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Persona 5 Royal, Identity 4 Golden and also Persona 3 laptop will likewise come out on PS5, heavy steam as well as ps4, it is Atlus who introduces it

In 2023, Persona 4 Golden will likewise be the subject of a port on PS4, simply like Identity 3 laptops which will certainly also be marketed on Vapor.

Lastly, as Gematsu explains, it is shown on the Japanese authorities website committed to the triptych that Character 4 Golden and also Persona 3 will just be used dematerialized no matter the tool.

The Xbox One, the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X and also the Microsoft Store will certainly not be the just one to welcome Character 5: Royal, Personality 4 Golden and Identity 3 Portable, as had actually been announced throughout the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase
last Sunday.
This is indeed what Atlus insists through an official news release, where it is specified that the PS5, the PS4 and Vapor will be qualified to the very same preferential therapy.

More concretely, Character 5: Royal will certainly be launched on all these platforms (except the PS4 where it has actually already been offered for two years) on October 21.

Scourgebingers examination – Exceptional clarification controls

Have you ever broadcast a television program that you have never heard of, to discover that this is your new favorite? And that of course, sends you to an existential spiral of terror-there is so much things there, more than you could never experiment, and a game will inevitably be lost over time. This is what playing fleaubringer made me feel. I have never heard of this platform game, but playing it, I was blown away by its fluidity and style.

Good time of confession: when I was a child, I played a lot of classic video games on emulators. It was probably not at the level. I didn’t know, I was a little child. But I have to try a genre that has been largely left behind: platforms. Games like ninja Gaiden. X-Men: mutant apocalypse. Zone Comix. Sunset Riders. All these games have lived and died thanks to their reactive orders. And it may be forgotten art. Not the way these games look like, what they feel.

For my money, one of the best sensations of the last ten years is cellules dead, so it is worth taking an interest in trying to explain what makes it so pleasant. And it’s hard to do! It is a combination of animation, synchronization, speed and effects. When your little guy makes a dodge cellules dead, there is a fraction of a second between the moment you press the button and the execution of the action. This makes you feel the effort. When you are touched, you lose control of your character for a while and the screen is shaking. This loss of control is negligible in terms of gameplay, but inspires a perfect amount of fear.

It is the kingdom where fleaubringer shines. It’s incredible. Jump just the right weight. And the double jump? It’s the thing. Your character has a quick attack that seems incredible, especially when he bounces (or not!) On enemies. You have this strong attack which pushes me to kiss the chef in an uncontrollable way. And then you start to chain these movements, bouncing on the walls and slamming enemies against each other. You can’t overestimate how nice it is to play and how important this kind of thing is. There is a vocabulary agreed to measure elements such as graphic performance or even writing quality. It is much more difficult to find words to describe the abstract feeling of the commands of a video game, and it’s a shame.

The why-like, why do you do it all-is cool too. I imagine. I mean, the presentation is very good. A strange haunted extraterrestrial space station parked in the sky, and impressive stupid adventurers enter – but none ever goes. It’s enough. I love the protagonist. Her name is Kyhra and she looks like a Samurai Cyberpunk Drow. This is exactly the kind of character who is just cool enough for you to want her to be a playable character in a sort of cross combat game. She doesn’t have enough depth so that you want to read a book on her, but you want to see her cross the iron with someone like Dante de _The devil can cry or Rayman or some1. It is immediately emblematic, it is my point of view, and once again, such design is not easy to do.

It’s a lot of praise. Is there a part of fleaubringer which deserves more severe criticism? There are in fact. This is because fléaubringer is a roguelike (or roguelite, whatever) which was released a month after enfers set fire to the world of video games. Lots of Roguelike games are good. Enfers establish a new gold stallion. And fleaubringer does not quite reach this level. Your progress is too slow and too simple. There is a skill tree, and you spend Judge Blood on it; You make Kyhra more powerful. That works. However, I have never felt so enthusiastic about the idea of unlocking a new capacity, and it took me far too long before I felt like I was making progress. Maybe I would have felt better if I progressed on several fronts, but the development of the character seems mainly linear.

However, I have never complained about the development of the character when I played cavaliers du Sun on this emulator. I have played it millions of times, trying to beat the next boss or get a high score. This game could entertain me for hours, simply because it was pleasant to watch and it was great. And this feeling, where commands help create the drama… You can’t pretend. This is why you are going to play fleaubringer and you will enjoy it.


