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Sedec Award, Elden Ring and Umamus Me sweptwid.

The best award-winning team of each category of ‘Cedec Awards 2022’, an event in honor of the achievements of game developers, was announced on the 24th. In the engineering and sound categories, the ‘Elden Ring’ development team of Prom Software won the Visual Art and Game Design Division, respectively, and became the main character of the Sedec Award.

The Sedec Award is an annual event aimed at the spread of development technology, enlightenment, and industrial development by commemorating the technology that is significant in the progress of computer entertainment and developers. The Grand Prize was selected through the audience and voting of the lecturers who took the cedec lectures among the nominated excellence award-winning lineups.

This year, engineering, game design, sound, and visual art were awarded in four categories. In the engineering and sound categories, the Saigames is characterized by the co-winning honor of the Games and the game design and visual art.

Meanwhile, on the 4th, Hidetaka Miyazaki, CEO of Prom Software, won a special award at the Sedec Award. In summary, the Grand Prize wins the Elden Ring, who achieved three crowns at the 2022 Sedec Award. At the time, Sedec fascinated the game fans through consistent game design and difficulty gameplay, starting with Daemon Soul, and explained the reasons for the special award of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Cedec Awards 2022 Engineering Division Best Prize
Sai Games Co., Ltd., Tech Conference Operation Team

The Tech Conference Operation Team of Cy Games has been said to have contributed to the industry’s technology development by introducing the basic technology of popular content production and the conference that held the actual application case. Cedec, in particular, said that the introduction of the case of ‘Umamusume’ was interpreted as being able to lead the audience’s response.


Sedec Award 2022 Game Design Best Prize
Prom Software Co., Ltd., Elden Ring Development Team

Promsoft’s Elden Ring Development Team has been criticized for showing a high-level game design that combines the Soul Series and Open World. Cedec has created its own level design that adds overwhelming depth and friendly gameplay with the freedom of the development team that has been accumulated for many years. It was a achievement.

Cedec Award 2022 Sound Category Best Prize
Sai Games Co., Ltd., Umamus Me Sound Development Team

The Cy Games Umamus Me Sound Development Team has been criticized for capturing a polite and effective sound of the race. Cedec has a sound production that makes the lace’s realism, tension, and character’s charm to make it possible to play several times. It was interpreted that the effect of producing effects so that it was not tired easily was the background of the Grand Prize.

Sedec Award 2022 Visual Art Category Best Prize
Prom Software Co., Ltd., Elden Ring Development Team

The Prom Software Elden Ring Development Team was evaluated as a ‘perfect score’ in modern games, without making you feel boredom for a moment. Cedec has been nominated for the Visual Art section of Prom Software, and even though it is the first open world that can be freely adventurous, the players naturally induce the players with a visual design of pictorial landscape and realistic detail. He explained that he showed a high level of high level.

Anti-Speedrun: Elden-Ring

While Speedrunner do everything possible to be able to shorten every second into Elden Ring, Youtuber Iron Pineapple can be involved in a completely opposite challenge. Because this wants to find out in his video whether the tough action game can be mastered even if his overloaded equipment makes him the slowest player in the world.

Elden Ring: The hardest challenge of the game?

The Dark-Souls series and now also Elden Ring are the Mecca of the Challenges . Whether speed run, exotic control or fighting with connected eyes, everything has already happened.

The latest challenge of the YouTuber Iron Pineapple is particularly clear. He asked himself whether the entire game can be mastered with an overloaded character .

As Iron Pineapple skilfully explains in his 35-minute YouTube video , there are three conventional ways to choose your equipment. Either you play your character in a light, medium or heavy armor. But many forget that there is another category: the overloaded.

These avoid almost everyone because it would be almost insane to play with this. Since your figure cannot avoid, run nor jump in this state. All essential skills in Elden Ring’s merciless boss fights.

Iron Pineapple does not stop this from choosing this challenge. On top of that, he decided not to touch his horse in the action-RPG . Unless he doesn’t get any further at one point. This also ensures the slowest run that the world has ever seen at Elden Ring.

If you want to see him with your own eyes, you can watch the entire video in English here:

But Iron Pineapple would like to take the extra portion of quality. As he reports in his video, this extremely slow transportation through the Open World later becomes an absolutely soothing Zen experience .

With the overloaded status, simple opponents quickly become real boss moments. A giant with archers in front of it becomes a tough adversary. Exactly this change of events for Iron Pineapple makes the charm of this challenge, as he emphasizes several times.

