The right balance between offensive and defensive resources has not found EA Sports in FIFA 22 yet. With the first big patch, the developer screwed on the finesse shots and goalkeepers, in Title Update 2, the KI defenders are processed. They made high steep passes and in particular flanks with their car blocks so far partially useless, but therefore get a devaluation.

The KI-controlled players were trying to block high steep passes and flanks, so far able to stretch too far, EA Sports explains the measure. Another gameplay adaptation deals with the KI teams of the difficulty levels semi-professional and higher, they were to the developer too good and will increase in future in the future.

Penalty Logic and FUT Champions Communication

Three significant changes have made the publisher in the FUT mode, meanwhile, the eye stands out above all the logic for penalty shooting. The order of the shooters is finally determined by the penalty attribute thanks to Title Update 2, with greasy follow shooting force and degree as parameters.

The other two adjustments relate to the communication in the FUT Champions Finals: The successful qualification is displayed again via a post-match screen, and EA Sports realize about the user interface that on a weekend only once to the FUT Champions Finals are participated allowed.

The career mode, in turn, was upgraded atmospherically, the publisher integrates new intermediate sequences for the drawing in the Champions League and the Europa League.

Welcome To FUT Champions (FIFA 22 Weekend League)


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Three absurd bugs have been fixed

In addition to the changes, even some bug fixes have been carried out, which should create partly serious problems out of the world. The absolute delicacies for fans of absurd bugs counted the random disappearance of players in the middle of the games, crazy ownors who had emerged when several players had ball contact at the same time, and referees, which still decided on Fouls in the penalty area.

For PC and Google Stadia, Title-Update 2 has already been available since Wednesday morning, on the consoles PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, the patch is delivered as usual a few days later – only then is obvious, like the Community the adjustments found this time.

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