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PS plus May 2022: Gratis

The spirits almost always differ in PS Plus anyway. Because the tastes are different, the bonus games always arrive very differently with the subscribers. This time, however, the lineup seems to be well received by most people, at least except for one game: FIFA 22 ensures very different reactions in which the negative predominates. The football game obviously heats the minds in general.

PS Plus in May 2022: The lineup can be seen again this time

That’s what it’s about: Every month everyone gets access to some bonus games with a PS Plus subscription, for which no extra costs are incurred. What these are for games is always speculated in advance and then debated. This time everyone looks quite satisfied with the monthly lineup, with the exception of FIFA 22, which is not so well received.

All games that PS Plus packs in May 2022 can be found here:

__4 __3

PS Plus in May 2022

These are the new free games for PS4/PS5



fans are very impressed by May 2022-LineUp:

Jerkyvendor writes in the Reddit comments:

“Super hyped. FIFA is the kind of game that I would never buy, but it’s a lot of fun with friends online and on the couch.

Dead Gods is awesome! I already have it, but I’m happy that my friends play it.

Tribes looks very fun. Hopefully it has online co-op [has it!] “

Giovannidiamanti writes in the bonus games comments:

“That would be a good month for me… would bring all three into the library and to rose.”

Paul271 is happy:

“Really nice. I am happy”

Spoonytony sees it very similar:

“COTDG is a really cool game. I bought it at the time and didn’t regret. Although it doesn’t come to Hades but it doesn’t have to be honest either. I don’t know the other games, so good month.”

metal_marv says:

“This is finally a good month again. I will take all 3 with me. I have not been buying FIFA for a long time because the gameplay is too unrealistic for me. But that’s how I look back in, maybe the 22nd offshoot is good for something. Curse of the dead Gods is also interesting, although I would not normally buy Roguelikes. But that’s what it is worth. “

bonus games-Mod Aldred is also enthusiastic:

“Curse of the Dead Gods is great! And at Tribes of Midgard I will probably play in when it is there. =)”

Iminiki is annoyed on Reddit that he terminated the subscription at that time:

“The first month in which I am without PS Plus subscription had to be like that…”

This is how FIFA 22 takes place:

AN FIFA 22 The spirits differ, little praise is harvested

Xawfire writes on Reddit:

“FIFA 22 is great, a very fun game, you just have to stay away from FUT.”

FEELTHISMOMENT also praises FIFA 22 in the highest tones:

“FIFA is worth it for Pro Clubs mode alone.”

Pouriaq is also very satisfied, also with FIFA:

“Solid month for me. FIFA 22 for the win.”

However, many are much less pleased with FIFA **, such as Christian9500:

“Phew, I never complain about the PS+ games, but FIFA is pretty much the last thing I need. I could also play that via the Game Pass or EA Play. If you know a FIFA, you know every fifa. A part pro Consolation generation is enough. “

bonus games-Mod Scaryferry writes:

“Who has come up with FIFA XD”

Grim85rip becomes even clearer:

“Och nöö scrap rip off fifa örghs…”

Vendaar apparently doesn’t really understand the decision either:

“FIFA? Is that a joke?”

Get the April titles: Until the May games come on May 3rd, you can still secure the PS Plus LineUp from April if you haven’t done that yet. Why is Slay the Spire particularly worthwhile, I have already written down for you in this bonus games article.

What do you say about PS Plus in May 2022-Lineup and especially FIFA 22?

PS Plus in May 2022 gives you exclusive free

PS Plus not only gives subscribers access to online gaming, but also a handful of free games to download every month. From time to time, however, the service puts on a shovel again and gives yourself more content. Also this month there are three more free games to dust off.

Bonus content for FIFA 22 and COD: Warzone

It was already known in advance that there would be some free content for PS Plus subscribers for the beginning of the third season of COD: Warz1. You can read about what is in the “Odyssey Combat Pack”:

__3 __3

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PS Plus: First subscription goodie for May 2022 is already known


Now the PS Plus games for May have also been officially announced and a title is particularly good. FIFA 22 is not only part of the subscription service from May 3, but also receives a DLC package exclusively for PS Plus members.