What are the difficulties of the challenge?

As is evident in the boss fights, Iron Pineapple uses a tactic from blocking and bumping whenever he feels safe. Due to his high defense and damage absorption, he can simply take a lot. In the later course it will also be shown that this approach with better equipment no longer offers as many disadvantages as one would initially assume.

The YouTuber often has to be creative ** when moving. Especially with platform elements, where small hurdles can only be overcome with jumps, he uses all the tricks that the game allows him. Instead of the normal jump, he uses the ability of Löwen claw of the ClayMore sword, which makes him jump despite the overweight.

At one point, however, all tricks and ideas do not help. Iron Pineapple grabs his horse at the giant mountain summit and use his jump function once in the game. Later, however, he still finds a creative solution and shows that another ability would have been the key to success.

Arrived at the Elden Beast , Iron Pineapple only wanted to succumb to this with his sign, but the movement of the boss opponent was too much of a good thing. So he used the Quickstep for this final struggle so as not to let the Encouter unnecessarily run out. The YouTuber thus proves that Elden Ring can be played through with an overload.

In order to put on the crown of this triumph, there is still a challenge: The fight against the most difficult boss – Malenia.

Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun WORLD RECORD (1:12:53) | CURRENT PATCH 1.04

With his usual tactics, even this merciless opponent was not a problem. As in many situations before, Iron Pineapple had to creatively counterattack certain attacks or idiosyncrasies of the opponents , such as the throw of a frozen pot when they briefly in the Airs rises.

For Iron Pineaplle, this passage, which is actually planned as a challenge, demonstrates how effectively large shields, shock swords and heavy armor are.

The countless hurdles he met and could master despite the challenge show for him how well thought out and flexibly the great game design of From software in Elden Ring.

Bosskiller flying black: This is how you will find the invocation Swarm of Flies in Elden Ring

All in the spirit of the other from software titles Elden Ring is sometimes a real board and can make life difficult for you with his boss fights despite our extensive collection of tips and tricks. So if you want to win, you have to grab everyone and has probably already heard of the infamous invocation FlyingScharm .

As the name implies, you will conjure up a flying swarm, the opponent in your proximity not only piesal rectangely, but by its repeated triggering of bleeding damage is meant. Especially against Malenia , the heaviest boss of the game, which is currently even stronger by a bug than anyway, the flying swarm would like to be sent to the fight.

Where can I find the invocation flying swarm?

To be able to send the collection of insects into the battle, but of course you have to find them. The starting point for your search is the place of grace “Dynastienmausoleum – Entrance”, which is located in the subsoil of the intermediate country, more precisely in the area of the Mohgwyn Palace.

Jump towards the northeast of the cliff and then rides along the eastern wall along the north, until you get into a blood-red swamp. Ride further to the east until you come to a recess that leads you to a small cave. At the end of the cave you will then find the invocation flying swarm and can rush from your little friends to a common opponent from now on your little friends.

What makes the Swarm of Flies so strong?

Even if the flying swarm does not belong to the legendary involvement and has actually been slightly weakened in the last patch, he should still be an extremely effective weapon in the fight against many bosses of Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50,99 €) represent. There are several reasons for this, but they all circle the same aspect: bleeding damage.

Because the flying swarm builds the bleeding effect in his attack goals and then triggers damage depending on the maximum life at full bar. That’s so efficient at Bossen because they usually have an immense lifeboards and because a large part of the end opponents are susceptible to bleeding – whereby the effect is easier to trigger.

Combined with a bleeding weapon like the Katana bloody streams , you will be causing massive damage to almost all bosses in record time and you can see your life bars at the bottom of the screen melting like an ice cream on the stalk in midsummer. In addition, there are low FP costs and relatively low value requirements with 16 Arkan and 11 faith.

As a result, the invocation with a small rune investment can also be easily used by sugar fighters. If you also use the Imitator’s tab and thus calls a copy of you to the battlefield, this can also use the equipped invocation and summon such a second flying swarm – without FP costs.

Malenia is not only vulnerable against the flying swarm

If you have acquired the invocation flying swarm specially for Malenia, sword of Miquella, and still fails to her, we have two more tips for you. On the one hand, the good is quite prone to status effects, which you can add to it with crowds, for example. So, among other things, their infamous water bird dance can be easily boasted.

