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Dead Space Remake : des images comparatives 2008 vs 2023

In addition to the myriad of “Work in Progress” videos for Dead Space Remake that Motives Studios shared during his live livestream, Electronic Arts wanted to return to the game more officially. A press release responsible for information and intervention of developers, artworks, screenshots and even comparative images between the Dead Space of 2008 and the remake that will arrive in 2023. The idea behind it is to reassure players Who are not very excited by what motives studios shows us, since it is a pre-alpha build. It is the risk of wanting to communicate in such a transparent way, that is to say not interest the general public which will take as a cash rendering for a final product. Electronic Arts takes risks and tries to reassure by these new shots.

Dead Space Remake vs Original Graphics Comparison | Dead Space 2023

The publisher specifies in its CP that this Dead Space remake has been reworked with the Frostbite game engine developed by Dice Game, knowing that everything has been revised and corrected. We realize this with these few comparisons which prove that the 3D models have been reworked as a whole.”Developing this remake was very fun for us at Motive, because we are real fans of the franchise and we want to treat the game with the respect it deserves. And it is just as exciting to see the reactions of the players While we take them on the development adventure with us “_ declared Philippe Ducharme, main producer of Dead Space.”We have worked a lot to reach the Alpha stage and we are happy to announce that the game will be released in January of next year. We are looking forward to the players, the old and the new ones, see in what Measure the original game experience has been improved to be just as striking for this generation. “


Electronic Arts also promises that improvements like dynamic volumetric lighting with atmospheric and environmental visual effects made in Full-HDR, offers a level of immersion never equaled in the franchise. To see the final result, it will be necessary to wait until January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

FIFA and EA argue, but bring FIFA 23 together – what kind of game will it be?

From 2023, EA wants to develop the brand-new “EA Sports FC”, yet before that there will certainly be Einfifa 23 – in collaboration with FIFA. What can gamers anticipate?

This is the scenario: In the past few days it has actually been officially understood that EA Sports as well as FIFA (i.e. the World Football Organization) will certainly go different courses. This just uses from 2023, in whose summertime EA Sports desires to bring more details about what the new “EA Sports FC” ought to look like. At the very same time, FIFA wants to draw out its very own game, which in her view is meant to be the “just genuine, real, ideal game” (via fifa.com).

Considering that the whole point only begins next year, the unusual situation arises that FIFA as well as EA Sports, a year previously, bring an additional game according to the old plan – although it is currently clear that you want to continue without each other later on.

What should this be for a game in spite of splitting up?

What is already found out about FIFA 23?

Up until now, details info regarding FIFA 23 has actually been fairly bit, but at the very least a little can be found from the statements of EA as well as FIFA for separation.

Cam Weber from EA briefly spoke of FIFA 23 in his statement as well as discussed that it was “our most extensive game with our present name right -wing partner FIFA […] We will certainly ensure that the following FIFA will certainly be our finest video game ever before, with more features, video game settings, World Cup content, integrate, organizations, competitions as well as players than any kind of various other FIFA title prior to. “

This has actually been officially clear until now: It is certain that this year there is still a FIFA 23 that will certainly represent the known version. This likewise indicates that it will remain with the usual release window in autumn-although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Generally, that sounds like “even more of every little thing we currently understand”- which is not surprising, you recognize that from the FIFA series.

Weber additionally discussed that the complying with functions will certainly take place in “EA Sports FC” that FIFA understands:

This also implies that these points will show up once again in FIFA 23 and are broadened – you will not take a break for one of the settings.

It would be an issue of focusing on right here. At the same time, FIFA has actually revealed various other games on the subject of World Cup, yet without the EA-Sports involvement. It is as a result open just how much the FIFA is executing in these projects – as well as what EA Sports can eventually do in FIFA 23.

  • Ultimate Team
  • Career mode
  • Per clubs
  • Volta Football

What is obvious in Weber’s statement is the topic of “World Cup content”. This is likewise occupied in the FIFA’s declaration: “Furthermore, FIFA has concurred with the existing publisher EA Sports a short-term agreement extension in order to highlight the 23-person version of the FIFA video game this year, in which the world championships of guys and also females for the first time are joined in one video game, “it claims (via fifa.com).

It would be imaginable appropriately that the World Cup in FIFA 23 might take a large area. It can likewise play because this year’s World Cup will certainly be played in winter months and also not in summer season. It falls totally in the period when the FIFA titles generally obtain the most attention-namely soon after their launch.

the danger of a change title

Yet or else? It means waiting.

When a crucial player leaves the club, because the current situation reads a little like timeless football problem. It is already recognized in February that the leading striker might play for the competition in summer-but he simply has to remain till the brand-new period and also provide along with feasible. At EA Sports and also FIFA, nevertheless, this period mores than a year.

