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Pokemon Go dispersed cost-free for a short time

Prime gaming individuals can now expect brand-new items inpokémon Go, since the following gift is readily available for collection. We at MeinMMO reveal you which content await you as well as just how you can safeguard the plan.

** What type of gift is this? Certainly, these have different items for the popular mobile video game.

After there were already a total of 4 such boxes in May and also June, the fifth present is now readily available for selecting up at Amazon Prime Gaming.

presents from prime gaming-all web content & how you obtain it

This awaits you: As Pokémon Go revealed via his Twitter account, you can currently protect the next package of Amazon Prime Gaming. Similar to in the last plans, there will be 36 items again in this. The complying with anticipate you:

  • 30 Poké Rounds
  • 5 top liver
  • 1 star item

Just how can you get the gift? To produce a corresponding code for the package, you need to have an Amazon.com account with a prime registration. If this is offered, you can continue as complies with to phone the promotion code:

  1. Opens the Amazon Prime Gaming website
  2. Log in there with your Amazon.com gain access to data
  3. Select the matching package
  4. Now a promotion code shows up that you have to duplicate
  5. Change to Niantic’s Incentives site
  6. Log here with the accessibility data of your game
  7. Currently you just need to get in the duplicated discount code as well as you will certainly obtain the products attributed right into Pokémon Go

Special function for Android customers: If you utilize an Android tool, you can additionally change straight to the game after you have duplicated your promotion code on the Prime Gaming website. Click the Ingame Store in the game and scroll to the Promos area. Here you can likewise go into the coupon code to get the products.

When does the next bundle come? Exactly how Niantic on the blog site of Pokémon Go, there must be brand-new presents from Amazon Prime Gaming about every 2 weeks.

Exactly how do you find the normal gifts from Amazon Prime Gaming? Do you secure you every 2 weeks?

Prime gaming users can currently look ahead to new items inpokémon Go, because the next gift is available for collection. This awaits you: As Pokémon Go announced using his Twitter account, you can now safeguard the following package of Amazon Prime Gaming. To create an equivalent code for the bundle, you have to have an Amazon.com account with a prime subscription. Unique feature for Android customers: If you use an Android tool, you can additionally change straight to the game after you have duplicated your discount code on the Prime Gaming website. ** How Niantic on the blog site of Pokémon Go, there need to be brand-new gifts from Amazon Prime Gaming regarding every 2 weeks.

There will be a great deal in Pokémon Go in the coming days. We reveal you all events in July and also which are particularly worthwhile.

Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: cost trap disappears

Through a new law, customers of Telekom and Vodafone can save money. Because this disappears annoying costs.

Dortmund – a price premium for mobile users should finally belong to the past. This has been considered since the first of April for customers of Telekom, Vodafone and other mobile service providers.

Change in Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: This cost trap disappears

For the year 2022 a new cost trap threatens, but an old one will no longer exist. Numbers With the area code 0137, according to CHIP.de are happy to be used for votes or competitions on TV. However, the calls from the mobile network were very expensive so far.

The Cost of Consolidation

Now the prices for calls to numbers with this area code in the mobile network were aligned from the fixed network. Calls with the phone to these numbers should not be so expensive. Instead, mobile service providers can only charge as much as a comparable call would have cost in the landline (more digital news at mobile).

These prices can now set users:

Change in Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: This law ensures change

The new prices have been valid since the beginning of April for the numbers with the area code 0137. Reason for the change should be an order of the Federal Network Agency of August 2021. Already in December 2021, the cost of numbers with the area code 0180 had to be reduced due to this item. This area code should be used mainly for service hotlines.

To date, 42 cents per minute should have been customary by the mobile phone as I Nside-digital.de reported. Many companies that have achieved their service numbers and call centers via these numbers should have already introduced a landline number in recent years. Among other things, Deutsche Bahn as well as Hermes should be counted.

These prices have been valid for 0180 numbers:

Although prices have fallen, they continue to create extra costs. This also applies to landline calls, because even there such calls are billed separately. Consumers should continue to be alert and careful.

Category list picture: © Matthias Oesterle / Imago Images

Corona app: Update brings boomed significant advantage

One of the two Corona apps gets a new update. To the joy of boomed persons.

Dortmund – meanwhile it is already part of everyday life in all sorts of situations – whether at the shopping tour or at the restaurant visit – at the front door first the mobile phone gaps. The genesen or vaccinated status * is queried using the COVPASS app * or the Corona Warn app. The former now gets an update.

