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NBA 2K23: The Best Guide to Earn VC Without Spending

NBA 2K23 VC and MT are the primary game currencies in the NBA 2K basketball template. In NBA 2K23, you have the option to earn virtual currency (VC) rewards by purchasing special editions of the game. Players can upgrade their MyCareer attributes in NBA 2K23 through VC. This post gives you an edge over players who don’t have as much VC And can help you improve your game ability. Here’s a guide on the Best Guide to Earn NBA 2k23 VC Without Spending.

In NBA 2K23, you can purchase animations, clothing, and cosmetics from the Animations Store through VC and even card packs in MyTeam.

Whatever your playstyle, there is always a way to hone your VC in NBA 2K23. With enough time and effort, you can accumulate a lot of virtual currency, which you can use to improve your player or buy cosmetics.

There are several ways to earn Virtual Currency (VC) in NBA 2K23. You can earn VC through the game’s various modes, including MyCareer, MyTEAM, and The Park. When you succeed in NBA 2K23, you’ll want to use your virtual currency. VC is an in-game currency used to purchase various items, including player upgrades, new clothes and shoes, and more.

There are several different ways to earn VC in NBA 2K23. You can purchase animations, clothing, and cosmetics from the Animations Store through VC and even card packs in MyTeam. You can buy it for real money or earn it through various modes.

2K Sports is currently targeting VCs through digital stores in the following increments, but pricing may vary based on your country and selected retailer. We’ve listed UK and US pricing below:

VC UK – Price USAPrice

  • 5,000 VC – £1.79 – $1.99
  • 15,000 VC – £4.49 – $4.99
  • 35,000 VC – £8.99 – $9.99
  • 75,000 VC – £17.99 – $19.99
  • 200,000 VC – £44.99 – $49.99
  • 450,000 VC – £89.99 – $99.99

This is determined by your purchase of the NBA 2K23 edition. There’s a good chance you’ll get some VC at the start of the game. For example, the Michael Jordan Edition and Champion Edition come with 100,000 VC, which is more than enough to get you started. 2K Sports will also drop prices on some VC bundles throughout the season, so keep an eye out for any available discounts or deals.

Claim your daily reward

Rewards can be collected from daily statues in NBA 2K23. These often include free VC that is given away, which is random. In addition, some provide experience boosts or clothing discounts.
Watch NBA 2KTV

NBA 2KTV is the weekly show in the series, which you can access from the main menu screen or during MyCareer by calling up your smartphone (left d-pad button) and accessing the NBA 2KTV app. Each episode will have interactive elements, allowing you to vote or answer questions for VC rewards. This can be a very quick and easy way to earn extra income.
Complete MissionsIn the new NBA 2K game, you complete dozens of missions. These missions often have time limits, so you can if you want to finish them quickly. The rewards for each mission are listed on the mission screen. Make sure to play daily and complete as many as possible to earn VC. If you win this week’s contest, you’ll be rewarded with 1,000,000 VC, meaning a millionaire will be crowned in the City every week.
Play Daily Pick ‘Em during the NBA season

Daily Pick ‘Em is a mini-game you can find in City and Neighborhood, where you can predict the winner of this season’s real NBA games. You can earn VC based on the results you get right or increase your income by doubling down and successfully forecasting an entire game week.
Play basketballWhether you’re battling for a championship in MyNBA mode, advancing your MyCareer, or just picking up matches in City, you’ll earn VCs based on your performance. One thing worth noting is that you cannot get VC in MyTeam as you will get MT points in this mode.
Enter locker passwordYou can stay up to date with all available VCs and rewards through your team’s locker codes. These typically include MyPlayer’s MyTeam packs, tokens, and cosmetic bonuses, but occasionally 2K Sports offers VCs as part of the locker code.

NBA 2K23: How to play better defense?

In NBA 2K23, becoming a superteam that dominates the game is the ultimate goal of every player. However, even if you are a professional player, sometimes strong guidance is required. Compared to the NBA 2K3 offense, Defense also plays a very important role in the game, so how to play better defense in the NBA 2K23? This article has compiled the best defense content to help you level up your defense in the game!

Learn about passing lanes:

The passing lane is where your opponent passes the ball. When defending off the ball, you want to block off areas where your opponent might pass the ball so you can easily steal.

Defense with the ball:

The key to defending with the ball is anticipating the opponent’s moves. You won’t always guess right, but over time you’ll get better and start getting bumpy on the ball handler and the stops you need on the defensive end.

Forced error

There are several ways that players can make mistakes. When a player passes the ball, you can catch it in the middle, which will be counted as a turnover. To do this, you can time your ball buttons when the ball leaves your opponent’s hand. A turnover will cause the team to miss out on scoring opportunities.

Be the shadow of the opponent.

Once you’ve been standing on their backs and watching their every move, they’ll feel the pressure, in which case they’re bound to make mistakes, and you’ll have the opportunity to cash in on their mistakes. Please pay close attention to their movements and try to form a pattern that will make it easier for you to sync your jumps without giving them any chance of scoring.

Strengthen your defensive stats:

If you’re a guard or wing player, maximize perimeter defense, lateral speed, and tackle if you’re a big man, rebounding, interior defense, and shot-blocking.

Choose the right badge:

Here’s a list of the best defensive badges for guards and big men. Picking the right badges helps better defense as they are designed to help you with manual defense entry.

Keep one arm away

The optimum distance is at arm’s length. An arm’s length means you’re close enough to catch the ball between passes but not so close that you’ll keep bumping into each other.

Big man rebounds:

It would help if you had Rebound Chasers and Rebound Badges, the most important skills in rebounding are stopping your opponent, guessing where the ball will land, and timing your springboard correctly.

Defense Control

What good are all the defensive tricks if you don’t know how to do them? So we’ll ensure you’re familiar with all the defensive controls in NBA 2K23. Defense control can be divided into two ways. The defensive control with the ball and the defensive control without the ball are mentioned below.

The ball isn’t always in your hands, so when you don’t have it, you need to step up your defense and help you do that; we’ve already mentioned some defensive tips for NBA 2K23.

When defending, the ball is not in your hands, so when you’re not holding the ball, defending is the key to your success, and hopefully, with these defensive tips above, you’ll be a better defender in NBA 2K23.

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