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Viesturfer tariff with 40 GB for just 18.99 euros each month

Vielsurfer tariff at an irresistible price

Last however not least, Freenet does not bind a long agreement: you can end the tariff monthly. From the 25th month, the month-to-month cost of 18.99 rises to the routine 34.99 euros.

Or else, an SMS flat rate is included in the toll. A special feature is the high surfing rate: While in other tolls there are usually no more than 50 Mbit/s in download and 10 Mbit/s in upload, surf here with up to 225 Mbit/s (download) or 50 Mbit/s (Upload).

If limitless tolls are as well pricey and offer affordable tariffs too couple of data volume, the current range of freenet might find the best balance: Freenet supplies up until Monday, August 29, 2022 The 40 GB LTE Allnet Flat in the Telefónica network at a minimized price of 18.99 euros per month . Contrasted to the standard price of 34.99 euros, this makes a monthly conserving of 16 euros.

Freenet deal: 40 GB Allnet Flat in the Telefónica network


Protect now for 18.99 euros each month

The 40 GB LTE Allnet Flat from Freenet in detail

If limitless tariffs are as well costly and also offer economical tariffs as well few data quantity, the existing range of freenet may discover the best balance: Freenet offers up until Monday, August 29, 2022 The 40 GB LTE Allnet Flat in the Telefónica network at a lowered rate of 18.99 euros per month . An unique attribute is the high browsing rate: While in other tariffs there are often no more than 50 Mbit/s in download and also 10 Mbit/s in upload, surf here with up to 225 Mbit/s (download) or 50 Mbit/s (Upload). Last yet not the very least, Freenet does not bind a long contract: you can terminate the toll monthly.

Xbox Store: Dawn of the monsters and games with extra discount

Today, in the 11th calendar week, new games in the Microsoft Store for Xbox have arrived again in 2022. We show you which games in the store are now available for download and waiting for you.

XBox Store New publications

  • Dawn of the monsters – 29,99 Euro
  • Phantom Breaker: Omnia – 41,02 Euro

Xbox Store – Already available games:

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Story mode incl. GTA online – ~~ 39,99 Euro ~~ – 19,99 Euro
  • Grand Theft Auto V Online – ~~ 19.99 Euro ~~ – 9,99 Euro
  • Monster Energy Supercross 5 – Special Edition – 89,99 Euro
  • Hotel Transylvania: Scary-Tale Adventures – 39.99 euros
  • MotoGP 22 – 69,99 Euro – Pre-Order

Xbox Store – Other Available Games:

  • Aztech Forgotten Gods – 29,99 Euro

  • Submerged: Hidden Depths – 29,99 Euro
  • RPG Time: The Legend of Wright – 29.99 euros (not available yet in Europe)
  • Frightental – 5.99 euros
  • 9 Monkeys of Shaolin + Ash of Gods + Speechemer: Bundle – 39.99 euros
  • Splash Cars – ~~ 6,99 Euro ~~ – 5,59 Euro
  • Will You Snail? – ~~ 14.99 euros ~~ – 12,74 euros
  • Hundred Bullets – 9,99 Euro
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operator Edition – 69.99 Euro – 34.99 euros
  • WWE 2K22 Standard – Xbox One – 69,99 Euro
  • WWE 2K22 Standard – Xbox Series X | S – 74,99 Euro
  • WWE 2K22 Cross-Gen Digital Bundle – 79,99 Euro
  • WWE 2K22 Deluxe – 99,99 Euro
  • WWE 2K22 Super Deluxe – Digital – 119,99 Euro
  • Bundle – Journey of the Broken Circle + Cosmic Top Secret – ~~ 12,49 Euro ~~ – 9,99 Euro
  • Music Racer: Ultimate (Xbox Series X | S) – 6.99 euros
  • Music Racer: Ultimate – 6.99 euros
  • Quest for Infamy – ~~ 9,99 Euro ~~ – 7,99 Euro
  • A Musical Story – ~~ 14,99 Euro ~~ – 13,49 Euro
  • Ryans Rescue Troop – 39.99 Euro
  • What read in the multiverse – 14.99 euros
  • Legend of IxTona – 14,99 Euro

Xbox Store – Pre-Order

  • Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition – 19,99 Euro
  • Crusader Kings III – 49,99 Euro (XGP)
  • Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition – 74,99 Euro