  • Perfect controls
  • Beautiful look
  • Killer soundtrack

Control Rig - 05 - Clarification about Bones and Controls as transforms.

The bad

  • Roll -of -the -way unequal elements
  • Character development rhythm problems

The MMORPG Fractured sketches its three factions and eight playable breeds

Demon Killer (List. Satanic force ), known in Japan as Times No Yield (鬼 (き) 滅 (めつ) の 刃 (やいば), list. The awesome blade of demons ), is a collection of manga written as well as made by Koyoharu Google. The story follows the journey of Amado Janeiro who is searching for a way to make his little sibling Neck again after her satanic force transformation.
The manga is pebbled in Squash’s Weekly Shōnen Dive publication between February 15, 2016, and also May 18, 2020, and is put together in a total amount of 23 quantities. A very first French variation is published by Panini Manga between August 2017 as well as January 2018 under the title the threats of the evening; A new version under the current title by the exact same author has been given that September 2019.
The series is adapted in anime by the Notable studio under the title Devil Slayer: Times No Yield. The very first season of 26 episodes is initially distributed between April 6 as well as September 28, 2019, and adapts the initial saga the development of Amado Janeiro. It is adhered to by an animated movie, entitled the train of infinity and also launched on October 16, 2020. A rehab of the movie in 7 episodes is relayed from October 2021, while the second season of the collection D Animation, adjusting the arc of the district of enjoyments, is relayed from December 2021.
A video game named Demon Killer: Times No Yield — The Hirobumi Chronicles is also launched in October 2021.
Devil Killer is the best-selling manga in Japan in 2019 as well as 2020. The overall draw of the franchise business reached 150 million copies in February 2021, and also more than 100 million copies were marketed. The animation movie is the greatest success of the box office in Japan. In December 2020, sales around the franchise business would certainly have generated at the very least 270 billion yen ($2.6 billion) earnings in Japan.

We know the frame of the MMORPG Fractured : a cataclysm (the fracture of the title) has generated three worlds, that of the humans, that of the men-beasts and finally that of the demons, each housed very different peoples, like So many playable breeds in the world of MMORPG. And according to the developer Dynamic, the choice of race of his character is important to the extent that he will drastically influence the gaming experience:

It determines the planet on which one begins its adventure, each displaying an environment, resources and specific characteristics;
The type of skills, spells, more or less accessible craft techniques;
The appearance of villages, cities and buildings that can be built and the NPCs that can be recruited there;
The type of company in which the character evolves, determining how we can play with other players (can be carried out or not hostile actions, and with what consequences?);
Divinities that can be prayed and how they intervene in the world of mortals;
Or the ease of players (or not) to travel from one planet to another and the way we will be welcomed by the other peoples…

The choice of its faction (Wild folk, Demon or Human) will therefore be decisive, just as the choice of race of its character within each faction. As a result, the developer delivers some details on each of them.

Wild folks (Men-Best)

The Wild folks are the native of the lush planet Arboreal — what remains of the old Elysium where all the peoples of the MMORPG once lived. The tribal company of Wild folks is articulated around principles of equality and respect (the Wild folks are pacifist between them) and is led by druids, capable of exploiting the primary energies of Arboreal.

Why is NOBODY Talking about This New MMO RPG? – Broken Ranks Gameplay First Impressions!
The Wild folk live in harmony with nature : they respect the natural resources (they harvest, but with parsimony) and in exchange, they can draw directly into the primary energy of the nature which decipher their power when they are on Arboreal. With this link, the Wild folks take advantage of a particular affinity with druid magic, and they can turn into animals (depending on the breed chosen to the character’s creation). There are several breeds among Wild folks:

Chakras (Tiger) are a powerful, larger and stronger people than humans, with unusual reflexes and agility, by doing versatile warriors that use magic To further improve their capacity. When they change in tiger, their speed and accuracy of their attacks are increased, and they have a unique ability to quickly catch their target for hitting vital points, causing severe injuries that drive victims to quickly empty their blood.