This contains the FIFA 22 Plus DLC package:

Pro starter’s Pack: * A FUT pack with 11 players, all of whom have a minimum of 82.
icon loan: * The choice of three superstars, one of which can play for five games in your FUT team.

Not only for newcomers: The DLC package is also available from May 3 to June 6th. If you already have FIFA 22, you don’t have to worry, by the way, you can also secure the DLC if you already have the game.

All you need is a PS Plus membership. If you only have FIFA 22 for PS4 or PS5, you can also secure the other version via PS Plus. And that can be worthwhile, because the difference between the two editions is remarkable.

If you want to know which PS Plus games are still worthwhile in May, we have an overview for you:

__3 __2

more on the subject

PS Plus in May 2022: These are the new free games for PS4/PS5


PS Plus May 2022 FREE PS4/PS5 Games LEAKED! (PlayStation Plus Leaks Rumors) PS+ 2022 Rumor/Leak

that will be new to PS Plus

For a long time it doesn’t take the time to start the revised PS Plus model. In Germany it should be ready on June 22, 2022. Some other countries start even earlier and could soon tell us the extra and premium models game library. We have summarized all information about the various options, prices and content here.

Do you secure the goodies or would you have preferred DLCs for other games?

Are you seeming the most effective FIFA gamer? This publication of Kolderiu intends to aid you obtain it

In the YouTube network of it, it concentrates specifically on FIFA-related material Setups, far better combinations, half-match decisions… Kolderiu will provide you the standards required to enhance as FIFA players. We are talking about an individual who entered the football world at eight years as well as, because after that, has not quit growing . Currently, the specialist use the group of DUX International , however that has actually not prevented him from ending up being a FIFA-centered web content designer.

If you intend to improve as FIFA players and also find out all the tricks of this professional, bear in mind that ‘reaches the highest degree in FIFA with Kolderiu’ will be offered from next April 13 . On top of that, the partnership between Lunwerg Games as well as 3D video games has additionally led to others Ideal books for gamers **, as’ Warzone: the keys of Soki ‘, concentrated on Call of Duty Strategies: Warzone, as well as’ El Mundo del Roleplay With Perxitaa ‘, to know the mysteries behind your electronic characters.


After beginning his wanderings on YouTube, Kolderiu met among his goals as a videogame gamer: Type for the Globe Cup in FIFA 18. This success has led him to change the tone of his videos to a much more didactic web content that enables him Take advantage of your experience in the field to make sure that other gamers enhance their skills in FIFA video games. ‘gets to the highest possible degree at FIFA with Kolderiu’ offers as an overview for any type of gamer you desire progress and recognize at all points that impact a football game.

Kolderiu has it plainly clear: Analyze the scenario and also recognize that there are Two feasible situations .

In the YouTube channel of it, it concentrates specifically on FIFA-related content Arrangements, much better mixes, half-match decisions… Kolderiu will certainly provide you the standards required to improve as FIFA players. ‘reaches the greatest level at FIFA with Kolderiu’ serves as an overview for any kind of player you want understand and also advance at all factors that affect a football video game.

While this details will certainly be very helpful for any FIFA gamer, it deserves keeping in mind that Kolderiu has also learned to communicate it with YouTube videos. For this factor, guide capitalizes on the experience of the specialist in the field of content development as well as includes QR codes that will redirect you to Special video clips in which all the appropriate factors of the work are clarified.

What are you doing when a game is incorrect? Assess the circumstance as well as abide by feasible adjustments As an example, guide aids us make decisions in the center of the video game. What are you doing when a video game is incorrect? Kolderiu has it plainly clear: Examine the scenario and also understand that there are Two feasible situations . According to the attributes of the celebration and what was attained by the rival, we could see ourselves to change points with the aim of optimizing the power of our existing group.

Lunwerg Games as well as 3DGEGOS They want to facilitate your climb to these feelings and also, consequently, continue their line of publications specializing in videogames with a third installment: ‘ Reach the greatest degree in FIFA with Kolderiu ‘.