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Will Support FULL CROSSPLAY At Launch - (PC - Xbox And PlayStation)
* Evil Dead: The Game – 39,99 Euro
* Evil Dead: The Game – Deluxe Edition – 59,99 Euro
* More details about the versions
* Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – 59.99 euros
* Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition – 69.99 euros
* MLB The Show 2022 – Xbox One Version – 59,99 Euro
* MLB The Show 2022 – Xbox Series X / S Version – 69,99 Euro
* MLB The Show 22 MVP Edition – Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – 84.99 euros
* MLB The Show 22 – Digital Deluxe Edition – Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – 99.99 Euro
* Monster Energy Supercross 5 – Pre-Order – 69,99 Euro
* MotoGP 22 – 69,99 Euro
* Saints Row – 69.99 euros
* Saints Row Gold Edition – 99.99 euros
* Saints Row Platinum Edition – 109.99 euros
* Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – 69.99 euros
* Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Digital Deluxe Edition – 99,99 Euro
* Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Pre-Orteller Bundle – 69.99 euros
* Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: Next-Level Edition Pre-Orteller Bundle – 74,99 Euro
* Tiny Tinas Wonderlands: Chaotic Great Edition Pre-Orteller Bundle – 89.99 Euro

We recommend that you keep an eye on the latest Deals With Gold Songer Offers, to try the Xbox Game pass games and complete the free Games With Gold Title.

Graphics Card User: NVIDIA encourages PC

To get new NVIDIA graphics cards for the EIA is currently almost impossible. But even if PC players make it to accomplish this feat, they should experience a nasty surprise at the next drop – because Nvidia has increased prices shortly.

RTX graphics cards are more expensive: Nvidia turns on the price screw

Do you still remember the start of NVIDIA’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards? An RTX 3070 was advertised with an EIA of 499 euros, the RTX 3080 should cost 699 euros and on the price tag of the RTX 3090 stood 1,499 euros. Already in the spring of 2021 NVIDIA then increased the prices for the first time between 20 and 50 euros – but that does not seem to have been enough to the graphics card company.

Because who raises a look into the official NVIDIA shop will notice that the prices of the current RTX models have increased again . Depending on the model, buyers have to override between 20 and 100 euros more:

  • RTX 3090: Price rises from 1,549 to 1,649 Euro
  • RTX 3080 Ti: Price rises from 1,199 to 1,269 Euro
  • RTX 3080: Price rises from 719 759 Euro
  • RTX 3070 Ti: Price rises from 619 649 Euro
  • RTX 3070: Price rises from 519 549 Euro
  • RTX 3060 Ti: Price rises from 419 439 Euro

According to the computer base information, NVIDIA distributors have pointed out to consider price adjustments at the next drop (source: Computerate).

PAUKENBUCK IN GAMING SECTOR: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard! More about this in the current episode of the GIG HEADLINES:

Watch graphics card bestsellers at Amazon

NVIDIA Explanation: Price increase triggered by inflation

From the same notification, the official statement NVIDIA also emerges for the price increase: the company reports that one has determined to the price increase to respond to inflation . This was in 2021 in Europe at proud 5 percent, in Germany at 3.1 percent.


Gaming graphics cards 2022: The best GPUs of Nvidia and AMD

Daniel Carat

Depending on the model, the graphics card prices increased by 5 to 6.5 percent. Nvidia beats additional profit from these changes. In addition, the price adjustment for many players is another blow in the face . Whether this price adjustment NVIDIA will be noticeable in the Custom models, remains to be seen. The prices on the free market are currently already 80 percent above the EIA anyway. We’ll keep you up to date.

PS5 order Console today perhaps available in factory sales

The PlayStation 5 is now available on PlayStation Direct for select gamers. After that might follow, in which you can order with some luck a PS5 an open factory outlet.

Update of 15 December 2021:

Some PSN users have received from Sony invitations for a PS5-sale, which is to take place today until 11 o’clock at specified time windows. In the last action on PlayStation Direct was started after the sale window for invited gamers the Free Factory sales. So today you could from 11 am possibly without an invitation, the chance of getting PS5 — this you should from now keep your eyes open, and you have just in case and bring even a bit of luck.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

Order PS 5: Here you can get the console to date

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €700 PS5 Disc from approx. 750 EUR (eBay)
In power tariff bundle at E and simple: PS5 disc with two Dual Sense controllers and 24 months PS Plus as a bonus for a one-time payment of 349 euros (more info in our article)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 disc with pulses 3D headset for a one time payment of 69.98 euros (within 7 weeks)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 Digital with the second controller for a one time payment of 57.98 euros (within 7 weeks)

The power tariff bundle of e how easy PS5 is shipped from the end of January.

