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Elvis goes beyond the stage and enters the world of espionage in the new animated Netflix series.
Elvis Presley has had a moment in the last year.
With Austin Butler’s electrifying performance in the BAZ Kuhlmann biographical film, winning an academy prize nomination, it is clear that the King of Rock and Roll has returned to public consciousness.

That also becomes evident by a next Netflix series that tells a very different guy from Elvis’s history.
Agent Elvis, a new animated series that premieres at the streamer, will present the world-famous artist as a spy of high society, applying his characteristic attitude and style to save the world.


Nothing less than Matthew McConaughey (who, like Elvis Presley, also comes from the southern United States) will provide the voice of the iconic singer turned into a secret agent.
Priscilla Presley, who married Elvis in 1967, co-created the new series along with John Eddie.
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Judging by the brief advance published by Netflix, agent Elvis will send Presley to some truly wild adventures, along with a possible frustrated companion.
The scenes include real achievements of Presley’s life as…