Madras (wolf) are particularly social and live in packs. They are powerful and resistant, known for their capacity to attack into coordinated groups (their capacity increases when they hunt in groups). In their primitive form (the wolf), the MADRAS are gaining speed and increase their pack bonus to grant bonuses to their allies.

NEEDS (bear) are the most imposing Wild folks, with great physical strength and incomparable stamina, but also slower and clumsy as their counterparts. The Hydras font exceptional druids, capable of exploiting the energy of Arboreal and transform it into a basic force. Once turned into a bear, their resistance and regeneration are increased, and can increase their gross power to stun their opponents before they convey them prodigious strokes.

The Erewydras (deer) are intelligent, agile and insightful creatures, but physically weak. The Erewydras are naturally inclined to the practice of magic and their physical weakness is offset by their ability to escape dangerous situations, both by physical and magical means. In their deer form, the Erewydra can block or deviate magical attacks and load enemy lines. If they have to flee, they can count on a speed of displacement and improved dodge capabilities.

The demons

Banished on the planet Tartars, hostile and without great resource, demons are a bellicose people, inclined to war and naturally bad. The demonic society that has developed on Tartars is brutal and anarchic : the demons defend no strong value, except their devotion to their dark god (Babies, a vengeful divinity) and their thirst for power.

Due to their nature, Demons are regularly engaged in wars of clans between themselves, to massacre their peers and looting their cities — which does not prevent them from erecting colonies, monumental buildings and sanctuaries aimed at displaying the power of their clan.

And if Tartars is a hostile world, the demons have a natural ease to travel to other worlds. The demons nourishing a great contempt for Wild folks and humans, they regularly organize raids on Arboreal and Synthesia, in order to spread death and chaos. These expeditions are nevertheless limited because the demons weaken over time if they stay away from Tartars too long. There are also several families of demons, with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Blood demons (vampire) rank among the smartest demons and have a solid physical strength. They appreciate drinking the blood of other living creatures, but do not need it to survive — even if the blood temporarily gives them extraordinary powers, both physical and magical. The demons of blood are adequate to master the witchcraft, and excellent in the control of the mental capacities and the practice of the magic of the blood.

Demons of shadow (nightmares) have passed masters in the art of murder, helped by their modest size for a demonic creature (barely that of a human). They appreciate the shadow (they take advantage of bonus at night and in the dark), are agile, master the art of disguise and illusion, but also traps and poisons.

The demons of the fire of hell (infernal) are gigantic and powerful, their conferring a superhuman force, to the point of being dreaded by all. The infernal are skillful and powerful fighters, attacking frontally and putting on their gross force. Thanks to their innate affinity with fire, they use any fire-related ability and can survive in extremely hot environments. Because of their taste for combat, their capabilities are increased during the most difficult clashes.


Accused of being at the origin of the great fracture, humans live on Synthesia, a pale copy of the old Elysium, rich in resources but deprived of any primary energy. The humans stand out mainly by their freedom and versatility : they are curious and always in search of knowledge, power or wealth, and unlike other fractured peoples, they are not subject to any innate alignment (their Free referee allows them to be good or bad according to their actions).

Nor do humans do not have physical benefits, but they are curious enough to be able to turn interest in all areas of knowledge (combat or magic), to develop all kinds of technologies (Artifacts for their city, their buildings, or even for themselves).

Nexon 2021 Dawn Papestee held New Update Roadmap Disclosure

Domestic representative popular PC game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ new update rode map was first released.

The rode map has made up of new scenarios from the level extension, adding new scenarios, adding new items through additional, reorganization, adding new items, and life content, and captivated the attention of game fans.

Nixon Korea (Representative Lee Jong-un) held the Dungeon & Fighter Festival: The Next (Dungeon Festival) and released future update plans.

The Dune Festive has focused the attention of many game fans every year with a single game event in Korea. Especially today, the company has released game contents and events that change through festivals, and received the users of users.

This year’s festivals were divided into Part 1 and 2. In Part 1, Soon, Jong-il, director and Song Sung Leon, introduced a large update that proceeded sequentially from this month to the New Year. In addition, the Owner Director gave his vision for the future of the game that matches the title ‘The Next Thing’.