Please note that the quoted prices and availability of PS5 may vary.

Sony has launched recently with PlayStation Direct a new way to play, to order a PS5. The online store, which was previously available only in the US, is now available in Germany online. However, currently there is also sold out the PS5.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

availability of the PlayStation 5: The current situation

The PlayStation 5, although the launch took place in November 2020 still not available nationwide. In recent weeks there have been at least occasional Drops, where the console (usually within minutes) at different online retailers was repeatedly available in limited quotas for a short time. Recently there were a few copies of the disc version 23.09. At Saturn and Media Market — unfortunately these are already sold. Who wants to increase his chances to catch the PS5 in retail, should keep the following in mind dealer and possibly strike quickly.

PS5 Buy: Overview of Online Stores

PlayStation 5 with disc drive for 499 euros

The version with drive may cost 100 euros more, but recommended for PlayStation fans that have a large library of PS4 games on discs and want to continue to use. In addition, you can also use the PS5 disc version for playing Blu-ray and 4K Blu-rays.

PS5 with disc drive on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 with disc drive in Eugenics
PS5 with disc drive at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive for PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5 All-Digital Edition for 399 euros

With the All-Digital Edition of PS5 is it limited to games that you buy store in the PlayStation. Who does not have great games and also has no plans to build such or predominantly free-2-play titles like Fortnite or Cod: plays War zone can access here? This saves 100 euros and gives a slightly slimmer console.

PS5 All Digital Edition on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 All Digital Edition at Eugenics
PS5 All Digital Edition at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition on PlayStation Direct

PS 5 on the gray market — on eBay

A major problem regarding the availability of PS5 is the so-called Scalpers. These are bots which continuously store pages to scan and buy consoles, as they become available. Bot operators want thus further buy consoles on trading platforms such as eBay thanks to the artificial scarcity profit. Although the method seems morally questionable, it is of course an option to buy the console with markup on eBay. But we recommend that deals exactly seriousness of traders to study the origin of the hardware guarantee / warranty and delivery back.

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €630 PS5 Disc from approx. 700 EUR (eBay)

The eBay prices indirectly provide an impression of offering and demand. We watch the eBay prices exactly, finish several times a week the best price of reputable eBay dealers to consoles with the state New and Buy Now-Buy option, which are available from Germany. This can be deduced how far the PlayStation 5 is still removed from availability in width. Here are the prices last attracted again. While the PS5 was still trading at prices of 650 euros in August, the cheapest prices are currently well over 700 euros. The PS5 without an optical drive also costs around 670 euros again, while still in late summer for 550 euros. This is equivalent to 40 to 70 percent over the EIA Racer usury! Unfortunately, Scalping seems to be worthwhile.

PS5 buy by tariff bundle

Even if the PlayStation 5 is currently sold out in retail sold virtually permanently, you can sometimes order together with a mobile phone, Internet or electricity tariff, because there are no scales. Currently, unfortunately no rates are available.

PlayStation 5 buy: Important console accessories

Have you got a PS5, you can get the most out of your PS5 with the official accessories of Sony. The danseuse controller, the charging station, remote control, HD camera and the headset can make your life easier and your gaming experience more comfortable.

Sony DANSEUSE Wireless controller at Amazon for about 64 euros
Sony HD camera at Saturn for about 60 euros
Sony media remote control at media market for about 35 euros
Sony Pulse 3D, Over-Ear Wireless Headset for approx. 95 euros
Sony DANSEUSE charging station for about 40 euros

In addition, you need a top TV, so that Biographic power of the PS5 can really come into validity. Optimally, devices that have 4K resolution, HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz and VAR. More info in our focus on the best gaming TVs. Here are three suggestions for suitable 4K TVs:

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon
Sony KD-55xH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Mediamarkt for 949 Euro

Incidentally, you will find many more information about the PlayStation 5 in our review.

FRIENDLY FIRE 7 Donation Record at twelve hours

Friendly Fire is a charity occasion by German YouTubers and also banners on the online streaming solution Twitch. It takes area annually considering that 2015 on the first Saturday in December. There was one special on April 12, 2020, gathering cash for victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most recent stream got on December 4, 2021. Each stream is around 12h long as well as consists of a series of video games and also difficulties. Friendly Fire gathered an overall of over 6.5 Million EUR (7 Million US$) in donation money from viewers and enrollers. The cash obtains split equally between every year charities.
Friendly Fire 8 will certainly be on December 3, 2022, at 3pm CET. The occasion won a number of awards, consisting of the German video game honor in 2018.