Kolderiu is a developer of web content and specialist soccer gamer at the DUX International In this job, you will certainly have the opportunity to understand the most effective football methods of an expert in sporting activities king: Carles Santaló Sanz , Additionally referred to as Kolderiu . Because, although we can not overlook the significance of self-skill in FIFA’s franchise, we must additionally think about various other aspects that straight impact the growth of any party.

Have you ever before played a FIFA ? The tension will certainly seem, the rapid evaluation of a circumstance, the search for the finest arrangement and also, above all, the magnificence of victory. Lunwerg Games as well as 3DGEGOS They wish to facilitate your ascent to these experiences and, consequently, continue their line of publications focusing on videogames with a 3rd installment: ‘ Get to the highest degree in FIFA with Kolderiu ‘.

And also below do not end the technical uniqueness, given that a voice Ability is likewise contributed to chat with Kolderiu and understand the most effective concealed of him. In this feeling, it is essential to download and install the Alexa complimentary app as well as, when mounted, you will only have to state “ Alexa, open 4-4-2 **” to gain access to this traditional functionality in the books of Lunwerg Games and 3D Gamings.

FIFA 22 TOTW 29: Which players are in the squad? Forecast to the team of the week

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 29: The new team of the week goes live on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team. Based on player performance from past matchday, fan pages have created first predictions – and thus show which players could stand in the lineup. The following forecast comes from the website FIFAltimateteam.it, which includes Joao Felix (Atletico Madrid), Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain) and Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern Munich) in the squad. The latter celebrated in the game against Freiburg a terrific comeback – and crowned his performance even with a hit.

In FIFA 22 (Buy Now 32.86 €) TOTW 29 could also be used for Laimer, Muslera, Sterling and Juanmi. We will keep the possible installation from the forecast below. In addition to the startTELF, the fan page also shows the possible one-way moderator from the new team of the week. Among other things, Janelt, Dembele, Beto, Good and Poussin could be among the replacement kickers in the TOTW 29. Whether the forecast is forecasting will have to show. We already know more soon.


FIFA 22 TOTW 29: Possible installation


  • Muslera
  • Lazzari
  • Mario Rui
  • Cresswell
  • Berenguer
  • Laimer
  • Goretzka
  • Juanmi
  • Sterling
  • Joao Felix
  • Mbappé


  • Poussin
  • Murillo
  • Carter-Vickers
  • Good
  • Janelt
  • Chirivella
  • Amdouni
  • Asano
  • Morales
  • Dembele
  • Beto
  • Jeremejeff

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FIFA 22 TOTW 28: Predictions about the new team of the week – with these superstars?

In FIFA 22 is the TOTW 28 before: The new team of the week is on Wednesday in the Ultimate Team Live. We have a first forecast. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

No FIFA 23: That’s how the next football match is called EA

The new FIFA should not be called FIFA 23. A well-known leader and industry insider has instead brought another name into play.

Totw 29: Release on Wednesday

Electronic Arts announces the installation from the FIFA 22 TOTW 29 on Wednesday, April 6th. Shortly thereafter, the special cards are available in the Ultimate Team. She draws her with a little luck from the packs – or keeps looking for you in the transfer market. The latter is likely to go into the money: In the transfer market, the TOTW objects are usually available at hanging prices. The special cards offer better attributes than the standard objects. FIFA 22 is commercially available on PC and consoles.

From David Martin
04.04.2022 at 08:24

FIFA 22 claims: No occasion today – however Leaks show what might occur

What’s taking place in FIFA 22? In FIFA 22 is currently still running the FUT Fantasy Occasion, whose second group is currently still in packs. Furthermore, RTTF cards are likewise inserted right into the packs, which have just recently been included as a mini-release.

Typically they would certainly currently be changed by various other event cards. Since a Friday is without a brand-new promotion in FIFA 22 – that has become really uncommon.

Both card teams go away tonight at 19:00 from the packs.