Part 2 proceeded to a participatory online festival. Seung Leon Caster, Broadcaster Wang SUK, Investment Expert Kim, Dong-hwan, and the announcer was relayed, and Announcer Kim Tae-hyun and Choir, said,

Character level expansion to additional scenarios… New fun rich

First, the new story of the new story according to the March 17 level extension (100→ 110) of the New Year of the Dungeon & Fighter (100→ 110), and the dungeon expansion, large-scale rode content, and the like are added.

With the highest level expansion, the new story covers the Apostle ‘OMA’ on his body after the Saints ‘Mikaela’. In addition, we plan to introduce the scenario dungeon, eight ordinary dungeons, and two of the advanced dungeons.

In particular, users can choose the difficulty of the scenario dungeon, and the adventurer who completed the dungeon is a little faster and the company has explained that it is possible to achieve it.

The advanced dungeon with the position limit for a daily and weekly weeks decided to apply a new admission ticket system. The new advanced dungeons plan to eliminate the concept of entry, and existing systems that limit the number of positions are limited to large-scale plays such as raids.

The dungeon ‘Noblesse Code’, which was scheduled to add new, was featured as possible to collaborate with their own characters. If the existing ‘squad mode’ is a concept that the rest of the character holds, ‘Noblesse Code’ can be distributed by all the characters that all characters collaborate. With the high Epic Drop Rate, you can take compensation for each character.

Equipment level extensions and options combinations Fun high… New Former Character Renewal Notice

Unlike the maximum level of the character, the highest level is reducing the burden of the jamming, and expands to 105 levels in the dimension that imparts meaning to 100 level items currently held.

In order to raise the degree of freedom in setting the equipment, this epic equipment decided to introduce this epic equipment as a single item. In the case of the auction, it is scheduled to add items that are not determined to increase the fun of the combination.

Above all, new Legendary and Epic Equipment to add newly added equipment optional systems are applied. This is known as a concept of synthesizing the equipment with the same option, combining the level and experience, and growing equipment.

Tata nexon ECU get updated and radiator clamp updated how many changes in driving mileage vibration
In the case of a new 105 level Epic weapons, we plan to add two kinds by type. The first weapon is scheduled to be made of general weapons with compliance with the damage option, and the second weapon has an option of customizing each character skill.

New ex-warning advance. ‘Number of the South’ is the fifth former ‘Apartment’. Large-scale Reid Content after OMA Landed King ‘Basal’ also decided to show.

In February of the New Year, we prepared the character renewal of ‘NEN Master (M) and’ Spitfire (M). The ‘NEN Master (M)’ is working in a direction in the direction of adding a total of two types of skills to add a new skill that adds the attack power balance of the spiral gauge, and adds a total of two species to the new skill to supply and utilize the spiral gauge.. ‘Spitfire (M)’ plans to strengthen the characteristics in the basic attack.

In addition, one of two skills to be renewed is a regulation of Nils Napping, which was the signature skill of ‘Spitfire’ in the past, reinforce the performance to comply with the latest meta.

I also said that I have also added a new lifestyle content. ‘Dungeon & Life’ is.

The contents have been made of a farming and fishing in a personal space, and use the material to make the material to use the material to use the equipment to create multiple items, including the equipment, or purchase it to the NPC. Users can build buildings using unique materials acquired by dungeon plays, and can create a village with an object that decorates the village. Furthermore, it is also possible to visit the village of other adventurers.

Which Free Fire Character for Rank Pushers is Better

There are total bayelis letters in Free Fire. Thirty of these are passive, ten are active, and there are no special qualifications in two.

DJ Alok is a famous active Character, and the latest addition in the pool of characters in the Thiva Free Fire. This article compares the capabilities of these two characters and Wolfrah, a low passive Character, to determine which is the best in pursuing ranks in free fire.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok s ability, Healing Hartbeat, has 45 seconds cooled time, which remains the same at all levels. Their abilities allow players to create 5 meter treatment aura, which collects 5 HP for 5 seconds. It boosts the speed and racer speed up to 10%.


Wolfrahah has a passive potential called Limelite. The ability to reduce damage taken by headshots with each additional viewer (up to 25%). Players can harm enemies to more damage to 3% (up to 15%).


The passive capacity of the Thava, important Vibes, is useful in case of squad matches. This helps to increase the help-up speed up to 5%. If the team s partner is successfully retrieved, the user will recover 15 HP in 5 seconds.