Corona warning app or Covpass app: Digital detection gets “Booster” update

The scanning of the QR code is a convenient way to control. Where 2G + applies, that is, admission only for three times vaccinated, ganzen or twice vaccinated with negative test proof, the process jerked especially for boomed.


The QR code does not include the third vaccine against the coronavirus * yet, was not recognized by the Covpass check app. The consequence: once press the screen and scroll down, until the vaccinations list. But with this annoying intermediate step is now over, as Merkur.de reports.

Update The COVPASS app: third vaccination finally stored in QR code

Next, the latest update of the Corona app * is available in the app stores. In version 1.18, the problem is finally solved. The Covpass app then accepts the third vaccine with a simple scanning of the QR code. The last update to version 1.17 is already about a week ago, accordingly, the latest improvement will not be able to wait a long time (more Digital News * at Corona).

The developers are constantly working to improve the app and adapt to the given circumstances. Even at the Messengerdienst WhatsApp there are regular innovations *.

Coronavirus: Many different rules continue to ensure confusion

For the many corona measures, it can certainly be that you lose the overview where now what is true. Merkur.de offers an overview of the current Corona rules . On Wednesday (16.02.) Chancellor Kolz meets the next Bund-Country Round. Here * you can keep up to date on all sorts of changes that will be decided. _ Merkur.de is like Corona part of the editorial network IPPEN.Media. _

Category list picture: © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

How to use Free Fire Redeem Code and Usage for OB29 Updates

Free Fire Redemption Code can be quite beneficial for the not spending gamers because they provide many rewards without any price. The items that users can get them include crate, skins, costumes, and sometimes diamonds.

However, these 12-characters are valid only for limited time before the alphanumeric code ends. Redeem codes also have server limitations, which means they will only work on it on the free Fire Server they were issued.

A complete list of Free Fire Redeem Code issued in OB29 Updates

Here are the codes that the developers have released the fourth anniversary updated free Fire:

Europe server

BQ 367 99 72 QVT

Indonesia server


India server

Singapore Server


NA, US and SAC server


Note: These codes were issued first, and may be that their time limit has expired. Therefore, players may have to face errors if they try to redeem them.

How can free fire redem code be used on the Reward Reidition site, a guide on this

Step 1: Players must first log on to the official reward redemption site. They should remember that they have to sign in by using the platform related to their free fire account.

The guest accounting players are not eligible to redeem free fire codes and they have to force their accounts.

Step 2: After completing the login process, users should carefully type or paste the code in the text field.

Step 3: After that, the player can press the Confirm button to redeem the free Fire Redeem code.

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Step 4: Then they can run free fire on their devices and claim their awards through the in-game mail section.

While the prizes are often released immediately, it may take up to 24 hours to be deposited in the user s free fire account.

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How to claim more awards to shoot dance emotions today

Most free fire users have a strong desire for cosmetics, which is difficult for them to meet because most specific products require diamond. Spending money is not likely to get these items, and as a result, Gamers search for alternative methods.

The redemption code comes in the rescue of many non-spending players because they often have a special set of items as a prize. Apart from this, ease of use often holds them at the top of the list for many users.

Free Fire Redeem Code for September 22

Indonesia server

Here is the code for Indonesia Server:

  1. FF10KB849VXB: Shining Gold (Mask) and Fleming Wolf Vein Loot Crete.
  2. FF10JA1YZNYN: New Year Smash Box and Cool Captain (Footwear).
  3. FF10617KGUF9: Pink Guardian Top and Candy Bag (Backpack)
  4. Ffshopee7bx2: Wastel Land Vault.
  5. FF9MPGS385PS: Annehilator (Mask) and Digital Invasion Weapon Loot Crate.
  6. FF9MJ31CXXKRG: Manly Cologne Grenade and Shoot Dance Emotion.

Europe server

Here is a working free fire redem code for Europe Server:

  1. 9bydpum5wk6z: 1x Punishors Venge Smash Crate.

All these free Fire Redeem codes were valid at the time of writing and were working in their respective servers. Users should quickly use them to get them.

Other servers should avoid using these codes because they will have to face an error while trying to use these codes.

Process to redeem code and receive awards in Free Fire

Step 1: All seven Redeem codes can be redeemed only from the official website. You can use it to reach the contact.

Step 2: After this, you should sign in to your existing Free Fire ID through one of the six options available on the website.

Step 3: You must type the code that has been released for your area and then press the Confirm button.

Step 4: After successful redemption, you can boot free fire and get all items from the mail system.