Infifa 22 has actually not revealed no event for tonight. Nevertheless, it can be that a couple of content appears in futert – claim at the very least leader.

If you evaluate in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, there is no charging display that would certainly reveal a new occasion or any discount cards for tonight. Despite having the Leaks, who frequently satisfied in the black, there are presently no proof of promotion groups.

Nonetheless, a sort of event can stand tonight.

Leaks speak of SBCS and heroes in FIFA 22

Infifa 22 has not introduced no occasion for tonight. What’s going on in FIFA 22? In FIFA 22 is currently still running the FUT Dream Occasion, whose second group is currently still in packs. What the Leaks say? ** The Twitter account “FUT Constable” has actually on the other hand made a name for what Leaks in FIFA 22 are concerned.

The Fut Heroes are popular gamers of hobbies, yet not fairly the icon status. Particularly at the start they were preferred in FIFA 22, however were currently overtaken by other cards. A brand-new variation could make them extra intriguing again.

To name a few things, maybe boosted variations of the current FUT Heroes – however this is pure conjecture.

As a whole, lots of popular cards have currently been placed right into the darkness by unique cards – even if there are so several events. This is particularly true for the gold cards in Ultimate Team. However a few gold cards still hold with – we reveal you right here.

Care: If your possible looter intends to avoid as well as you like to surprise you from web content, do not check out right here.

In addition, futsheriff speaks that new map variants are presented: FUT HERO CAPTAIN and FUT CAPTAIN.

Fut Shertiff talks of a SBC in between Barcelona and also Seville, or Villareal versus Bavaria (Via Twitter).

Whether, when and exactly how to find this web content however your way to FUT, is currently still totally open. These are leaks, not official details.

To name a few points, a number of face-off SBCs will find their way to Ultimate Team. It is currently understood from the past: Below are two gamers to pick from whose teams will certainly soon bet each various other in actual life. The victor card after that gets a big boost to your values.

What the Leaks state? The Twitter account “FUT Constable” has actually meanwhile made a name for what Leaks in FIFA 22 are worried. Fut Sheriff likewise does not recognize anything concerning a promo team – yet from various other web content.

FIFA 22: Update 8 shortly for download

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 Update 8 . On Twitter, the Publisher announces that the patch is initially available for the PC version as a download. On PlayStation and XBox the update follows as usual in the coming days – an appointment is not fixed so far. The patch notes with details about the changes and innovations are already available. Extensive, the Changelog does not fall out, but goes on individual points that the developers have improved in gameplay.

Update optimizes goalkeeper

One of the most important points: After the update download, the goalkeepers should act better in FIFA 22 . So it could happen in rare cases that the keepers simply ran from their boxes and attacked the ball-carrying attacker. The new patch should belong to the past. This also applies to goals achieved in the last seconds of a match and previously not counted. And: leads her to the drag-to-drag skill-Move, you can interrupt it earlier.

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FIFA 22 TOTW 27: Predictions to the team of the week – Which players are in the squad?

EA prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 27: The new team of the week goes online on Wednesday. Which players could stand in the squad? PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Predications to the TOTW 26 – Team of the week with this superstar?

New FIFA 22 Confirmed News | Title Update #8 - Real Faces, Stadiums & Gameplay Fixes

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 26. In the article you will receive a prediction of the potential players in the team of the week.

What is in the patch also?

From the patch Notes to FIFA 22 (Buy Now 21.99 €) Update 8 also emphasizes that the impetus animation at Koop lots lasted longer than planned by the developers. With the patch, the matches should now start flotters. In Pro-Club mode, the developers have again eliminated a mistake that could lead to a representation problem of the user interface. The full patch Notes for FIFA 22 update can be found in the EA Forum under this link. By the way this week is the FIFA 22 TOTW 27 in the Ultimate Team – we have a first prediction for you.

