FIFA 23, the name of FIFA, was officially released on Steam on the 30th. Although it has been the number one sales chart in the world’s highest sales chart since its launch, it has been a masterpiece game, but it has been evaluated as generally negative with the dissatisfaction of the Ultimate Edition buyers.

FIFA 23 provided the Ultimate Edition buyers with a try three days ahead of the official launch, which occurred from this time. According to a registered review after being released, users are not able to run the game due to EA anti-cheat-related issues. FIFA 23 general edition price is 77,000 won and Ultimate Edition is 99,000 won, but there are various benefits in addition to being able to play first. % Positive)’

EA is also currently identifying problems, and it is also trying to solve the fundamental situation by telling how to fix anti-cheat errors. However, in addition to execution issues, the frame drop phenomenon is also pointed out in a PC that exceeds recommended specifications.


FIFA 23 is the latest series and the last work of FIFA. Based on the upgraded hyper-motion technology, we created more realistic gameplay with improved graphics. However, even if the public release is not solved, it will take time to reverse the evaluation.

Meanwhile, Bodywork, a developer of VR, known as VR masterpieces, has been ranked second at the same time as it was released. In addition, Nanak: Blade Point and Monster Hunter Rise were ranked 4th and 6th, respectively.

In the top 20, the best concurrent users, the 11th place was ranked in the third stage due to the reduction of simultaneous users of Destiny Guardians. Monster Hunter Rise, which updated the new content, ranked 13th with the maximum concurrent users, with 61,758 people, and in the same way, Terr aria ranked 20th with 45,323 concurrent users.