbage containers across the map. To find printed circuit boards, search the named POI on the map to get them. Look for electronic devices such as computers, etc., to collect it.

For the implementation of this part, you will be rewarded 50 royal FP, 2x ICA Scrip and 5300X Krypto Marks.

quest Your Civil Debt, part 5

In the final part of this quest, you will be instructed to visit the Lumberjacks camp and track 7 times more enemies. You will also need to deliver 3 azure bark.

The camp of lumberjacks is located in the northwestern part of the map. Cant there and kill 7 enemies that you found there. Then cut down the azure tree and get the cerebral bark.

You will receive 50 FP, 2x ICA Scrip and 5300x Krypto Marks as a reward.

awards for the quest Civil debt

For the implementation of all five parts of the Civil Debt quest, you will receive an average backpack as a reward.

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