From David Martin
22.03.2022 at 12:28

Bye Bye Fifa Ultimate Team: Why I end this toxic relationship

EAS Football simulation awarded after several months is easier to say than d1. FIFA Ultimate team did not make the separation easy for me – a future was excluded from the outset.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz

In the end there was no big theater anymore. No screaming, no tears, no delayed love swisters. Only one confirmation shortly at the touch of a button: I deleted FIFA from my console – and finished an unhealthy gaming relationship after almost 6 months.

FIFA Ultimate Team: Gotta Catch ‘EM All

Contrary to better knowledge, I have overcome this season as John Terry on the goal line over the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode – As a result, I have worn a brumping skull and a meaning crisis.

Immediately after the release of the latest FIFA entry, I started building my ultimate team and was caught in EAS Gameplay Loop after a short time : Open card packs, remove team, Grind against computer and players online, open card packs, Remove team.

This process was a monotonal cycle that served only the self-purpose, in my team overpayed star players against overvalued special editions to exchange and buy rare cards. But although this frustrated me, I have always played.

In our video we show you the biggest exciters in the history of microtransactions:

FUT: Cheerleader for Super Clubs

This frustration was particularly painful if FIFA Ultimate Team has tempted me to integrate certain players because of their reviews into my team – players who do not stand in real life or whose clubs I do not support in principle or years of rejection can.

Every time I had to set up a player of PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bavaria Munich, Barcelona or Real Madrid , to complete certain challenges, has split off a part of my soul as if I were Lord Voldemort.

Despite my personal dislikes, I was degraded in FIFA to a involuntary cheerleader of super clubs – but although this has made me insanely, I have always played.

FIFA 21 | Why YOU Keep Losing IN FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM! - How to Stop Losing in FUT Champs

EAS football simulation does not offer a future

Although I was emotionally vacuumed from the Grind and the players of my own team after almost six months, I could simply continue to play in all eternity. FIFA’s live service model is so on endless repetition through the punctual dismay of dopamine when opening card packs designed that one end of card collecting would hardly have been in sight.

But as happier as well as ironically, exactly this end is a crucial part of EAS sales strategy. After investing in my ultimate team for many hours **, I suddenly realized that it would be over in the fall.

The next FIFA game will appear and start the entire circulation from the beginning. None of the hard-played special cards can be taken. The grind of the last few months is empty, The season ends with a referee ball. Thank you for playing, nothing means anything, everything was free.

FIFA: Running pass for live service game

After I could no longer ignore the obvious futility from eternal grassets and grinds for collecting players cards, it was time to annimate the ultimate team – I stopped playing away.

FIFA has not contradicted. It has seen how tired I was and my eternal nags has been annoyed anyway . In addition, it would have gone into the breaks between us anyway in a few months. A common future never existed for us. I hope that I will remember this autumn.

In the video we show you the 9 must-plays in March 2022:

FIFA 23: Crossplay, free-to

EA Sports teams release a new FIFA football simulation game each year, with new content for career mode or Ultimate Team. Soon you will arrive FIFA 23 , from which – although the launch is intended recently for the end of the year – we already have any information. Let’s take a tour of everything we know .

Crossed game for FIFA 23

For the first time since the beginning of the game, the game Crossed will be available at FIFA 23 . Therefore, PlayStation, Xbox and PC players will be able to meet on the virtual counters of the game.


The main objective of this function is, of course, optimize access to online competitions and tournaments for PC players. Until then, most competitions were exclusive for console players .

with the World Cup as a brooch

A variety of female teams ** will be in World Cup mode, bringing with it new content. According to the Insider, Tom Henderson, the Women’s World Cup will be as big as its male counterpart and will have many teams, including (supposedly) these:

Although this information is not yet official, it is still quite reliable. However, it will be necessary to wait for a next confirmation by EA Sports to be sure and know the female soccer teams that will be present at FIFA 23. The inclusion of various female local championships, among the That does not seem to be the IBERDROLA League of Spain.

A change of name?

What is known is that after the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar and the production of FIFA 23, the contract between FIFA and EA Sports will come to an end . So officially, FIFA 23 will be called like that. However, the next license games could well have a completely different identity.