** EA Sports talks in his statement of “fresh possibilities to come to be cutting-edge, develop and also produce” – yet with respect to EA Sports FC. What is in fact implemented in fan dreams in FIFA 23 is currently open.

Currently there are two alternatives, a minimum of in a simplified way:

  • Choice A: demonstrator and club pull with each other as well as consistently end the period. The demonstrator scores goals, the club wins, the viewers enjoy and in the end you different on your own sensibly.
  • Or alternative B: You overwhelm yourself, the demonstrator is resting on the bench as well as is currently shielded for the brand-new club, while the old club is disgruntled because it remains to pay and does not get any efficiency. The followers are angry with both and also the mood is poor.

From 2023, EA wants to establish the new “EA Sports FC”, but before that there will be Einfifa 23 – in collaboration with FIFA. This is the circumstance: ** In the previous few days it has actually been formally known that EA Sports as well as FIFA (i.e. the World Football Association) will go separate paths. We will certainly guarantee that the following FIFA will be our best video game ever, with more functions, game settings, World Cup content, incorporate, leagues, competitors and gamers than any other FIFA title prior to. “

At EA Sports and also FIFA, however, this period is over a year.

FIFA to Become EA Sports FC in 2023 | What Does This Mean & Why is it Important?
It is therefore open exactly how much the FIFA is applying in these tasks – as well as what EA Sports can eventually do in FIFA 23.

In which direction it goes to EA Sports as well as the FIFA will possibly be exposed in the coming weeks and also months.
Typically, the advertising and marketing device for the next FIFA part is always begun in summertime.
As necessary, it must not be long before the first impacts of FIFA 23 appear.
After that it will be revealed whether FIFA 23 will just be a shift title – or whether the new game can come up with exciting technologies.
Before the time has come, FIFA 22 goes to his “season ending”.
The Bundesliga Team of the Season has actually simply been released there.

[Interview] Serial Action Logite Nightmare: The Lunatic

Well -made pixel art is very attractive. There is a lot of mood somewhere. That’s why I’m interested in the well -made pixel art games. The Milmmer Games’s ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ was such a game. The level of action was melted into the level of pixel art. Silk, most of the visitors who passed by were interested.

But this game. It was similar to ‘Skull’ somewhere. Cute pixel art, action, and logite to a variety of weapons systems. Kim Ki -seok, CEO of Mildol Games, laughed nicely. He only felt like a similar feeling, but he explained that it is different as an action game.

‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’, which was released earlier this year, is aiming to be officially launched early next year after refining the system based on feedback from early access. What is the action that ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ pursues? At the Play Expo site, I met with Kim Ki -seok and listened to the details.

Q. Nice to meet you. Please introduce a brief introduction to the company and team members.

Kim Ki -seok, the representative of the millstone game. The Mildol Games is a game company made with the desire to make a graduation work and even release it. The company has a business that supports the office as a game venture 4.0 at the Pangyo Global Game Hub Center.

Currently, there are a total of four team members, and I am a representative and a programmer. The other three are artist jobs. Isn’t it a pixel art again? If the level is low, the tee is low. That’s why there are a lot of artists because it aims to compare the game that is really good for this game pixel art. Planning is a leading way, but if you draw a big picture, the rest of the details will be discussed with each other.

Q. Have you ever been together since you made your graduation work?

not. When I graduated, I did five people, but I got a job in the middle. Since then, the current team has been established, establishing a new corporation.

Q. The mission seems to be unique. Mildol Games. What does it mean.

In fact, it was the name of the graduation work team, but I don’t express myself to change my body. It was the name of the team that means to enter the ball.

** Q. When I made my graduation work, I said that I came to now.

The planning itself has been around since August 2019, but it took more time to develop team members. The full -scale development began with the team members in early 2020 and completed the prototype around May -June. Perhaps if you look for the 2020 BIC event data, you can find the game at that time. Now two years later, the big framework is similar compared to that time, but from the overall quality to the details. Many have changed. I decided that I had to some extent to some extent, so it was released early this year.

Q. How was the early access reaction?

In fact, there was nothing reaction. Since the game is not well known, ‘I have a game like this?’ It was a pity that there would be a response, whether it was good or not.

Oh, there was that. There were many stories that it was similar to ‘skull’. In fact, I had a little hardship. When I first did my graduation work, I didn’t know the game called ‘Skull’. However, there was a story about the fact that the pixel art was influenced by the side -scrolling action, the logite, the weapon replacement system was similar to the ‘skull’, which was influenced.