If an error comes after pressing the confirmation button, then it means that they can not get the award. Two general mistakes and their reasons have been listed below:

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The code has been invalid or Redeem: The reason behind it is that the code has already crossed the validity.

This code can not be used in your area: This error has to face when using the code issued by Garena for any other area.

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How to claim the Surfboard Skin Award

Free Fire offers a wide range of in-game items such as cosmetics and more. To get most of them, players have to spend diamonds, which is an inexpensive option for many people. Consequently, they look for options, and redemption codes are one of them.

Free Fire Redeem Code is one of the most effective ways to earn free for players. They are often issued by developers and there are 12 alphanumeric characters.

Working Indian Server Free Fire Ridem Code for September 26 2021

Redeem Code: FF10GCGXRNHY

Award: Barren Surfboard and Pink Heaven Weapon Loot Crate

The code is working for players on most servers. Therefore, users should not leave the opportunity to get exclusive barren land surfboard and Pink Haven Vappan loot crate as awards.

Other New Free Fire Redeem Code for Europe Server

N3FVTT86B8U6 – 1x incubator voucher

9N 233 9DSFHXT – 1x Incubator Voucher and 1x Weapon Royale Voucher

How to get the free fire code to get surfboard skin in the Indian server Redeem

If you want to get the barren land surfboard and pink paradise weapon loot crate, then you should follow the steps below:

Step 1: You can go to the Rewards Reedempation site, through which you can get the above rewards.

Step 2: Once you enter the webpage, it is compulsory to sign in to redeem the code.

If you are using a guest account, you should bind it with one of the following options given within the game before going to the website: Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Appal ID and Huawei ID.

Step 3: After this, you should paste FF10GCGXRNHY in the text field that appears on the display. You have to press the confirmation button to end the redemption process.

You will receive items in your free fire account in no more than 24 hours.

Step 4: You can boot free fire and then tap on the mail icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

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Step 5: You can press the claim button to get it.

When you can open the crate from the Vault section, the surfboard must be equipped with the collection section.

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How to claim free water fundamental weapon loot crate

Free Fire is a 2016 British black comedy-action movie routed by Ben Wheatley, from a screenplay by Wheatley as well as Amy Jump. It stars Sharlto Copley, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Jack Reynor, Babou Ceesay, Enzo Cilenti, Sam Riley, Michael as well as Noah Taylor.
The movie had its opening night at the Toronto International Movie Event on 8 September 2016, as well as additionally functioned as the closer of the 2016 BFI London Movie Celebration on 16 October. The film was theatrically launched in the UK on 31 March 2017, by StudioCanal UK, as well as in the USA on 21 April 2017, by A24.

The significance of gun skins can not be underestimated by reducing the free fire, because there are additional benefits in the form of characteristics among them attractive. The player wants to get all these skins, but diamond lack often acts as an obstacle.

In such scenarios where players do not have enough in-game currency, the Redeem Code offers an option to spend diamond. These often provide crate, which provide gun skins in return.

Note: The code below works only for users playing on Singapore s server.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack ✅ How to Get Free ORBS in Fire Emblem Heroes for Android & iOS

Free Fire Redeem Code for Today

Redeem Code: MCPKE62KW5MX

Award: Water fundamental weapon loot crate

Server: Singapore

Water Elimental Venge Loot Crate s code is working for players in Singapore Server. Users should not miss this opportunity, because the crate will reward them as a test card with scars – water elimental, or even permanent, depending on their fate.

Properties of Mark – Water Elements

Damage: ++
Category: –
Accuracy: +

How to claim awards using Free Fire Redeem Code

There are steps below which can be followed by using free Fire to get free rewards Redeem Code:

Step 1: Players can only claim free Fire Redeem Code from its official website. After reaching the Rewards Reedemption Site, they have to sign in by using the platform linked to your account.

Logging is mandatory. In addition, users who have a guest account, will have to force them to use the free Fire Redeem code.

Step 2: After this the gamers will have to paste the ready code above. After doing this, they have to tap on the Confirm option to complete the process.

If you enter the user code outside the Singapore server and confirm, they will face the following error – This code can not be used in your area.

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Step 3: After rebuilding the code successfully, players should open a free fire on their devices and claim the awards through the mail section.

Once the code is expired, it will display an error message after clicking on the confirmation button.

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How to claim free in game awards today

In all ways to get freebies in Garena Free Fire, Redeem codes are usually tops in the list. These are 12 characters in length, and developers usually issue them during the achievement of milestone. Players can often find them on official handles and specific live streams.