Friendly Fire went to the seventh lap this year and could not break the record of simultaneous spectators from the previous year, but the number of collected donations. With more than 1.8 million euros, the German Streamer supports several aid organizations.

By donation, 1,283,704 euros were taken alone (current status at Better place) and over Merch probably another 600,000 euros. Thus, the team bakes behind Friendly Fire the brand of last year of around 1.6 million euros. In addition to a lot of nonsense, several sponsors with different prices ensured that the action wins awareness.

Thus, large brands like Asus and Xbox were there, and some publishers use the event to apply their games: Far Cry 6, Alex 2 and even the bus simulator 21 were officially registered as sponsors. Of course, they did not get money from the donations, which goes to nonprofit organizations like every year.

To whom go the donations of Friendly Fire?

Who the donations go, changes from year to year. This year, revenue will be paid to eight equal parts:

GMSA Weekends : Dec 04, 2021

A campaign of Heroes E.V., Improving CyBermobbing education and advice.


The club is committed to refuge, homeless and other needy people in Hamburg. This starts in the distribution of material donations and goes to the reintegration of people who had little luck in life.

Crazy? So what! — mental fit to school

The workshop of insanely human E.V. Helps students to deal with psychological violence and fears, talk about it and look forward to the future.

Funeral association for cancer children E.V. Cologne

Above all, the initiative attaches great importance to the parents’ house, where families have the chance to live together with their children on the hospital grounds, while they are in treatment.

together for a future without Alzheimer’s

The initiative belongs to the club Alzheimer Research Initiative E.V. and sets the money in research. Away from pharmaceuticals, the club is looking for means that are not aligned with a positive profit margin.

New rooms for Rubicon E.V.

The club supports people from the LGBTQ + community. Through self-help groups it should be possible to live fearlessly.

Puppy house — quarantine and infirmary for puppies from illegal trade

The project of the Animal Protection Lübeck u.u.e.v. stands for the construction of a puppy house in which the animals are collected and maintained, which are illegally brought to Germany from abroad. Due to illnesses, the animals have to live partially weeks in isolation. The house is intended to offer quarantine running surfaces and a treatment room so that the animals can be picked up as fast as possible and without excitement.


This initiative goes off by the Friendly Fire Team itself and should be created so that in short-term stalls can be helped quickly. The project manager of Friendly Fire Mikkel Robin refers to catastrophes such as the flood in Germany, where you want to jump quickly when necessary.

Who was at Friendly Fire 7?

The spectacle was hosted by Growth, with there were of course other streamers:

Piettsmiet (all five)
The Harder

Although the stream was only seen at Growth, you could see trailers and short videos for the upcoming event on the other channels. The pre-produced videos give only a brief insight into the stream, which was puzzled in front of very crazy challenges and chaos. Games, Quizzes, Balloons Obs counted, Giant UNO and Games, which are apparently inspired by Squid Game, make the stream still worthwhile in hindsight.

Where can I catch up Friendly fire 7?

While the stream on YouTube will probably appear in a few days on the channel of Pietetsmiet, it was meanwhile also looked at Growth.TV. The maximum number of audience was well over 100,000, which applies the event as one of the largest German streams. Although there was a smaller spectator peak than last year, but this is important in view of the donation sum and one can look forward to this service fully.

From Antonia Dealer
06.12.2021 at 15:52

Black Friday The Best Gaming Games

Best BLACK FRIDAY Gaming Deals You SHOULDN'T Miss [2021]
The Black Friday weekend is coming to an end — and you now have the chance to dust spectacular gaming deals for a short time. The highlight offers for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC gamers can be found here in our current overview.

The Black Friday brings the best gaming deals as every year — and the bargain hunt is now in full swing at MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon and other shops. Saves strong deals around technology and gaming — from accessories via monitors and TVs to consoles and play numerous items are massively reduced in the price. We keep you up to date with the best gaming deals here.

