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Kadokawa New Robot SRPG “Relayer” Season Pass and Digital Limited Edition Delivery Day Changing-March 26 21:00

Kadokawa Games, a new robot SRPG “ Relayer Season Path and Digital Limited Edition Delivery from March 24 (Thursday), which was originally scheduled, 3 We announced to change to 21:00 **.

With the delivery date of the season path, the season path download started by delivering and pre-ordering of the digital limited edition (Digital Premium Edition) is also started from 21:00 on March 26 (Saturday).

■ “Relayer” Season Pass and Digital Limited Edition Delivery Delay Notice and Apology

New robot simulation RPG “RELAYER” Digital Limited Edition (Digital Premium Edition) and Season Path Delivery Date andops are originally scheduled March 24 (Thursday) from March 26 (Thursday) Sat), it will announce that the delivery date will be delayed for 2 days.

Also, even with the delivery delay of the season path, the customer’s season path download starting with the delivery and pre-order of the digital limited edition (Digital Premium Edition) will also be delayed for two days. We apologize for the inconvenience to customers who purchased pre-order by this delay.

In the future, we will work to investigate the cause and improvement of the cause so as not to cause such a situation.

“Relayer” package version (limited edition and regular version) / Digital version will be released on PS5 / PS4 on March 24 (Thu) on the original schedule. Digital Limited Edition (Digital Premium Eddies) and Season Pass will be distributed from March 26 (Saturday) 21:00.

PS5 order Console today perhaps available in factory sales

The PlayStation 5 is now available on PlayStation Direct for select gamers. After that might follow, in which you can order with some luck a PS5 an open factory outlet.

Update of 15 December 2021:

Some PSN users have received from Sony invitations for a PS5-sale, which is to take place today until 11 o’clock at specified time windows. In the last action on PlayStation Direct was started after the sale window for invited gamers the Free Factory sales. So today you could from 11 am possibly without an invitation, the chance of getting PS5 — this you should from now keep your eyes open, and you have just in case and bring even a bit of luck.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

Order PS 5: Here you can get the console to date

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €700 PS5 Disc from approx. 750 EUR (eBay)
In power tariff bundle at E and simple: PS5 disc with two Dual Sense controllers and 24 months PS Plus as a bonus for a one-time payment of 349 euros (more info in our article)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 disc with pulses 3D headset for a one time payment of 69.98 euros (within 7 weeks)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 Digital with the second controller for a one time payment of 57.98 euros (within 7 weeks)

The power tariff bundle of e how easy PS5 is shipped from the end of January.

Please note that the quoted prices and availability of PS5 may vary.

Sony has launched recently with PlayStation Direct a new way to play, to order a PS5. The online store, which was previously available only in the US, is now available in Germany online. However, currently there is also sold out the PS5.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

availability of the PlayStation 5: The current situation

The PlayStation 5, although the launch took place in November 2020 still not available nationwide. In recent weeks there have been at least occasional Drops, where the console (usually within minutes) at different online retailers was repeatedly available in limited quotas for a short time. Recently there were a few copies of the disc version 23.09. At Saturn and Media Market — unfortunately these are already sold. Who wants to increase his chances to catch the PS5 in retail, should keep the following in mind dealer and possibly strike quickly.

PS5 Buy: Overview of Online Stores

PlayStation 5 with disc drive for 499 euros

The version with drive may cost 100 euros more, but recommended for PlayStation fans that have a large library of PS4 games on discs and want to continue to use. In addition, you can also use the PS5 disc version for playing Blu-ray and 4K Blu-rays.

PS5 with disc drive on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 with disc drive in Eugenics
PS5 with disc drive at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive for PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5 All-Digital Edition for 399 euros

With the All-Digital Edition of PS5 is it limited to games that you buy store in the PlayStation. Who does not have great games and also has no plans to build such or predominantly free-2-play titles like Fortnite or Cod: plays War zone can access here? This saves 100 euros and gives a slightly slimmer console.

PS5 All Digital Edition on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 All Digital Edition at Eugenics
PS5 All Digital Edition at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition on PlayStation Direct

PS 5 on the gray market — on eBay

A major problem regarding the availability of PS5 is the so-called Scalpers. These are bots which continuously store pages to scan and buy consoles, as they become available. Bot operators want thus further buy consoles on trading platforms such as eBay thanks to the artificial scarcity profit. Although the method seems morally questionable, it is of course an option to buy the console with markup on eBay. But we recommend that deals exactly seriousness of traders to study the origin of the hardware guarantee / warranty and delivery back.

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €630 PS5 Disc from approx. 700 EUR (eBay)

The eBay prices indirectly provide an impression of offering and demand. We watch the eBay prices exactly, finish several times a week the best price of reputable eBay dealers to consoles with the state New and Buy Now-Buy option, which are available from Germany. This can be deduced how far the PlayStation 5 is still removed from availability in width. Here are the prices last attracted again. While the PS5 was still trading at prices of 650 euros in August, the cheapest prices are currently well over 700 euros. The PS5 without an optical drive also costs around 670 euros again, while still in late summer for 550 euros. This is equivalent to 40 to 70 percent over the EIA Racer usury! Unfortunately, Scalping seems to be worthwhile.

