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Genshin Impact: Get 300 free protogems and other rewards with these temporary codes of version 2.7

After postponing its launch for a few weeks, Mihoyo has confirmed that Vershin Impact version 2.7 will be available to download from May 31. To celebrate this great announcement, it has enabled a series of temporary codes so you can*

Free protogemas and other rewards with these temporary codes of version 2.7

On this occasion Mihoyo has enabled a total of three codes to exchange them and thus take a total of 300 protogems along with other objects that will be of great help in your adventure. Are exactly the following:

LANVJSFUD6CM *: protogemes x100, mystical refinement mineral
DTNUKTWCC6D9 : protogema x100, hero X5 ingenuity
UT7C2TD8C5ZD : protogema x100, Mora x50,000

As usually happens on these occasions, the codes will expire in the next few hours, so rush to use them as soon as they stop working at some point. And just in case, they can only be exchanged for once.

How to redeem codes in genshin impact

The way of redeeming the codes is very simple, but you can only get the aforementioned rewards if you have reached the adventure range 10 ** with your own. Once this requirement is met, you just have to access the next website and follow these steps:

  • Log in with your mihoyo account.
  • Select the server on which you are housed. At that moment your nickname box should be filled.
  • Then you must write any of the previous codes and finally click on redeem.

The next time you play you will have to address your internal email to catch the rewards. Of course, In the versions of PS4 and PS5 the process changes slightly , since in these cases you must pause the game, go to the menu and in the option of redeeming the codes you write the one you want.

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Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2022 Event Guide: All rewards and challenges

_ Genshin impact _ has experienced a variety of events over the years since its publication. A special event that finds a lot of appeal is the lantern Rite event. The Lanternritus Event began on January 25th and lasts until 12 February at 3:59 am to the server time. With all the challenges that are included for the event, it is an excellent time to go through everything that has the event to offer, and collect all the rewards available for challenges that your character needs to master. This guide article gives you an overview of what the _Genshin impact is lantern ritus challenges and the rewards you receive from it.

What the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Challenges are

First, you must start the event to start with the challenges. To experience the event, you must have completed Chapter 1: Akt III and the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter: Act I. In addition, you must have reached adventure rank 28 or higher. There are four specific challenges that can be played within the event, and you are listed here:

  • Flameplune starflowers
  • The big assembly
  • Oceanian defender
  • Wonderful shadows

Every challenge is unique and will reward you with great rewards. In “Flameplune Starflowers” you will create fireworks / melt, which of course will be a thrill for those who like to produce items. You need to create many fireworks for specific settings within the challenge.

For “The Great Gathering” you fulfill five unique missions that take you on a journey through the sea and the country. It is noteworthy that you have to defeat “Oceanic Defender” “Beht” in line with the sea topic with the challenge “Oceanic Defender”, which can be considered as a three-headed seed terracke. However, “Wondrous Shadows” lets you turn a lantern after talking to Yuang Rong. For this challenge you have to throw shadows to a wall.

LanternRitus challenge rewards

NOT ONLY Event Wish Banner, Genshin Lantern Rite Event Also Has PHASE 2 With Big Rewards Too...

With regard to the rewards that you receive by completing the challenges, you will find here a list of the challenge and the rewards you receive by completing:

  • Flameplune Starflowers – Wohlstandstalismans, Fireworks, Hero Wait, Mora, Mystic Enhancement of Enhancements and Primogemes
  • The Big Assembly – Rich Year Recipe, Hero Wait, Immaculate Talisman, Mora, Mystic Enhancement of Enhancements and Primogemes
  • Oceanian defender – Conquest Valley, Hero Wait, Mora and Primogeme
  • Wonderful shadows – wealth stalismans, Heroes’ spirit, Mora, mystical room for improvement and Primogemes

As you can see, there is a wide selection of rewards that you can collect all by completing the challenges for the event. It should be noted that you can also get the free character offered by the event by completing the quest “Stars write the wishes of the year”, and this can be completed by the acquisition of 1000 prosperity and conquest valismans will. You can then select a four star Liyue character as a reward.

Are you going to play Genshin impact Lanternritus event and completing all challenges for the rewards this month?

_ Genshin Effect _ is now available for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Android and IOS.