Time and efforts included in the use of Redeem Code are almost negligible because they need to claim from the official reward redemption site. However, there is limited validity of a code of potential downsides.

Free Fire Redeem Code for Today

All are working here for free Fire Redeem Code 17 September 2021

FF10JA1YZNYN – New Year Smash Box and Cool Captain (Footwear)

FF10KB849VXB – Santa Militia (Head) and vivid wolf weapon loot crate

Ffshopee7bx2 – barren land vault backpack

FF9MPGS385PS – Annehilator (Mask) and Digital Invasion Weapon Loot Crate

FF9MJ31CXKRG – Manly Cologne Grenade and Shoot Dance Imot

Who to Choose?! Ultimate F2P & 5* Tier List 2021 [FEH]

Note: All five codes above are especially for Indonesian servers and thus will not work for any other area users. Players should also use them quickly until they are valid.

Receiving Awards Through Reward Reedempation Site

Users can use the following to obtain all the rewards by following the instructions given below.

Step 1: It was for free Fire Rewards Reedempation site, which you can use to redirect yourself.

Step 2: After reaching the webpage you will have to sign in to your ID. For this, you have many options including Facebook, Huawei ID, Google, Twitter and VK.

Step 3: After this, you have to paste the code above one code at a time in the text field and then the Confirm button will have to hit.

Step 4: If the redemption is successful, a dialog box on your screen should be pop up, whose name will be the award. You have to press OK.

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If an error message is displayed, it means that the code is no longer valid.

Step 5: After you reduce all the code, you can load free fire to collect all items from the mail system.

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Free Fire Redeem Code for Fleming Dragon AK Skin September 12 2021

Free Fire provides a comprehensive assortment of cosmetics, which includes gun skins, organization and much. However, unlike other titles, guns are not only attractive, but also unique features that make them popular among gamers.

Fleming Dragon AK is one of the most popular AK skins, because its growing damage and attractive design has great properties. It can be obtained from gun crate, which users have to buy from the store with diamonds.

Garena has released a new Redeem Code for this gun skin.

Free Fire Redeem Code for September 12 2021

Redemption: FU9CGS4Q9P4E

Award: Vivid Dragon AK Skin (30 Days)

The code is valid and working for players on Singapore server. Thus, the user should use it at first to avoid losing the awards.

While trying to get the Fleming Dragon AK skin through this code, any other server will end with any error.

steps adopted to get reward

Here is a list of steps that you have to perform through the Award Free Fire Redeem Code.

Step 1: Gamer Rewards Redempation can reduce the code on the website, until the players can reach the link below.

Website to use redemption code: click here

Step 2: It is necessary to log in after landing on the webpage to claim awards. Players are provided many options, and the list is as follows:

Huwai ID
Apple ID

Step 3: Users will have to copy the FU9CGS4Q9P4E in the text field and hit the confirm button.

Step 4: They can open free fire and get AK Skin from Mail Section.

Later users can equip it to Vapan section.

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After crossing the validity of the code, it will display a message when trying to redeem the code.

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How to claim free Winterlands loot crate reward

Free Fire users provide abundance of various cosmetic items, which have become an important appeal for most players. The gun plays an important role in particular because it enhances the importance of these items enhances the importance.

Lauses NS code are undoubtedly the easiest option players to get various gun skins for free. These codes often provide robbery boxes that can give users testing or permanent skins.

New Free Fire Redeem Code for September 7, 2021

Redeem Code: BQ 367 99 72 QVT

Award: 1x Winterlands Venge Loot Crete

Code players rewarding with a weapon loot crate and working while writing articles. It should be done before its end to receive the prize.

Note: This redemption code is especially for users of Europe server and is not for anyone else. An error will face an error while trying to get the prize by using the server outside the server.

Rewards Reedempation Site: Using Free Fire Redeem Code

The player can use the reedemption site to claim the award of free Fire Redeem Code, and click on it will redirect them directly to it.

How can the code be redeemed, the steps are given here:

Step 1: Players must first go to the reedempation site through the link above and will have to log in.

Gamers should remember that they have to log in by using the platform linked to their free fire account.

Step 2: After just logging in, they should paste the BQ3679972Qvt code in the text field.

Step 3: Finally, after putting the code to the game, Confirm option will be taped. A dialog box will appear after successful redemption.

Step 4: Users can boot free fire on their devices to claim awards through the in-game mail section.

Note: may take approximately 24 hours to send a prize in their free fire account.

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Players will have to face errors while using the code outside their area or while using a deadline code.

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