The top favorites of the European Championship have started successfully in the tournament. Defending champion Spain prevailed on Thursday evening in Bratislava with 28:26 (14:11) against the Czech Republic. Even Olympic champion France, World Champion Denmark, Record European Champion Sweden and Norway managed to prelude victories. Co-host Hungary, on the other hand, had to accept a surprising defeat right in Budapest in the first game from more than 20,000 spectators.

The Hungary lost against outsider Netherlands despite the loud support of their fans with 28:31 (10:13). No flasks, however, gave themselves the other candidates on the title.

Heating top game — Croat Manic looks blue

France prevailed in the first top game of the tournament with 27:22 (13:11) against the coinage plagues Croats. The Olympic champion and record world champion won after heated 60 minutes. The team around TOP STAR Nikola Dramatic also benefited from the fact that the former messenger David Manic even saw the blue card after a foul, which in contrast to the red card initiates a disciplinary process. The Croat can thus be blocked for other games. In the second game of group C, Serbia won in Sieged against Ukraine clearly at 31:23 (17:11).

Denmark won clear with 30:21 (18:10) against Montenegro, Sweden won at 30:18 (17:11) against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, Norway had no problems at the beginning and sat down at 35:25 (15:11) against co-host Slovakia. The German team starts on Friday evening (18 o’clock / ARD) against Belarus into the tournament.

Statistics for the top game

Croatia — France 22:27 (11:13)
Croatia: M. Manic, PESC, Sonic — Cubic 6/5, Lucia 4, Martini 3, SIPC 3, D. Manic 2, Susanna 2, Gaza 1, sRNA 1, Guavas, Graham, Civic, Ganja, Mimic
France: Gerard, Pardon — Descant 7/4, ME 6, Areas 5, Mahé 3, N. Dramatic 1, Unfold 1, Y. Lenny 1, Mine 1, Nazi 1, Port 1, Conan, Laggard, Richardson, Tourney
Referee: Václav Horace (Czech Republic) / Jeri Colony (Czech Republic)
Criminal minutes: 8/2

Disqualification: D. Manic (47.) / –