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Rollster Y, icons win Nova e -sports

[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] Rollster Y, who played as a representative of Korea at the Wildlift e-Sports Global Championship icons (ICONS), lost to Nova e-sports in the quarter-finals. Nova e-sports, who played as a representative of China, won the final championship.


Icons is a global e-sports championship of the mobile game ‘League of Legends: Wild Lift’ using League of Legends Intellectual Property (IP). It took place until 9th.

The Wild Lift Icons Global Championship has played four weeks for four teams in eight regions around the world. Korea’s representatives were Rollster Y, the winner of the Wild Lift Champions Korea, and the runner-up, Guangdong Prix, and the T1, which ranked third.

T1 among the T1 and Guangdong Prix who participated in the play-in-stage entered the group stage with the second place in Group C. The Guangdong Prix was organized in Group D, which was organized in Group D, but it was strong and expected to enter the group stage, but after being beaten by the Southeast Asian team, Buriram United e-Sports, he lost one-on-two to North American Center Nells in the loser.

Rollster Y, who had a group stage direct seed, joined, and Korea aimed to advance to the quarterfinals, but only Rollster Y survived. The T1 in Group A lost to the Southeast Asian championship Team Flash, but defeated Leviathan in the loser match, but failed to reach the quarter-finals by defeating Team Flash again.

Rollster Y, organized in Group D, went to the quarter-finals after a fierce match. Rollster Y, who defeated Liberty two-to-one in his first game, lost one to two to China’s representative Jingdong Gaming in the winner. Rollster Y, who met North America’s representative Immortals in the final match, won two-0 and won the quarter-finals.

In the quarter-finals, Rollster Y’s opponent was China’s representative Nova esports. Rollster Y, who was in favor of the early and mid-sets of five games in the 3rd win, allowed the reversal without having to get rid of the persistence of the opponent, and eventually defeated and dropped out with a final score of 1 to 3.

The icons, which had been dominant that China and Southeast Asia would be formed in China and Southeast Asia, actually made three teams and three teams in the quarter-finals, with China and Southeast Asia. The only team in China and Southeast Asia was Korea’s representative Rollster Y.

In the semifinals, China has three teams. Nova esports defeated Rollster Y, Funplus Phoenix defeated Southeast Asia’s representative RRQ (REX Regum QEON), and J-team defeated Southeast Asia’s representative Flash Wolves three-to-1. Team Flash, the No. 1 Southeast Asia, was the only non-Chinese team that was the only four-finals, defeating Jingdong Gaming 3-0.

In the semifinals, Nova e-sports defeated Fun Plus Phoenix, who participated in the icons in China, and Team J rebelled 3-0.

In the final on the 9th, Nova esports defeated the J team 4-0. In the game of seven games, Nova e-sports made a kill score difference from the beginning of each set, with the jungler ‘Long’ Anshu Long, and lifted the championship without a big crisis.

Nova esports, who won the championship, was given a prize of $ 640,000 (about 830 million won), and Rollster Y, who finished his journey in the quarter-finals, also returned $ 80,000. Riot Games will convert 25%of the immortal hero Morgan or skin sales to the icons prize and deliver additional teams to teams that have advanced to the quarter-finals.

US growth rate for the first time in China since 1976

USA vs China 1980-2030 : Nominal GDP, GDP PPP, Growth Rate & Population
The US’s economic growth rate (GDP) has been raised for the first time since 1976.

On the 22nd (local time) Bloomberg recently quoted the Bloomberg Economics report and reported that this year’s US economic growth rate could surpass China’s economic growth rate this year on the urban blockade policy to prevent the new corona virus (Corona 19)..

According to the report, China’s economic growth rate this year is expected to increase 2% YoY and the US will increase by 2.8%. Last year, China’s economic growth rate was 8.1%and US economic growth was 5.7%. China has a city blockade due to Corona 19, and the United States has a high inflation.

However, even if the report is more than 4% of China’s economic growth rate this year, it is the lowest since 1976, when the cultural revolution ended.

However, the Chinese government has set an economic growth target of 5.5%by 2022. For this reason, Citi Group Sien Long and Xiahwen Jean Economists diagnosed that “China still has political options.”

In the fourth quarter of last year, US economic growth increased by 5.5% year -on -year, up 4%. President Joe Biden said in January that the US economy is growing faster than China for the first time in more than 20 years.

The Chinese Publishers game steals, Korea Indie Developer was set forth

The healing game developed by the Indie Developer Faudomade in Korea was revealed to be unauthorized for the Chinese Publisher. The parties are where the mobile game is served as a market in China.

is a game of concepts to build resorts on the island and raise cats. Developer Father Made has discussed the Chinese entry of the game, and the Feder Made has been in contact with the Chinese side publisher zipper, and the “program executable file) of the game was communicated. The contract was made without the initial deposit, and about 3 months of the game on the local game, the Feder Made was notified by the Feder Made. Capitalize

In the early January, Federmade has found out how to find out the game, while I was looking for another Chinese publisher. In this process, Google Play and SMEs were selected for the ‘Housing Program’ supported by the SME Venture Department, and the opportunity to enter the game overseas.

The game called Cat Resort (Cat Resort) is currently being service on nine Chinese platforms, including Huawei, Witchhat, and Ticky. A total of three publisher names are found, most of which are the form of mobile games. The contract has been destroyed, but in China, the same game has been named .

Z is not confirmed whether the APK is developed and modulated, and that the APK is provided to the third party. China’s closed ecosystem condition, the padamade side is difficult to know specific damage.

Koreans steal traditional Chinese culture.Cultura china. Drama chinolay Chinese dramaTrung Quốc韓國偷漢服

“It’s a small-scale developer that you can do that”… “Requires a national dimension”

This game was selected for the selection of Korean Content Promotion Agency last November. The Feder Made was able to steal the game in China, while the Feder Made was confident with the game.

The Feder Made side is not to feel the unattended betrayal and deprivation in this currency. “It was a toughness to cudge in a small developer and is a difficult position for legal cope,” he said.

Until 2021, a former lawyer (law of law), who served as a professional committee of the Korea Safety Committee (Lawyer Act), “I have to make a contract, and I have to look at the contents, but when I saw a conventional situation, I could not be able to use it. “

“Copyright law infringement, operating secret infringement, etc., is a matter of crime, which is a civil and crime,” said, “The right to infringement is clear,” The right to infringement is clear, and in China. Suggestion.

In addition, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, and the National Camp of the KIF of the National Cam.


NOAHs Heart tests are moving next month MMO inspired by Sword Art Online

We expected Noahs Heart first will be released in China, and only then in Europe or North America. And here, please — a surprise, how nice from our perspective.

In the social media of the game (e.g. ), the preview of the first tests appeared, which means NOAHs Heart will be made available to everyone. In English.

A group of lucky people has to enter servers next month.

Breaking News from Planet Noah! The Very First Test Is Coming! Attention please, Explorers!

The First Test Of Noahs Heart Will Start Very Soon! Planet Noah Will Welcome The First Settlers To This Planet Next Month!

Noahs Heart will be Cross platform North America on Unreal Engine 4 engine, which Sword Art Online inspires in fact.

The whole world of games is an artificially generated game to which we combine with a virtual reality device. Just like SAO.

What else? Procedural generated areas, dynamic weather system, climbing and lack of standard character classes.

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