Should not that rang, you can use the multiplayer and call other helpful phantoms in your game. Who knows, maybe you bother the legendary naked hero “Let Me Solo”, which Malenia has already stretched out almost 400 times? With some bad luck, however, you also ran to the anti-hero “Let Her Solo Me”, then the chances are unfortunately bad.

Elden Ring swarm of flies location guide, best bleed incantation?

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“Elden Ring” MOD appeared to attach “Meri” to the end of Merina-The opening is the best “Nice to meet you”

New Software’s New Action RPG “ Elden Ring ” has appeared “Meri” and “Meri” with “Meri” to the end of Merina appeared.

SATOSHI 98 produced this MOD. The effect will be read, and in the main character’s maiden and merina remarks text, the word will be “merged” in the text of the main character.

For example, at the first ethnet event, I met early and greetings with “ for the first time Meri “. After that, “ Meri who knows the maiden of fingers? ” “ Help the fader and lead the existence of guidance… “. It seems that the question mark or three-point leader will respond properly.

I usually do not usually hard and join the journey. She was a very mysterious meriner, but it will be a strange character with this MOD. Of course, the journey will be a little commal until the conversation with the blessing that can be selected occasionally.

In addition, it is intended to be “merini” to the end of the merina, and it was a netmeaming from before MOD. This MOD will be the form that this will be realized in the game.

Elden Ring: In a new Speedrun time is not our freezer

While most of us at the end of Elden Ring have 80 to 120 hours on the clock – or possibly even more – lies the new Speedrun record at less than 20 minutes. That we can not complete the Elden Ring quickly, that’s one, but during this time, our freezer pizza will not even get ready – at least with most of us.

Speedrunner on the fast lane

It’s about it: We have already reported several times over the impressive Elden Ring Records of the Twitch Streamer Distortion2. The Souls and Speedrun veteran had always presented new times in recent weeks.

Thus, his times have developed: At least the Runner needed 49 minutes and 29 seconds. Then he went to crack the 40s mark. For example, more of his records were 37 minutes and 15 seconds and 28 minutes and 29 seconds.

Shortly before the stream in which the new record was achieved, Distortion2 has first uploaded a video with a graduation time of 22 minutes 21 seconds on YouTube. The new time is now in incredible 18 minutes and 58 seconds (or 18 minutes, 57 seconds in Game Time).

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Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun FORMER WORLD RECORD (1:29:39) | Current Patch 1.03

20 minute mark cracked

Thus, the 20-minute brand is now cracked! Of course, the Speedrun is in no way comparable to a normal game run. To achieve the credits thus quickly, Runner Glitches, which allow it to skip areas and endpers. However, the perfecting of these strategies requires a lot of preliminary work, exercise, skill and perseverance.

The 20 minute mark crack was really an ambitious goal and Distortion2 can hardly believe it even when the Run finally finished. He said several times that he was trembling and that was to listen to his voice. Shortly before, the streamer had complained how tired he was.

On Twitter, the Speedrunner summarizes:

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Link to Twitter content

The world’s first Any% Elden Ring [-run] in less than 20 minutes !! I wrote a flight and made a 15 hour stream for it. Had almost the hope, but in the end I have prevailed. Thanks to all who were there and have supported me during this mad streams <3.

By the way, you can watch the whole stream here. If you only want to see the record run, you should jump for about for the last half hour **:

What a Speedrun is that? As already given by Distortion2 to protocol, it is the Any% category, which is just the goal of completing the game as soon as possible. There are also other categories such as “All Remembrances”, which is mandatory to defeat all bosses that have an echo. In addition, the new record was achieved on the old patch version. But of course that is the case with the older comparisons.

Do you like to look at Speedruns and what do you think of the new record?

Elden Ring Age of Duskborn Guide: Step-by-step

When Elden Ring Players reach the end of their epic journey through the Lands Between, another dead end – which end you have to choose. For the sake of simplicity, there are three canonal ends with some minor changes based on decisions made in the course of history. For the main end, however, there are even more clear changes at the end. Here we go through what you need to reach the age of Duskborn, which ends in Elden Ring.

How to reach the end of Age of Duskborn in Elden Ring

To achieve this end, you must see Fias Quest until the end. You may remember you as the lady, who likes to hold you on the round table. She also gives this health debuff, many of whom did not know anything when the game came out for the first time. If you make significant progress from traveling through the countries, it will eventually lead another dialogue if you see it again.