Note: All capabilities are at the minimum level of characters. Players can flatten them to make their characters more powerful.

Which Free Fire Character for Rank Pushers is Better?

Being an active character, DJ is quite powerful than the Alok Thiva and Wolfah. DJ helps to increase the sprinting speed of Alok players so that they can survive quickly and help to fix their health.

Theworthy is not useful for single matches because its full potential revolves around to revive a fallen partner. Wolfrah also requires at least one additional viewer to unlock its real potential.

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Disclaimer: A Character s choice is a personal decision. Prioritizing one to another is completely dependent on anyone s game style.

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5 Most Expensive Characters in Free Fire after OB29 Update

Captain John Price is an imaginary character in the Phone call of Duty series. He is the primary protagonist of the Modern War sub-series being among 2 personalities to be included in all of the games in the sub-series, the other being Nikolai. Price first rated as a lieutenant, and worked as a sniper under the orders of Captain MacMillan, joining a mission to assassinate Ultranationalist Leader Imran Zakhaev in Pripyat, Ukraine in 1996. He was after that advertised to a Captain and also organized an Unique Air Service team, codenamed Bravo Team , that included Soap MacTavish, prior to being held detainee in a Russian gulag after Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish. Price was well obtained by movie critics and also came to be one of one of the most popular Telephone call of Task personalities.

The essence of the character has become Garena Free Fire. They have unique capabilities that help players defeat their enemies. Developers are not shocked by issuing new characters, the latest inclusions and Dimitri, which was added after OB29 updates.

They have become extremely important due to their competitive advantage. Some characters are available for both gold and diamonds; However, some more specific items can be bought only with diamonds.

Note: The list is not in a particular order because the price of all the characters is the same. Also, the qualifications given below are at the highest level.

The most expensive character in Free Fire

The most expensive characters are given here before the Free Fire OB29 update:

5) Thiva

Qualification: Important Vibes

Price: 599 diamonds

In collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Thiva made his place in Free Fire. He was available for free as a login reward on the extreme day of the fourth anniversary ceremony. At present, he has to pay the price of diamond to get it from the store.

Vital Vibes’s ability to raise the speed of reviving the team’s companions up to 20%. Also, on successfully rescue, the user will recover 40 Health Points in 5 seconds.

4) Dimitri

Qualification: Healing Hartbeat

Price: 599 diamonds

Dimitri was first introduced in a top-up event and now it is available in the store for 599 diamonds. When active, this capacity creates 3.5 healing zones within which the user will compensate for 3 HP per second for 15 seconds.

Apart from this, users and colleagues within this area can also recover themselves when down. Coldown is 60 seconds for this ability.

3) Krono

Qualification: Time Turner

Price: 599 diamonds

Crono in the game is the most popular Character. Users can spend 599 diamonds as the in-game incarnation of football veteran Christiano Ronaldo. Crono’s ability, Time Turner, creates a force area which will prevent 600 damage and increase the speed of the movement up to 15%.

In addition, these effects go up to 8 seconds, and the coldown is set to 170 seconds.


Qualification: Master of all

Price: 599 diamonds

The master of all is an active ability in which there are many game modes – Ju-Jitsu mode and psychology mode. On equipping capacity, maximum health points will increase. The first mode will increase the HP conversion rate to 500% from the EP. On the other hand, psychology mode will restore 2 EP to 150 EP in every 2 seconds.

The player can get K for 599 diamonds from the in-game shop.

1) Alok

Qualification: Start playing

Price: 599 diamonds

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Alok in Free Fire is arguably the most favorite character and it can be purchased for 599 diamonds. When users use this capacity, it creates 5m aura, which boosts the speed of the associate up to 15%. Also, users will also get 5 HP in every second for 10 seconds.

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Which Free Fire Character is better for ranked matches in September 2021

Garena Free Fire, also called Free Fire, is a fight royale game, developed by Garena as well as released by Garena for Android as well as iphone. It came to be one of the most downloaded mobile game around the world in 2019. The game obtained the honor for the Best Popular Vote Video Game by the Google Play Shop in 2019. As of May 2020, Free Fire has actually established a record with
over 80 million day-to-day active individuals worldwide.
As of November 2019, Free Fire has earned over $1 billion worldwide.Free Fire Max, an improved version of Free Fire, is currently now in development. The first pre-registration of Free Fire Max is now open for MENA area.

