This is the first free title update scheduled to be held in August at the Hunting ACT Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake for Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting ACT. There was a supplementary explanation for the specification adjustment of the Onikutsu to be implemented there.

In this adjustment, it was introduced that when the onicutsu was used for the monster, it would not be consumed if it failed, but after hitting the monster exactly, the monster failed to pull the pull. It will not be consumed for .

The monster that does not consume even when applying a monster introduced on this site is incorrect. I’m sorry to tell you the wrong information. In addition, it is said that the adjustment when hitting the monster is being considered carefully.

In the first free title update, Narugakuruga Rare Species, Guren Run Baselgius, Multiple Monster, Rare Monster, Special Individual Monster, and the new field Tower’s Destin will appear. 。 In addition, the new function Puppy Cleaning has been added to the puppet survey. It is also announced that the range of choices will be expanded for play difficulty.