Here you give you the weathered dagger you have to bring to D. Of course, if you have already come to the royal capital and even beyond, you would have defeated the necessary number of splitter carriers to continue with the quest.

If you follow the steps of this quest, it is in a new area of ​​the RoundTable Hold. You will be commissioned to go to the Deepproot Depths on which you can access in an area behind the second Ancestor Spirit Boss in Nokron. This area can not be achieved until they made significant progress in Rannis Quest series.

When you get into an area that is definitely a boss, you can be held back by FIA. This time you have to find the curse of death to advance your search. This is located in the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you have it, bring it back to her at your last location. You should definitely consider to be held by it at this moment deep roots . Talk to her until she repeats her dialogue, and then reclaim the area by quickly traveling to this site of grace. Interact with the area in which they were currently fighting Lichdragon Fortissax .

After defeating Fortissax, you will receive the repair rune of the Deathprinzen , a key object used at the Fractured Marika. Use this item instead of simply repairing the ELDEN ring. If you use this, an alternative end will be created, where you still take the ELDEN thr1. Instead, the Land’s Between is now wrapped under these dense, gloomy fog.

This is more of a gloomy way to finish Elden Ring, but this end should still bring the trophy or achievement for reaching one of the three main ends.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Fia's Full Questline Walkthrough: How to Unlock Age of Duskborn Ending | Elden Ring
Attack of the Fanboys / Fencing / Elden Ring Age of Duskborn Guide: Step-by-Step Guide for Fia’s Ending

Elden Ring: Where to get the enchantment of the regression law and what it does

Elden Ring is a new action RPG developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, and has just been released for PC and consoles. The game takes place in a massive open world with many optional dungeons and bosses to see, as well as some riddles that can leave you perplexed. Here is where to get the enchantment of the regression law and what it does in Elden Ring.

Get the Enchantment of the Regression Law in Elden Ring

  • Advances in the game until you reach Leyndell at Altus Plateau.

  • Open yourself on the way through the level until you reach Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

  • When you overcome it, you will get access to the grace site of the Erdtree Sanctuary. Go to the east from here and jump over the big root of the tree to access the second floor.

  • On the second floor, go out the window to the roofs.

  • To your left, you will see another open window that leads to the building.

  • Go to the other side of the balcony and jump to the root.

  • Collect the prayer book begins from the golden order.

  • Give the prayer book to Miriel in the Church of the Vows or Corhyn, who should already be out of the Colosseum in Leyndell if you have been following the search line of him.

  • Buy the enchantment of the regression law for 10,000 Runes.

How to use the regression law

Law of Regression is a spell that allows you to dissipate special effects and cure ailments, and although that can be useful, it is also necessary to solve a puzzle on the Goldmask search line and Brother Corhyn.

From the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, head to the west, take the elevator and lower the steps. You will find a statue with a developer ahead message that indicates that the regression will reveal all the secrets.

While standing on the message, use the enchantment of the regression law to reveal another message on the ground. Examine it, then inform Goldmask out of the Colosseum to advance in that search line.

That’s all you need to know about where to get the enchantment of the regression law and how to use it in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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Elden Ring How To Get The Erdtree Bow & law of Regression Incantation Elden Ring

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Elden Ring will expand “past the Kingdom of Gamings”, according to Bandai Namco

Elden Ring still does not launch the accelerator. A few months ago, Bandai Namco augurated an encouraging launch with countless sales in the initial weeks, and also it seems that its quotes have actually exceeded its own assumptions with an industrial efficiency that has actually currently gone beyond 12 million copies Distributed around the globe. What, from the point of view of the author, might unlock to a great deal of products.

Expect even more than Elden Ring as IP with the hope of expanding it beyond the Kingdom Games Namco Although no details have actually been given, Bandai Namco has already gone down clues in the last report of Elden’s results Ring As originally explained the popular customer Nibel , there is an expression that leaves a lot of area to creative imagination: “Please wait extra from Elden Ring as IP (characters as well as various other intellectual building) with Hope of Expand it beyond the Kingdom of Gamings “.

Elden Ring Has Done The IMPOSSIBLE! Namco Bandai's Response Is AMAZING! New Updates!

We are not shocked to recognize that Elden Ring can relocate to other media, since it is already the new larger IP considering that 2016 and the very best launch of the year in Europe. Certainly, the game includes product sufficient to adjust to various other locations, since in our evaluation we have actually invested a great deal of hrs in conclusion that we locate ourselves prior to a masterwork .