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Genshin Impact: How to see live the special event of the Alps

After the recent Update 2.4 Information continues to get here by Photo that show their willingness to maintain the updated title. We can follow it live via online through jerk and later on in YouTube, in addition to getting a number of intriguing rewards.

Twitch: January 13, 2022 22: 00h (UTC) or 00: 00h (CEST), live
YouTube: January 13, 2022 23: 00h (UTC) or 01: 00h (CEST), reproduction readily available after its issuance

When the Genshin Impact event will certainly be kept in the Alps.

Key information of the occGenshin Impaction Enchanting snow and star trip

The Very Special Fortune Slip | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】

To start with, it is required to understand that the event will certainly be held at Val Thorns, the highest ski hotel in Europe, situated in the Alps. There are still some shocks to be revealed, but we already know that the event itself will concentrate on the lights of a factor of teleportation course in the real globe, something possible thanks to the contributions of more than three million gamers Worldwide. Furthermore, we will certainly have the live efficiency of the gifted musicians of the Symphonic Crocheter Genshin Impactsemblage, Lyon, France, with the initial soundtracks of Genshin Impact. On the other hand, the selected dreams amongst those shared by 300,000 gamers around the world will be sent to Tree of wishes at the top of the Alps.

Beyond this unique benefit For some selected players, we have no news of receiving proteges or various other products within the game, however we will maintain you notified in situation Photo is pronounced regarding it.

Genhin Impact Next update brings new figures a new region and much more

The Photo team presented the next update for Genshin Impact, who is allowed to look forward to players shortly after the start of the new year. Version 2.4 of the online role-playing game appears on 5 . January 2022 and will bring numerous contents in the title again. In addition to two brand-new figures, players may also look forward to some returnees in the banners. In addition, another region is celebrating its debut in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya offers puzzles and new enemies

The new scene of Genshin Impact differs slightly from the previous places. Encanomiya drives under the water surface and is illuminated by an artificial sun that has created an old civilization years ago. The region is not only full of secrets, also new enemies will join you in the way. Including the deep-sea dragon odds and the abdomen in his previously unknown pro form.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
New heroines appear with Update 2.4 in Genshin Impact

As usual, players are also looking forward to newcomers in online role-playing. This time is Hence (5 Stars / Kayo) and Run Jin (4 stars / Geo), both of whom with rod weapons provide damage. Both figures are available in the first prayer of the update. Later, then Zwingli and Gansu will be available again.

Lantern ritual and gifts with Update 2.4

Travelers will go back to Life early January to celebrate the next issue of Lantern Rituals. There are special rewards for the conclusion of different tasks. Among them a free 4-star figure from Life and ten pieces of interwoven fate, which can use it to the activation of other weapons and figures.

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29.12.2021 at 16:20

Genshin Impact How to start the Spectral Secrets

Genshin impact s Newest Spectral Secrets Event in Version 2.1 is already in progress and offers players the opportunity not only materials, but also a large amount of primogems. Against this background, we will explain to you now as you start the new event and give you some tips so you can get all the rewards.

How to start the Spectral Secrets Event in Genhin Impact

To trigger the event, you only have to go to the headquarters of the adventurous energy in Inazuma and talk to the receptionist Katheryne. As soon as you have done this, it will reveal the details of a new danger that is directly related to the number of ghosts emerging in Inazuma. After talking to it and agreed to participate in the investigation, you will be forwarded to the menu listed below. On him, you can send your companions to a number of event-exclusive expeditions that offer all Primogems and materials as a reward. In addition to the normal expeditions offered exclusively as part of the events, you can also participate in a special examination in which you have to examine a specific area to request its rewards (20 Primogems).

Spectral Secrets New Event Day 1 Gameplay Guide - Genshin Impact 2.1
To send your characters into the expeditions and ensure that you can use all available rewards, we recommend that you follow the guidelines available on each expedition to maximize your chances. Since many players who are currently busy with the game have the time, luck or resources to get the most part of the occupation of the game, the event also allows players to ask the characters of their friends, with the To help expeditions. So do not be shy and use the function as needed in full.

Genshin-impact is currently available for PC, via the official launcher of Mihoyo and the Epic Games Store, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on mobile devices – Android and iOS -. So, what are you waiting for, take part in the current Spectral Secrets event of Genshin Impact and secure the new free Primogeme.

Genshin impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices.

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