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All FIFA points and microtransactions prices in FIFA 23

FIFA points are the Premium currency in which it will buy FIFA 23 MODE MICROTRANSACTIONS. If you are looking for a way to quickly improve your team, or simply add a lot of new player cards to your collection for squad creation challenges (SBC), then they are a good option if you are fighting to accumulate a good amount of coins.

However, for FIFA 23, EA Sports has changed some FIFA Points packages, eliminating some previous options and increasing the amount of points (and the price) of others in the alignment.

How much FIFA points cost in FIFA 23

100 FIFA points 250 FIFA points 500 FIFA points 750 FIFA points 1050 FIFA points 1,600 FIFA points 2800 FIFA points 5900 FIFA points 12,000 FIFA points
$0.99 Remote $4.99 Remote $9.99 $14.99 $24.99 $49.99 $99.99

As you can see in the previous table, EA Sports has chosen to eliminate the 250 and 750 FIFA Points packages that were present in previous titles. They also adjusted what used to be the 2200 and 4600 points packages to create the offers of 2800 and 5900 points, although with a price slightly greater than $5 and $10 respectively.

What can FIFA points be used?

FIFA Points can be used to buy packages in the game store in FIFA Ultimate Team.


They can also be used to buy tickets from ‘Draft’, where you choose a team of some of the best cards in the game and compete against other online players. The more gates in a row, the better rewards you will get.

That is all you need to know about FIFA prices 23 FIFA points, so you can calculate how much of your real life cash you want to invest in your Ultimate Team from the first moment. To get more information about the game, be sure to consult our preload and cross-game guides, how to solve the DCP error of the challenge by sending the challenge and an explanation about the FIFA 23 reviewed chemistry system.

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FIFA 23 web and mobile launch dates: When will the Fut Companion application be launched? Answered

With FIFA 23 there is a new opportunity to build the team of your players in Ultimate Team. With the changes made in the ‘Chemistry’ system between the players of your team and the usual settings of the game in the field, there are many reasons to see the increasingly popular game mode this year. FIFA 23 web and mobile applications are an excellent way to manage your team, show it to your friends and complete SBC when you are not in front of your console. As such, some may ask what is the release date of the complementary application of FUT for FIFA 23 .

Recommunication of the FIFA 23 complementary application!

Record account of the launch date of the FIFA 23 web application!

Release date of the FIFA 23 web application

Since FIFA 23 will be launched on September 30, you can expect the FUT 23 web application to launch the previous week. According to the launch calendar of FIFA 22 applications, we estimate that the web application, which can be accessed through any web browser, will be available on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Last year, the web application was launched eight days before the official release date of the game. As such, our estimate is based on this, which in itself was in line with the launch calendar of previous years.

Release date of the FIFA 23 mobile complementary application

As for the mobile application, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, you can expect you to be available at App Store and Google Play Store from Friday, September 23, 2022.

This is forecast once again on last year’s releases for both the web and complementary mobile applications. Once the web application was launched, the complementary mobile application was launched the next day, which would be a week before the official launch of the game.

What it means is that you can start making some of the first SBC and build your ultimate team even before FIFA 23 has officially launched.

What can you do on the FUT 23 web application?

As has the case with the previous versions of the application, both the web application and the complementary application will allow you to do the following with respect to the Ultimate Team mode:

  • Buy and sell cards in the signing market.
  • Open packages with future coins/FIFA Points.
  • Manage training, personalized tactics and alignment of your team.
  • Complete challenges of squadrons creation (SBC)

It is worth noting that you cannot buy FIFA Points through any of the versions of the application, so any package you buy should be financed with coins.

That is all you need to know about the launch dates of the FIFA 23 Mobile Complementary Application. To get more information about the last entry in the always popular EA football series, be sure to consult the links below.

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FIFA 22 How to claim the pre order bonus and items of the Ultimate Edition

If you are one of many, pre-order FIFA 22 , may you ask yourself when and how to get your bonus. As always with EAS football titles, there are two separate editions, the Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition, the latter providing more additional content. Since the publication of both editions of the game imminent, we have everything you need to know.

So claim the pre-order bonus in FIFA 22

Kylian mb cape lending
Team of the Week 1 game item
Career Mode HomeGrown Talent
FUT Ambassador rental selection

Even with the standard edition, you can bring your FUT season on October 1 with MBAPP, one of the highest rated players. If you play at EA Play and ask yourself where your pre-order bonus is located, he will be available on the day of publication on the first October in FUT. These are all extras except the homegrown talent that you find in the career mode in your youth bader.

So claim the Ultimate Edition Bonus in FIFA 22

Kylian mb cape lending
Team of the Week 1 game item
Career Mode HomeGrown Talent
4600 FIFA points
Players you should look at
Four days preliminary
FUT Ambassador rental selection
FUT HEROES game item
Double Authorization – Free Upgrade to Xbox Series X / PS5

Do not worry if you have played Early Access and found that you have no access to your bonuses. As with the standard edition, the extras of the Ultimate Edition are only available to the official start, but this time a little earlier on September 27th.

The only exceptions of this rule are the ones-to-watch player object that appears on October 1, and the FUT Heroes player object that appears on December 1st. The early start date is not the only bonus without content because only the more expensive edition offers a dual authorization upgrade for PS4 and Xbox One players. The Ultimate Edition also contains the 4600 FIFA Points that are worth gold in the game.

It s that simple. In both editions of the game, you should be able to access your in-game content at the official startup of any version. In both editions you have access to the FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick and can choose between Phil Foden, Heung-Min Son or David Alaba. Take these players and put together teams that tear their friends apart or bring them to their ascent to the top league.

FIFA 22 is available from 1 October full for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

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