EA Sports believes that the “FIFA” tag is currently only _ “four letters in a box” _ for them and that the latter would block their creative freedom in relation to the many copyright associated with it.


Last year there were many rumors of FIFA 23 Free-to-Play , in which purchases within the game would be the queens. It turns out that EA Sports has not pronounced on the subject since then, what does not augure anything good for the defenders of the theory.

Moreover, it seems that the community has been confused a bit because UFL, the next FIFA competitor , it will be free-to-play. The simultaneous game will be launched soon and will be available at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Although this game, developed by a study based in Ukraine and Belarus, could have had to slow down its development due to the warlike conflict.

Part of this information has not been officially expressed by EA Sports and FIFA 23 ads are not expected until within a few months. So, he will be able to wait to give him an officiality, but from MGG we are chewing with any news regarding one of the most beloved soccer sagas.

FIFA video games will certainly eliminate the Russian national team in uniformity with those affected in Ukraine

EA Sporting Activities Solidizes with the Ukrainian population as well as allures to peace and also at the end of the Ukraine EA Sports intrusion currently it is EA Sports that pronounced about it. With a declaration on Twitter, the firm has actually announced measures that impact Russian teams as well as clubs that show up in different FIFA deliveries: “EA Sports is solidarized with the Ukrainian population and also as numerous other voices on the planet of football, * Appeals to tranquility and at the end of the invasion of Ukraine * “.

Russia Outraged By The FIFA & UEFA's Heavy Sanctions

“In line with our colleagues in FIFA and UEFA, EA Sports has begun processes for take out the Russian national team and all Russian clubs FIFA products from EA Sports, including: FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and also FIFA Online . We are likewise evaluating changes associated with other areas of our video games.” In this means, there is still an opportunity that the business chooses to broaden these measures to other locations.

The European situation has actually reached critical levels by Russian military attacks on Ukraine, which has actually generated a wave of initiatives willing to help the Ukrainian people. Video clip video game designers have actually additionally comprehended the current circumstance and have accomplished different changes in the material of their deliveries, as we have actually seen with Field of battle 2042 and also the withdrawal of a Russian helicopter.

It makes scarce hrs, Ukraine has officially asked for PlayStation as well as Xbox that take activity against the Russian as well as Belarusian market, so it is possible that we see more vital decision makers in the sector. On the other hand, there are designers who bring their grain of sand to the reason with crucial contributions, which has actually left us the instances of CD Projekt Red and an aid of 200,000 euros for humanitarian help, or that 100 % of the sales of This Battle of Mine are allocated to those affected in Ukraine.

FIFA 22: MFronton Greenwood is eliminated from the game after accusations of rape

MFronton Greenwood , Front of Manchester United, hFront been eliminated from all online and offline modes of FIFA 22 except for Ultimate Team. The controversy generated around it hFront led EA Sports to make this decision after the game update this February 1. The date is unknown in which your items will be withdrawn, although being a live change can occur at any time.

This movement in the virtual ground happens just 48 after that your club did the same. Since Sunday, January 30, he wFront separated from the training and official parties “until upcoming next news”. The future of the pearl of the Red Devil’s hanging a thread.

What is Greenwood accurate?

Greenwood wFront arrested lFrontt weekend Front a suspicious violation and domestic violence against a woman. The Manchester Police wFront recorded with the facts also on the part of the victim, who climbed social networks images that showed clear signs of violence. The photos were eliminated shortly after to preserve the right to privacy.

FIFA 22 Is Removing Mason Greenwood After Rape Allegations

It is unknown at what point the investigation is. We know that Greenwood is still in the custody of the police after reaching an extension of the interrogation of it. “Detectives have achieved additional time to talk to man from about 20 years who are arrested Front a suspect of rape and Frontsault on a woman,” revealed the body of the town.

It hFront not been the only controversial cFronte this seFronton at the Premier League. Defense Benjamin Mendy also disappeared from the soccer simulator after being charged by four charges of rape and one of sexual abuse. The Cheshire police led the player’s cFronte belonging to Manchester City at that time.

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