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Nexon 2021 Dawn Papestee held New Update Roadmap Disclosure

Domestic representative popular PC game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ new update rode map was first released.

The rode map has made up of new scenarios from the level extension, adding new scenarios, adding new items through additional, reorganization, adding new items, and life content, and captivated the attention of game fans.

Nixon Korea (Representative Lee Jong-un) held the Dungeon & Fighter Festival: The Next (Dungeon Festival) and released future update plans.

The Dune Festive has focused the attention of many game fans every year with a single game event in Korea. Especially today, the company has released game contents and events that change through festivals, and received the users of users.

This year’s festivals were divided into Part 1 and 2. In Part 1, Soon, Jong-il, director and Song Sung Leon, introduced a large update that proceeded sequentially from this month to the New Year. In addition, the Owner Director gave his vision for the future of the game that matches the title ‘The Next Thing’.

Part 2 proceeded to a participatory online festival. Seung Leon Caster, Broadcaster Wang SUK, Investment Expert Kim, Dong-hwan, and the announcer was relayed, and Announcer Kim Tae-hyun and Choir, said,

Character level expansion to additional scenarios… New fun rich

First, the new story of the new story according to the March 17 level extension (100→ 110) of the New Year of the Dungeon & Fighter (100→ 110), and the dungeon expansion, large-scale rode content, and the like are added.

With the highest level expansion, the new story covers the Apostle ‘OMA’ on his body after the Saints ‘Mikaela’. In addition, we plan to introduce the scenario dungeon, eight ordinary dungeons, and two of the advanced dungeons.

In particular, users can choose the difficulty of the scenario dungeon, and the adventurer who completed the dungeon is a little faster and the company has explained that it is possible to achieve it.

The advanced dungeon with the position limit for a daily and weekly weeks decided to apply a new admission ticket system. The new advanced dungeons plan to eliminate the concept of entry, and existing systems that limit the number of positions are limited to large-scale plays such as raids.

The dungeon ‘Noblesse Code’, which was scheduled to add new, was featured as possible to collaborate with their own characters. If the existing ‘squad mode’ is a concept that the rest of the character holds, ‘Noblesse Code’ can be distributed by all the characters that all characters collaborate. With the high Epic Drop Rate, you can take compensation for each character.

Equipment level extensions and options combinations Fun high… New Former Character Renewal Notice

Unlike the maximum level of the character, the highest level is reducing the burden of the jamming, and expands to 105 levels in the dimension that imparts meaning to 100 level items currently held.

In order to raise the degree of freedom in setting the equipment, this epic equipment decided to introduce this epic equipment as a single item. In the case of the auction, it is scheduled to add items that are not determined to increase the fun of the combination.

Above all, new Legendary and Epic Equipment to add newly added equipment optional systems are applied. This is known as a concept of synthesizing the equipment with the same option, combining the level and experience, and growing equipment.

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In the case of a new 105 level Epic weapons, we plan to add two kinds by type. The first weapon is scheduled to be made of general weapons with compliance with the damage option, and the second weapon has an option of customizing each character skill.

New ex-warning advance. ‘Number of the South’ is the fifth former ‘Apartment’. Large-scale Reid Content after OMA Landed King ‘Basal’ also decided to show.

In February of the New Year, we prepared the character renewal of ‘NEN Master (M) and’ Spitfire (M). The ‘NEN Master (M)’ is working in a direction in the direction of adding a total of two types of skills to add a new skill that adds the attack power balance of the spiral gauge, and adds a total of two species to the new skill to supply and utilize the spiral gauge.. ‘Spitfire (M)’ plans to strengthen the characteristics in the basic attack.

In addition, one of two skills to be renewed is a regulation of Nils Napping, which was the signature skill of ‘Spitfire’ in the past, reinforce the performance to comply with the latest meta.

I also said that I have also added a new lifestyle content. ‘Dungeon & Life’ is.

The contents have been made of a farming and fishing in a personal space, and use the material to make the material to use the material to use the equipment to create multiple items, including the equipment, or purchase it to the NPC. Users can build buildings using unique materials acquired by dungeon plays, and can create a village with an object that decorates the village. Furthermore, it is also possible to visit the village of other adventurers.

FIFA 22 cheap solutions to the SBC Marquee Parties of the week of November 25

In FIFA 22, FUT SBC scan be very profitable with a sometimes minimum investment. Here we leave you the cheapest solutions to complete the challenges of marquee matches.

As with all the solutions we offer you for these SBC, do not feel pressured to use the same teams for the player. Try, as far as possible, compose in to the content of your own club inspiring you in the models that we propose. You can also buy all the envelopes that we tell you if you do not want to complicate you.

An envelope of gold players must be collected at the end, in addition to the packets for each of the completed equipment.

This week we have a game in Serie A, one at the Bundesliga, one in Align and a clash at the Premier League.

Solution for Marquee Parties on November 25

Wolfsburg — Dortmund

Players — Wolfsburg + Dortmund: Minimum 1
Same League players: minimum 4
Unique players: minimum 2
Average equipment assessment: minimum 70
Chemistry: minimum 70

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
6,000 coins on PC

Naples — Radio

Players Naomi + Radio: minimum 2
Nationalities: Minimum 6
Gold players: minimum 3
Same Club players: maximum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 72

Chemistry: minimum 75

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Real Madrid — Seville

Real Madrid players + Seville: Minimum 2
Unique players: minimum 2
Same Players Country: Maximum 3
Gold players: minimum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 74
Chemistry: minimum 80

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

Marquee Matchups Completed - Week #9 - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

6,000 coins in PS
6,500 Coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Chelsea — Manchester United

Chelsea players: minimum 1
Players Manchester United: Minimum 1
Championships: maximum 3
Unique players: minimum 2
Average valuation of the equipment: minimum 76
Chemistry: minimum 85

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
7,000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

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