PS5 buy by tariff bundle

Even if the PlayStation 5 is currently sold out in retail sold virtually permanently, you can sometimes order together with a mobile phone, Internet or electricity tariff, because there are no scales. Currently, unfortunately no rates are available.

PlayStation 5 buy: Important console accessories

Have you got a PS5, you can get the most out of your PS5 with the official accessories of Sony. The danseuse controller, the charging station, remote control, HD camera and the headset can make your life easier and your gaming experience more comfortable.

Sony DANSEUSE Wireless controller at Amazon for about 64 euros
Sony HD camera at Saturn for about 60 euros
Sony media remote control at media market for about 35 euros
Sony Pulse 3D, Over-Ear Wireless Headset for approx. 95 euros
Sony DANSEUSE charging station for about 40 euros

In addition, you need a top TV, so that Biographic power of the PS5 can really come into validity. Optimally, devices that have 4K resolution, HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz and VAR. More info in our focus on the best gaming TVs. Here are three suggestions for suitable 4K TVs:

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon
Sony KD-55xH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Mediamarkt for 949 Euro

Incidentally, you will find many more information about the PlayStation 5 in our review.

Unity Buys Lord Of The Bands Consequences Workshop Weta To Help Create The Metaverse

Wet Digital is a digital visual results company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It was established by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor, as well as Jamie Selkirk in 1993 to generate the digital special effects for Divine Creatures. Wet Digital has actually won a number of Academy Awards and BAFTA. Weta Digital is part of a variety of Peter Jackson s co-owned business in Wellington which includes Wet Productions and Park Roadway Article Manufacturing.
The firm is named after the New Zealand wet, one of the world s largest insects, which is also featured in the logo.

Unity, the video game engine firm, has actually obtained Peter Jackson s Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings impacts studio Wet Digital in a $1.625 billion deals. Under the terms of the proposed offer, which is not final, Unity will get Wet Digital s tools, pipe, technology, as well as design talent.

Are you also interested in topics related to Weta Digital Games?

In introducing the deal, Unity claimed the long-lasting goal is to utilize the purchase to assist create a met averse.

Ultimately, this purchase is designed to put Wet s extremely special and advanced visual results (VFX) tools into the hands of numerous developers and also musicians around the world, as well as soon as incorporated onto the Unity system, enable the following generation of RT3D creative thinking and also shape the future of the met averse, Unity stated.

In a news release, Unity said Wet Digital s teams will proceed to exist as a standalone entity referred to as Getafe. Moving forward, Unity said it expects Getafe to be Unity s largest client in the media and home entertainment rooms.

Peter Jackson remains the majority proprietor of Getafe, as well as the present CEO, Poem Ankara, is remaining on board as part of the acquisition.

Wet Digital s tools developed limitless possibilities for us to give birth to the worlds as well as creatures that originally lived in our creativity, Jackson claimed. With each other, Unity and also Wet Digital can develop a path for any kind of artist, from any type of industry, to be able to take advantage of these incredibly imaginative and also powerful tools. Offering aspiring creatives access to Wet Digital s technology will certainly be absolutely nothing brief of game altering and Unity is simply the company to bring this vision to life.

Unity Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello, the former CEO of Digital Arts, said Unity and also Wet interacting will certainly allow a completely brand-new generation of designers to bring globes to life.

Unity Acquire WETA DIGITAL - $1.6 BILLION | What Can We Expect?
Wet Digital is probably best recognized for its deal with The Lord of the Rings, but its tasks work out past Middle-earth. It s likewise done work for Avatar, Black Widow, Video Game of Thrones, Planet of the Apes, The Suicide Team, Wonder Female, and also other franchise business.

Unity is the most effective at providing first-rate tools as well as innovation to designers. With each other we have the possibility to make Wet Digital s prize-winning, premium artist pipeline as well as devices, which remain in a class on their own, obtainable to a much broader target market of musicians than what has been traditionally feasible, Ankara said. Wet s goal has actually constantly been to motivate and also motivate a whole brand-new generation of developers, and it s amazing to pass the mantle over to Unity. I see a future where a growing number of material shares the exact same degree of visual fidelity as Character and also Game of Thrones and Unity is the suitable firm to lead us right into this future.

As discussed, Unity thinks the met averse is coming, as well as purchasing Wet as well as ultimately making its devices and pipelines offered to people extra broadly could aid accelerate the met averse s arrival.

By relocating these high-fidelity tools as well as possessions to the cloud, Unity and also Wet Digital will open brand-new possibilities for creators to make use of the canvas they currently recognize and also enjoy, while getting accessibility to incredibly powerful musician devices, procedural foundation, and scalable material, Unity stated. Makers will have the power to boost procedures and also streamline production, with secure, foreseeable results that come close to excellence, while eventually constructing their very own part of the met averse.

In 2020, Wet Digital dealt with an investigation over claims of a toxic office environment. Workers shared stories concerning experiencing intimidation and also harassment, in enhancement to a society of sexism, at the acclaimed New Zealand-based impacts studio.

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