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Dead Space Remake : des images comparatives 2008 vs 2023

In addition to the myriad of “Work in Progress” videos for Dead Space Remake that Motives Studios shared during his live livestream, Electronic Arts wanted to return to the game more officially. A press release responsible for information and intervention of developers, artworks, screenshots and even comparative images between the Dead Space of 2008 and the remake that will arrive in 2023. The idea behind it is to reassure players Who are not very excited by what motives studios shows us, since it is a pre-alpha build. It is the risk of wanting to communicate in such a transparent way, that is to say not interest the general public which will take as a cash rendering for a final product. Electronic Arts takes risks and tries to reassure by these new shots.

Dead Space Remake vs Original Graphics Comparison | Dead Space 2023

The publisher specifies in its CP that this Dead Space remake has been reworked with the Frostbite game engine developed by Dice Game, knowing that everything has been revised and corrected. We realize this with these few comparisons which prove that the 3D models have been reworked as a whole.”Developing this remake was very fun for us at Motive, because we are real fans of the franchise and we want to treat the game with the respect it deserves. And it is just as exciting to see the reactions of the players While we take them on the development adventure with us “_ declared Philippe Ducharme, main producer of Dead Space.”We have worked a lot to reach the Alpha stage and we are happy to announce that the game will be released in January of next year. We are looking forward to the players, the old and the new ones, see in what Measure the original game experience has been improved to be just as striking for this generation. “


Electronic Arts also promises that improvements like dynamic volumetric lighting with atmospheric and environmental visual effects made in Full-HDR, offers a level of immersion never equaled in the franchise. To see the final result, it will be necessary to wait until January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Elden Ring Age of Duskborn Guide: Step-by-step

When Elden Ring Players reach the end of their epic journey through the Lands Between, another dead end – which end you have to choose. For the sake of simplicity, there are three canonal ends with some minor changes based on decisions made in the course of history. For the main end, however, there are even more clear changes at the end. Here we go through what you need to reach the age of Duskborn, which ends in Elden Ring.

How to reach the end of Age of Duskborn in Elden Ring

To achieve this end, you must see Fias Quest until the end. You may remember you as the lady, who likes to hold you on the round table. She also gives this health debuff, many of whom did not know anything when the game came out for the first time. If you make significant progress from traveling through the countries, it will eventually lead another dialogue if you see it again.

Here you give you the weathered dagger you have to bring to D. Of course, if you have already come to the royal capital and even beyond, you would have defeated the necessary number of splitter carriers to continue with the quest.

If you follow the steps of this quest, it is in a new area of ​​the RoundTable Hold. You will be commissioned to go to the Deepproot Depths on which you can access in an area behind the second Ancestor Spirit Boss in Nokron. This area can not be achieved until they made significant progress in Rannis Quest series.

When you get into an area that is definitely a boss, you can be held back by FIA. This time you have to find the curse of death to advance your search. This is located in the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you have it, bring it back to her at your last location. You should definitely consider to be held by it at this moment deep roots . Talk to her until she repeats her dialogue, and then reclaim the area by quickly traveling to this site of grace. Interact with the area in which they were currently fighting Lichdragon Fortissax .

After defeating Fortissax, you will receive the repair rune of the Deathprinzen , a key object used at the Fractured Marika. Use this item instead of simply repairing the ELDEN ring. If you use this, an alternative end will be created, where you still take the ELDEN thr1. Instead, the Land’s Between is now wrapped under these dense, gloomy fog.

This is more of a gloomy way to finish Elden Ring, but this end should still bring the trophy or achievement for reaching one of the three main ends.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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