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The dwarf (dwarf) races, who can find the original in the Nordic mythology, have appeared in Tolkien, D & D, and other countless fantasy works.

Although it is a long history from Tolkien, the description of the dwarf race is approximately similar now and now. He is a natural miner and a technician who is taller than other races. There is also an aggressive tendency to like beer with exciting personality, and to encounter monsters in mines and never die.

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooter game that moves this typical image to space. Humor and settings that match the interesting terrain, missions, and dwarf concepts created through procedural creation gives fun and laughter at the same time.

Rock and Stone!

If there is an in-game feature that shows the identity of Deep Lock Galactic, it is ‘salute’. If you press V based on the default setting, you can vigorously shout the dwarf down slogan (greeting) called ‘Rock and Stone!’ (Rock and Stone!).

There is no usefulness in ‘shout’. It does not give allies buffs nor to confuse the enemy. It is not a specific help to communication between users, such as ‘Emotion’ that exists separately. Then why is this feature? I’m excited!

is unusual that this ‘feelings’ content is prepared separately. In the stations, the waiting room in the spaceship, the dwarves can play leisure activities such as drinking beer, playing music, dancing, and kicking the oak barrel.

At first sight, it seems to be quite useless. However, after a few times in tasks and suffering from colleagues, all of these factors are convincing with the feeling of sudden dwarf. Suddenly, you will drink beer and have a ridiculous dance together. Except for laughter, it’s so immersive, but I’ll explain it slowly.

Let’s become a space miner

Deep Rock Galactic is a game that works as a dwarf miner for a space mining company. He travels around the planet and performs various missions such as ▲ specific resource mining, collecting rare objects, liquid resource purification, drillozer escort, and monster treatment. Since indigenous organisms are always flocking to the mission, the battle to prevent their wave attacks also become the main content.

This stage breakthrough is now common. However, Deep Rock Galactic is a steady popularity while providing unique fun through some original concepts that stand out in the genre.

Many tasks of Deep Rock Galactic are unfolded in the basement to match the theme of ‘mining’. For this reason, three activities: ‘lighting management’, ‘excavation’ and ‘vertical movement’ will have strategic importance. And these strategic elements, which are hard to see in other shooters, make exploration and battle more three-dimensional.

Unique class system and rewarding cooperation

The roles of each class are also set to the concept. All four classes of engineers, gagu, scouts, and drillers have their own special abilities for underground exploration and combat activities.

Scout puts a bright flares on the ceiling, revealing the surroundings, and rising at a high place with a grapple hook. The driller can use the drill as its name suggests to dig the ground quickly. The engineer installs turrets or scaffolding to support battle and exploration evenly. Gunner can also protect her colleagues with superior firepower and shields and remotely install Zip Line.

How is these abilities use in real gameplay? Let’s take an example. In Deep Rock Galactic, where the map is formed by procedural generation, the essential object is formed in a rather wrong place. However, this can be seen as an intended content, because it induces the natural collaboration between the classes mentioned above. This collaboration is a type that is hard to see in other games.

For example, what if the monster eggs to be collected are in high places? The engineer makes a foothold on the wall with a platform launcher, and the scout goes up through grappling. After completing the mission, you have to go to the escape Ford. What if the road is blocked? The driller can quickly get a hole. In the meantime, Genner will give you a Gunner on the afterlife.

As such, the procedural method of and the unique collaboration structure encounter an unexpected situation in each round, creating an interesting mission scenario that overcomes them together. This is why repeated underground exploration is not boring and feels interesting every time.

Not only that. After solving the mission throughout the twist, the immersion of becoming a rough space miner is more intense. So, I want to go back to the station and wear a beer and kick the oak barrel. Rock and Stone!

Battle and Growth

The battle is also a bit different from other shooters. The monsters of Deep Rock Galactic are almost all flying in the air or on the wall. This fits well with the cave/underground concept, and even in all kinds of terrain formed by procedural production, monsters do not lose their way well.

Monsters have different sizes, attacks, health and characteristics, but are not very diverse. Instead, as the difficulty increases, the number of enemy numbers increases and the disadvantaged numerical correction is followed, so it is required to be more and more useful to use auxiliary weapons, special abilities, and various throats. Growth factors that face up difficulty include privileges, equipment unlock and upgrades.


Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooter that combines gameplay elements such as the concept of space dwarfa, underground exploration, and monster eradication. The mission method and the role of class are complicated, so the barriers to entry are high, but they are so original. Since there is a steady user base, you can find a random colleague to be together if you match the time zone well.

It is not a decisive disadvantage, but there are some elements that can be dislike. Cosmetics, low polygon’s art style, and somewhat awkward allies/enemy animations that don’t get out of the dwarf concept seem to be regrettable. However, these disadvantages tend to be offset by low prices and high optimization. The game is 97% positive on Steam.

▶ Recommended points

One. Powerful concept immersion

2. Non-tired gameplay

3. Fun of exquisite cooperation

▶ Nine point

One. High entry barrier

2. Graphics

3. A little bit of a gapeller

▶ Information


Genre: Cooperative Shooter

Development: Ghost Ship Games

Price: 31,000 won

Korean language support: O

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5

▶ One line review

Rock & Stone! When I shout, I also dwarf