Chrono is one of the most popular free Fire eligible. OB27 Character Nerf the Chrono update the suffering of those gamers, who are in the battle royal title.

Mocco is a free Fire Character with idle capacity. This article compares Which in terms of capabilities Mocco and free Fire games were ranked to determine the Chrono Character should be chosen.


Active ability Chrono is called the Time-Turner. It helps create a force field that allows killing manages prevent 600 damage to enemies and players shoot at them within the region.

The player using Chrono speed is increased to 5% on the first level and 15% at the final stage. Cooldown right time is gradually reduced to 170 seconds to 200 seconds.


A passive ability Mocco that hackers called iPhone. Potential players allows you to tag the enemies shot by them.

The player initially can be tagged for two seconds to your enemies. At the maximum level, the time is extended by five seconds.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Nanna - Mystletainn Scion [Showcase]

Which Free Fire character more suitable for the matches are ranked?

After comparing a time capabilities, it can be concluded with confidence that Chrono better option. Even if useful capacity of Mocco, it lasts for a short time and the players do not have enough time to run on your enemies.

Despite Character noiseless, Chrono is a very powerful Character Free Fire. He is not only prevents damage from enemies, but also allows players to shoot from within the force area. The only major drawback of Character is the long cooling time.

Character selection is a personal decision, and relies on the priority on other game genre completely a person.

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5 Best Free Fire Character September 2021

In Garena Free Fire, play important effects on the results of playable characters. A player who has equipped a decent receives strategic benefits on his opponents in the Character game.

The classification of free fire characters, each of which has a unique ability. Gamer can choose between active and passive skills, but the decision-making process is quite complex. This article will look to simplify the process.

Free Fire Character: What are the best options in September 2021

5) Vucong

Monkey King, Vukong, Vukong, is a fan-favorite with an active ability called camouflage, which turns him into a bush, so that he becomes an excellent choice in Free Fire.

Users can turn into a bush for 10 seconds (max) and can return to Vukong as soon as I fire on opponents. He is a good choice for defensive gameplay, and when players are weak, then can afford the calculation by attacking opponents.

However, despite these benefits, there is a major thief in the form of Vukong’s CD. In the camouflage, the level 1 is 300 second cooldown, which can be reduced to 200 at the maximum level.

4) Alok

The player can use Alok to provide excellent team support because the agility of the team’s colleagues increases up to 10%. This increased speed speed helps to retreat with a profit against enemies while pushing against weak opponents.

???? Results & Reasons That Made CYL 5 The Greatest Ever! | Choose Your Legends 5 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

In addition to the increased speed, users get HP restoration at the rate of 5 HP / S by using Drop The Beat. It lasts for five seconds at first level, which can be extended for 10 seconds at the sixth level.

3) Dimitri

Update the fourth anniversary in line-up through Dmitry. He has an active ability, Healing Heartbeat, which makes healing zones with 3.5m range.

Players and their affiliates can use this treatment area to fix HP. At the initial level, the recovery rate is 3 HP / S, and can fix themselves using a downd player / affiliate treatment area.

Their capacity moves up to 10 seconds with 85 second CDs. Therefore, recharge is quite fast compared to others. The duration of capacity and CD improves 15 and 60 seconds respectively at the sixth level.

2) Jota

Who was a part of the OB29 update adjustment which improved Character. Now, they can be considered one of the best passive ability in Free Fire. Due to its ability, continuous raids, which helps in achieving HP.

Players will have to kill the guns to use the skills of Jota. Some HP will be fine by killing them while one will help to achieve 10% by dropping down. Therefore, the balanced gameplay strategy in the jota game is a good option.

of 1

Captain Bayah, which is also known as K., is a active capacity character, which has no time limit. He helps in EP recovery while a player maximizes the EP to 50. His ability, Master of All, has two modes with the mode switch CD.

There are two ways to master all here:

Jeu-Jitsu mode: It helps in increasing the EP conversion rates of colleagues five times, provided they exist within 6 meters.

Psychology mode: K’s psychology mode can be very good for defense and attack because the user can recover 2 EP up to 100 EP in every three seconds.

_ Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s ideas ._

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