In fact, the influenced game is not ‘Skull’, but ‘Dead Cell’ and ‘Binding of Isaac’. Personally, both of them are very favorite games, but ‘Dead Cell’ is good for action, but the logite elements are small. That’s why it was a project that started with the idea of combining the elements of ‘Binding of Isaac’ with side -scrolling action games such as Deadcell. Similar to ‘Skull’. Originally, we also changed their appearance depending on the weapon, but it is similar to ‘skull’ in that it is a cute pixel art side -scrolling game, but if it changes to the appearance, it has no choice but to come to mind.

In fact, the version that was exhibited in the 2020 BIC was different for each weapon, but now it is changed to change only a single character. In fact, it was a bit unfortunate that the appearance changed according to the weapon, but from the Rockman X series. Anyway, after learning about ‘Skull’ in the middle, I intentionally wanted to move away from ‘Skull’. And it’s actually different. In terms of the game system, ‘Skull’ is different from the action system.

Q. I didn’t think I was interested in the game before, but I didn’t want to market with funding.

I tried it. But I was surprisingly interested. It is said that funding is used as a marketing window, but I think it is possible to some extent. Fortunately, the funding itself was successful, but it seems unfortunate that the game did not inform the game as intended.

Q. Let’s talk about full -scale games. ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ What is the story?

If you look at the first area, you can see that there are corpses of the same appearance as the main character. The protagonist is trapped in a repetitive nightmare forever, and he repeats his death and resurrection in the nightmare. In such a situation, the dreamer is trapped in the nightmare, and as the dreamer comes, he gives him a chance to get out of this nightmare.

Q. How much is the playtime?

If you complete it, it aims to take 40 to 60 minutes to clear.

Q. It seems too short.

I think it’s a long time for a logite game. Basically, ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ is an action game, so there are many things to worry about. Whether to avoid the enemy’s attack or parrying the weapon, how to connect a special attack. Considering that, 40-60 minutes may be a long time, but it may be less than that.

And it was 40-60 minutes, but this is also when I get used to the game and almost unlock weapons or totems. The build that you can experience in the booth is unlocked, and in the early access version and the official release version, the player should collect and unlock the special goods of dream sculptures.

In fact, it’s easy to increase the playtime. Just increase the stage. However, the goal is to maintain fun by bringing a long breath by putting the event stage, rather than increasing the fun.

Dead Cells Meets Skul The Hero Slayer - Nightmare: The Lunatic Speedrun 【 EA Rougelike 】
Q. Is the sculpture of a dream often, that’s the goods that remain even if they die?

right. The elements unlocked with this are maintained. In addition to weapons and totems, there are traces of nightmares, which are high -risk high -return items with blessings (buffs) and curses (debuffs) coexist. For example, it would be easy to think of an item with a double damage to the enemy, but I also received a double damage. Of course, the traces of the nightmare of Nightmare: The Lunatic are randomly blessed and cursed rather than this simple form. So if you are lucky, you may have a great blessing and a curse that is not so strong. On the contrary, if you don’t have luck, you can just have a bad curse on such a blessing. I want to make you feel new every time when repeated play through these unlock elements and nightmares.

Q. How completed is it now.

45-50% is completed. The goal is to complete up to 5 stages with three stages. The boss plans to enter a total of five species in each stage, and plans to add three bosses in the event stage. Currently, three bosses and one event boss have been added in the early access version.

Q. How many weapons and totems are there?

There are currently seven weapons and 98 totems. In the case of nightmares, there are seven blessings and seven curse.

Q. I told you that it was different from ‘skull’ before, but please explain in detail.

The reason why ‘Nightmare: The Lunatic’ is similar to ‘skull’ seems to be because we do not fight as we intended. If you look closely at the booths from behind, you change weapons and focus on evasion. But this is not our intended play style.

What we intended is that weapons replacement-> paring-> special attack-> weapon replacement is organically intertwined. Evasion is also important, but the goal is to have exciting attacks. To explain one by one, if you replace the weapon, the special attack gauge is cold. It is also cold as a normal attack, but it is cold to replace the weapon. Faring simply bounces off the enemy’s attack, but if you succeed, the weapon replacement counter is usually cold every 10 seconds.

In other words, the play style we seek is to constantly attack the enemy by replacing a weapon, filling a special attack gauge, a special attack, and a weapon replacement counter and a weapon replacement again to special attack. there is. By the way, it is difficult to paring and avoiding it

Scourgebingers examination – Exceptional clarification controls

Have you ever broadcast a television program that you have never heard of, to discover that this is your new favorite? And that of course, sends you to an existential spiral of terror-there is so much things there, more than you could never experiment, and a game will inevitably be lost over time. This is what playing fleaubringer made me feel. I have never heard of this platform game, but playing it, I was blown away by its fluidity and style.