Subscribe to the 3D video game channel on YouTube .

Consequently, we can currently provide the outcome pistolletazo for all sort of concepts. There are customers who currently point to a future DLC that, although it remains to remain in the area of videogames, it relates to the coliseums of the intermediate lands. However, as well as leaving the field that concerns us, Bandai Namco could be assuming concerning Link Elden Ring with various other enjoyment products

Elden Ring Jellyfish Puzzle Guide: What to do in Stargazers Ruins

Developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is a completely new RPG that has just been released for PC and consoles. The game is developed in a huge open world named Lands Between, and is full of small secrets to discover, along with some riddles that can be perplexed. Here is What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring.

As you progress in the main story of Elden Ring, you will eventually arrive at a new area called Mountointops of the Giants. There is a lot to do here, and you will also come across the ruins of star observers, where you will find a spirit of Medusa that looks for Him’s sister.

What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins in Elden Ring

Stargazers' Ruins Puzzle Solution - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

  • If you have not already done so, make sure you talk to Roderika at the abandoned cottage near the entrance to the Stormveil castle.

Exhaust your dialogue to receive the Medusa Spirit Ash.

  • Locate the spirit of the jellyfish in the ruins of the contemplates, standing on top of the stairs that lead to the basement.

  • Invokes the spirit of the jellyfish and a notice will warn you that a seal has been broken.

  • Low the steps and opens the door to find a chest that contains a talisman.

That is practically everything you have to do. You can still conserve and convene the spirit of the jellyfish after completing this puzzle.

The Primal Talisman Glintstone Blade that you get in Stargazers’ Ruins is also a pretty good reward for magic users, as it decreases the amount of FP consumed by spells and weapons skills, although it reduces your maximum HP.

That’s all you need to know about what to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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While you still hang on the initial manager, an elden ring is glided with 2.5 hours without dying

Exactly how did he do that? From then on it went on promptly. Battles were defeated as commonly as it was. Just one of the most required fights have been combated, only important products collected. Every step that Bellic performed in the game was maximized for economy and also progression.

The bang-hard action-rpg Elden Ring makes most gamers from large difficulties.

Often, entire droves of nasty quirters ran behind him, but just did not watch the brave runner. Stoisch he went out, hatched out via darkness, doing and also leaving everything to scrape as promptly as possible via the game.

In the video clip installed right here you can see exactly how he did all this. Consider that it is complete of spoilers.

Speedrunner shows you exactly how to tear the whole video game in 2.5 hours

What did he do? To add his Speedrun, he selected the vagabond class as well as ran quickly after developing, as if a wild wasp lagged him. If he did not ran, he swung himself on his rear of his dedicated places Torrent.

Ultimately he additionally places the last employer after just 2.5 hrs and also died there is not a single time. For comparison: Various other leading players hang on just one (!) Manager!

If it came to a manager fight, after that he went a lot more systematic as well as precisely. Given that he rarted virtually permanently with the starter armor, he needed to beware well and if you see the recording of his run, then you understand how reliable and also nearly mechanically recognizes attacks as well as mercilessly beat the one in charges item for item right into the past.

Who is it? Niko Bellic (no, not the type from GTA IV) is a powerful gamer and also Speedrunner. He has set itself the task of enabling the hammer-hard action-rpg elden ring immediately.

Elden Ring - Amazing Armor Sets You Can Already Get Early (Elden Ring Early Armor)

Even managers like Margit were, where just possible, surpassed or moved to later. Bellic used them Whenever there was a method to omit a location or take an abbreviation in locations that were not intended at the current day.

An absolutely magnificent efficiency of Bellic, however was every little thing with best things?

What do you claim concerning this rude efficiency? Let’s recognize us in the remarks. If you intend to be so good, then our beneficial suggestions on the begin.

Glitches and exploits were made use of? In truth, there was always absurd problems and exploits in previous Spirits games, with which one could finish specific difficulties a lot easier or bypass.

The bang-hard action-rpg Elden Ring makes most players from big difficulties.

Niko Bellic (no, not the kind from GTA IV) is a powerful player and also Speedrunner. To include his Speedrun, he picked the wayfarer class as well as ran immediately after creating, as if a wild wasp was behind him. ** From then on it went on swiftly.

Yet that was apparently not the goal of Niko Bellic. For he beats, sneaks as well as runs with the game without making it clearly not utilized by the developers approaches.

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