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Summers War: Chronicle Increase server by increasing user

Com2us (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) announced that the new server Lucho has been expanded as the new users of their new summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ continued to increase.

‘Chronicle’, which was launched in Korea on the 16th, was limited to character creation as the number of ‘Artamiel’ servers reached the maximum capacity of the entire server in the morning, four days after the service.


Com2us has continued to increase the number of new users of Chronicle since its launch and the user access of each server has soared, and the service has been updated in a week, adding a new server, Luzeng, and preparing a pleasant play environment for users..

In addition, Com2uS has also improved various contents to increase the play pleasure by increasing the number of basic positions of the battlefield to ‘Chronicle’ and adding 1 ~ 3-star pumps to repeated rewards.

Along with the opening of the new server, an event will be held to obtain a five-star pump. If you perform a mission to collect seedlings and collect shellfish, an event that allows you to obtain a 5-star desert queen will be held from September 23 to the morning of September 6th. If you access the game every day during the same period, there will also be a welcome event for the Guardian Summary, a summoning letter, a summoning letter of light and darkness, and a legendary summon.

In addition, if you strengthen the summoner according to the mission, you can obtain a 5-star rainbow monk and legend summoning. You can get it.

Akasor Games, new mobile casual MMORPG Illu Tails pre -registration

Akasor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, CEO Lee Cheong) announced on the 20th that it will be pre-registered for the mobile casual MMORPG ‘Illu Tails’, which is developed and scheduled for service.

Anyone can apply by entering the phone number on the official website, and all participants will be provided with silver, gold, general treasure maps, growth of growth, ether, and illusion office costumes.

At the same time, Akaplay, the platform of Akasor Games, will receive additional items such as energy fruit, reconstruction core, and dog when pre-registration.

In addition, if you complete the pre-registration and participate in the official cafe event, you will receive the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Department Store Gift Certificate, and Google Gift Cards.

‘Illu Tails’ was first released in China in January last year and captivated the gamers’ heart with high quality 3D character modeling made of Unreal Engine 4.

Meanwhile, the game is in CBT until the 22nd for Android players.

Supercat, meta bus platform ZEP cumulative users break through 1 million users

ZEP (CEO: Kim Won-bae) unveiled its performance and future vision on the 10th after its launch of its meta bus platform ‘ZEP’.

‘ZEP’ is a metavus platform operated by ‘ZEP’, a joint venture of ‘Supercat’ and ‘Zepeto’ operator ‘Naver Jet’, which developed MMORPG ‘The Country of Wind: Yeon’. It released the beta in November last year and announced the opening of the official service in March this year.

Six months after the ZEP was released to the public, more than 1 million cumulative users connected to ZEP, and the participation of the space (ZEP meta bus space) exceeded 11 million times.

The space of users, Space, has been created about 110,000, and the monthly active user (MAU) reaches 340,000.

ZEP is a ‘meta bus for all’, and ▲ Simple operation ▲ URL click quickly ▲ Intuitive function placement ▲ Rich scalability, and various companies, organizations, and individuals use and users use rapidly. It is increasing.

In particular, ZEP is receiving a good response from users by adding the ‘SkiScript’ feature, which contains app development functions in the metabus on the 19th of last month. The use of the script function will greatly increase the scalability of creating new games and productivity apps within the methus. Thanks to this, it is expected to accelerate the development into a meta bus space that can be done and anyone can participate.

In addition, a ZEP official said, We will add the App Store to ZEP, where users can buy and sell their own apps and games in ZEP. This is an additional C2E element update following the ‘Asset Store’, which was introduced to build an ecosystem in ZEP, and is to lay the foundation for many creators.

The use of various companies is also outstanding. Samsung Electronics opened the new employee recruitment fair and orientation through ZEP, and Lotte Group opened the recruitment specialist ‘El-Rick Rutown’ in ZEP.

Big Hit Music’s artist Tomorrow Bai Together held a fan event ‘Play X Together’ at ZEP, and Naver also performed ‘Search Colloquium 2022’ at ZEP.

In addition, companies and organizations such as GS E & C, JTBC, and Seoul are providing various events based on different spaces through ZEP.

In addition, ZEP has implemented a metavus that works with blockchain and NFT technology, and has been conducting MOUs such as Nighting Gale Korea, Norton City, Puzzle Monsters, Clay Kingdom, Sandbox Network, etc. We are actively developing collaboration activities.

Kim Sang-yeop, the leader of the ZEP team, said, I am very happy to be able to achieve a million cumulative users in the short term as a result of all team members running together with the banner for every1. We plan to innovate in a new space and update to give you better experience than reality.

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