Top gaming deals after the Black Friday

During the Black Friday Week, there are hot gaming offers for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC players in many shops all week.. The following deals should not be missed:

Nintendo Switch Deals

Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3 months Switch online at Saturn for 288 euros
Ring Fit Adventure at Saturn for 61.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros
Mario Party Superstars at Amazon for 44.99 euros instead of 47.99 euros
Pokémon luminous pearl at media market for 47.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Mario Kart live: Home Circuit — Mario at Amazon for 69 euros instead of 79.20 euros
Metro id dread at Amazon for 43.00 Euro instead of 49.99 Euro
Super Mario 3D World + Bowler’s Fury at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Nintendo Switch Lite (yellow) at Mediamarkt for 179.99 euros instead of 199.99 euros
Nintendo Switch Lite (in 6 different versions) + Pokémon radiant diamond / luminous pearl at media market from 224.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Amazon!

PS4 & PS5 Deals

PlayStation Plus Membership (12 months, German account, PS5 / PS4 download code) at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
DANSEUSE Wireless Controller + NBA 2K22 JumpStart + NBA 2K22 at Amazon for 79.99 Euro instead of 114.94 euros
DANSEUSE Wireless Controller + FIFA 22 (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 99.99 euros
Death loop (Standard + Metal Plate Edition) at Amazon for 33.56 Euro instead of 69.99 euros
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
FIFA 22 (PS5) at Amazon for 41.52 euros instead of 79.99 euros
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) at Mediamarkt for 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
The Last of US 2 (PS4) at MediaMarkt for 19.99 Euro instead of 44.99 euros
Ghost of Sushi (PS4) at Saturn for 19.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Mediamarkt!

Memory Deals

WD Elements ™ Hard Disk, 2 TB HDD, 2.5 inches, externally with media market for 57 euros instead of 65.99 euros
Seagate expansion portable, exclusive edition hard drive, 5 TB HDD, 2.5 inches, externally at media market for 95 euros instead of 199.99 euros
SanDisk Portable SSD 1 TB (external hard drive with SSD technology 2.5 inches, 520 MB / s Transmission rates at Amazon for 87.47 euros instead of 139.99 euros
SanDisk Microsoft AHSI Memory Card for Nintendo Switch 256 GB (V30, U3, C10, A1, 100 MB / s Transmission) at Amazon for 33.99 Euro instead of 63.64 euros

Gaming Accessories Deals

Racer ornate v2, gaming keyboard, Mecca membrane at media market for 57 euros instead of 109.99 euros
Racer Viper Ultimate Wireless & Mouse Dock Wireless Gaming Mouse at MediaMarkt for 85 Euro instead of 132.99 euros
Hyper Cloud II Wireless — for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Over-Ear Gaming Headset at MediaMarkt for 89 Euro instead of 139.99 euros
Racer Kraken X — Gaming Headset (Ultra Light Gaming Headphones for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 at Amazon for 38.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Hyper Cloud II Wireless — for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Over-Ear Gaming Headset at MediaMarkt for 89 Euro instead of 139.99 euros

Click here for the Black Friday Deals at Saturn!

Xbox Deals

Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White at Mediamarkt for 49.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — Standard Edition Uncut — (Xbox One, Xbox Series X) at Amazon for 27.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
FIFA 22 (Xbox One) at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
Life is Strange: True Colors (Xbox One Series X) at Amazon for 32.99 euros instead of 56.32 euros
Far Cry 6 at Mediamarkt for 49.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Biomutant for 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros

Gaming Monitor Deals

Samsung F24G34TFWU 24 inch Full-HD Gaming Monitor (1 ms reaction time, 144 Hz) at Saturn for 181.99 euros instead of 209 euros
Viewpoint VX2718-2KPC-MHD 68.6 CM (27 inches) Curved Gaming Monitor (WHO, Adaptive Sync, 1 MS, 165 Hz, HDMI, DP, Low Input, Speaker) at Amazon for 229 Euro instead of 309 euros
MSI Optic Mag251RX Esports Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62.2 cm), Full HD (1920×1080), 240Hz, 1ms, IPS, G-Sync, HDR400 at Amazon for 277 euros instead of 339 euros
Predator XB253QGP Gaming Monitor 24.5 inches (62 cm Screen) Full HD, 165Hz, Fast LC 2MS (G2G), 2xHDMI 2.0, DP 1.2A, height-adjustable, rotatable, SYNC Compatible, HDMI VAR for 189 Euro instead of 299 Euro

