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Akasor Games, new mobile casual MMORPG Illu Tails pre -registration

Akasor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, CEO Lee Cheong) announced on the 20th that it will be pre-registered for the mobile casual MMORPG ‘Illu Tails’, which is developed and scheduled for service.

Anyone can apply by entering the phone number on the official website, and all participants will be provided with silver, gold, general treasure maps, growth of growth, ether, and illusion office costumes.

At the same time, Akaplay, the platform of Akasor Games, will receive additional items such as energy fruit, reconstruction core, and dog when pre-registration.

In addition, if you complete the pre-registration and participate in the official cafe event, you will receive the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Department Store Gift Certificate, and Google Gift Cards.

‘Illu Tails’ was first released in China in January last year and captivated the gamers’ heart with high quality 3D character modeling made of Unreal Engine 4.

Meanwhile, the game is in CBT until the 22nd for Android players.

Hanbitsoft, Granado Espada Thailand Publishing Agreement

Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung -hyun) announced on the 27th that it signed a Thai service contract with Electronics Extreme (Extreme) and PC online game ‘Granado Espada’.

Granado Espada, who entered Thailand since November 2006, achieved 150,000 subscribers in two weeks, and won the Best Men’s Character Award and Best BGM award at the 2007 Thai Game Show. Granado has 730,000 local users who have encountered Espada.

The company expects Granada Espada to continue to grow by providing more inspiring customer service and game experience that fits the eye level of new generations through extreme publishing. Extreme was founded in 2014 as a publisher, and was selected as the best game professional guy at the Thai game show. Since then, he has shown a success with the Korean game IP.

An official from Hanbitsoft said, “Extreme is a publisher with a high understanding of Korean game IP and local users.” “We expect Granado Espada to be more satisfied with local users.”

Granado Espada in 2022

An extreme official said, “We have successfully launched many Korean games as a leading and experienced online game company,” he said. “We will understand the market and operate new ideas based on our voices.”

Granado Espada, meanwhile, is a PC online game that adopts a Multi-Character Control (MCC) system that operates three characters at the same time, unlike MMORPG that manipulates and nurtures one character. It features a medieval European graphic, a barrack mode that grows into a character of a family that has designated a character, and a battle mode where the operation changes.

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