Gaming Chair Deals

INSA Flash wolf Gel809 Gaming Chair at Mediamarkt for 114.44 euros instead of 185 euros
Snakebite Gaming Seat Eve (Black) Gaming Chair at Media Market for 129.99 euros instead of 199.99 Euro
HP omen by HP Citadel Gaming Chair at Mediamarkt for 315.99 euros instead of 449.99 euros

Gaming TV Deals

LG OLED55C16LA OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at Mediamarkt for 999 Euro instead of 1,999 euros
LG OLED55C17LB OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at MediaMarkt for 1,299 Euro instead of 1,999 euros
LG OLED55B19LA OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, UHD 4K, Smart TV, Webs 6.0 with LG Thing) at MediaMarkt for 949 Euro instead of 1,799 euros
Sony XR-55A80J OLED TV (Flat, 55 inch / 139 cm, OLED 4K, Smart TV, Google TV) at Saturn for 1,111 Euro instead of 1,899 euros

Black Friday and more: Gaming Deals in November

In recent years, the Black Friday and the week ago were always reliable consoles, games, laptops, PCs, 4K TVs and gaming accessories of all kinds were greatly reduced in the price. Again this year is expected again with such discounts.

However, Black Friday is not the only shopping event waiting for you in November. Before will take place on November 11th the Singles’ Day. In our review, of course, we will also introduce you to the best gaming offers for Singles’ Day.

In addition, with Black Friday on November 26, it’s not all over — because the following Monday, November 29, finally the Cyber ​​Monday takes place.

In our picture gallery we show you useful tips for bargain hunt:

Preparation for Black Friday 2021

If you want to benefit from the offers at Amazon at the Black Friday (and in the time), a prime subscription would definitely be worthwhile for you. You can test the membership for free for 30 days and gets numerous benefits.

Click here for Amazon Prime!

In addition, you can apply for the Amazon credit card and thus does not only get a 40 Euro credit, but also receives up to 3 percent on your purchases at Amazon. So you are well-prepared for the shopping event of the year.

More black-friday deals can be found at our partner pages:

movie theater

In our video we introduce you to the game highlights 2021:

At Black Friday 2021 you can look forward to numerous gaming offers on many dealers: whether you are looking for consoles, PCs or other hardware, the 26th of November you should already mark. We keep you up to date with the best deals here.

Amazon 50 on Fire TV Stick 4K Fire TV Cube on offer advert

Fire TV Stick 4K: At Amazon you just get both the Amazon Fire TV Sticks and the Fire TV Cube cheaper. The biggest discount is available at the popular Fire TV Stick 4K, which you get for 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros and thus half the price. With him you can not only use streaming and apps in 4K quality, which does not support your TVs from itself. It also offers Alexa voice control.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K instead of 59,99 € for € 29.99 at Amazon

Fire TV Stick 2021: For 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros you get the normal Fire TV stick. This supports 4k only Full HD and no Dolby Vision (but at least HDR10 +). This is a new model of 2021, which offers additional buttons for Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix and Disney +, which does not exist with the older 4K model. Incidentally, the processor of the new Fire TV Stick is about as fast as that of the 4K variant, old versions were still much slower.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 2021 instead of 39,99 € for 24,99 € at Amazon

Fire TV Stick Lite: Also, the Fire TV Stick Lite is cheaper, for 21.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros. This is a version that also supports Full HD, but offers a much more economical remote control, in which, for example, the volume keys are missing. The processor is weaker. Alexa voice control is also available here. In our opinion, however, the purchase gives little sense if you can have better model for a few your more.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K instead of 29,99 € for 21,99 € at Amazon

Fire TV Cube: If you are not good enough for the Fire TV Stick 4K yet, you can also grab for 69.99 euros instead of 119.99 euros to Fire TV Cube. With this you can talk to Alexa even if the TV is off, and also many more compatible devices control. In benchmarks he also reaches about twice the speed of the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Cube instead 119,99 € for 69,99 € at Amazon

Also at Mediamarkt and Saturn

By the way, the Fire TV sticks are currently not only on Amazon, but also on some other dealers such as Mediamarkt and Saturn on offer. The Fire TV Stick Lite is even a bit cheaper here with 20 euros, but the Fire TV Stick 4K with 32 euros a bit more expensive. With the new Fire TV stick from 2021, the price with 25 euros hardly differs from the Amazon offer. Here you will find the deals:

Media market: Amazon Fire TV sticks on offer

Saturn: Amazon Fire TV sticks on offer

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your popular Fire supports: without impact on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

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