Good time of confession: when I was a child, I played a lot of classic video games on emulators. It was probably not at the level. I didn’t know, I was a little child. But I have to try a genre that has been largely left behind: platforms. Games like ninja Gaiden. X-Men: mutant apocalypse. Zone Comix. Sunset Riders. All these games have lived and died thanks to their reactive orders. And it may be forgotten art. Not the way these games look like, what they feel.

For my money, one of the best sensations of the last ten years is cellules dead, so it is worth taking an interest in trying to explain what makes it so pleasant. And it’s hard to do! It is a combination of animation, synchronization, speed and effects. When your little guy makes a dodge cellules dead, there is a fraction of a second between the moment you press the button and the execution of the action. This makes you feel the effort. When you are touched, you lose control of your character for a while and the screen is shaking. This loss of control is negligible in terms of gameplay, but inspires a perfect amount of fear.

It is the kingdom where fleaubringer shines. It’s incredible. Jump just the right weight. And the double jump? It’s the thing. Your character has a quick attack that seems incredible, especially when he bounces (or not!) On enemies. You have this strong attack which pushes me to kiss the chef in an uncontrollable way. And then you start to chain these movements, bouncing on the walls and slamming enemies against each other. You can’t overestimate how nice it is to play and how important this kind of thing is. There is a vocabulary agreed to measure elements such as graphic performance or even writing quality. It is much more difficult to find words to describe the abstract feeling of the commands of a video game, and it’s a shame.

The why-like, why do you do it all-is cool too. I imagine. I mean, the presentation is very good. A strange haunted extraterrestrial space station parked in the sky, and impressive stupid adventurers enter – but none ever goes. It’s enough. I love the protagonist. Her name is Kyhra and she looks like a Samurai Cyberpunk Drow. This is exactly the kind of character who is just cool enough for you to want her to be a playable character in a sort of cross combat game. She doesn’t have enough depth so that you want to read a book on her, but you want to see her cross the iron with someone like Dante de _The devil can cry or Rayman or some1. It is immediately emblematic, it is my point of view, and once again, such design is not easy to do.

It’s a lot of praise. Is there a part of fleaubringer which deserves more severe criticism? There are in fact. This is because fléaubringer is a roguelike (or roguelite, whatever) which was released a month after enfers set fire to the world of video games. Lots of Roguelike games are good. Enfers establish a new gold stallion. And fleaubringer does not quite reach this level. Your progress is too slow and too simple. There is a skill tree, and you spend Judge Blood on it; You make Kyhra more powerful. That works. However, I have never felt so enthusiastic about the idea of unlocking a new capacity, and it took me far too long before I felt like I was making progress. Maybe I would have felt better if I progressed on several fronts, but the development of the character seems mainly linear.

However, I have never complained about the development of the character when I played cavaliers du Sun on this emulator. I have played it millions of times, trying to beat the next boss or get a high score. This game could entertain me for hours, simply because it was pleasant to watch and it was great. And this feeling, where commands help create the drama… You can’t pretend. This is why you are going to play fleaubringer and you will enjoy it.


  • Perfect controls
  • Beautiful look
  • Killer soundtrack

Control Rig - 05 - Clarification about Bones and Controls as transforms.

The bad

  • Roll -of -the -way unequal elements
  • Character development rhythm problems

Zelda fans create an incredible remake of Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine

First launched in 1998, _ the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time_ has won the reputation of being one of the best games ever created. Since then, the beloved Nintendo 64 game has appeared on several different platforms, and a 3DS version launched in 2011 gave the game some minor graphic improvements. However, Coina del Tiempo is obtaining much greater improvements thanks to the efforts of YouTuber Cryzenx. Cryzenx is currently working on a new version of the game using Unreal Engine along with other Zelda fans. It looks like an important company, and looks pretty good so far!

A video of the new version of the fan can be found in embedded below.

In the video, we can see family characters and elements of the original game, but with improvements such as dynamic fog and water. While the video shows a series of recreations of the original N64, it also shows some things that were not present in that game, including cooperative mode for four players. Cryzenx has even added Kingdom Hearts to Sora as a playable character! Until now, the project has only partially completed, but it is playable for those interested in seeing what the team has achieved.

⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen #1: Kakariko Village - Unreal Engine 5
It is very interesting to see the impact. Coin of time still have after all these years! The game marked a massive change for the Zelda franchise, moving it from the 2D to 3D kingdom. While many Zelda fans prefer tickets as more than Majora_ or aliento of the wild none of those games would have been possible without time of time_ being made first. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo ever decides to launch a new official version of Coina del Tiempo Beyond the ports that have been seen so far. Until then, Zelda fans will have to settle for fans, or the original game, which is currently available as part of the Nintendo Switch online expansion package.

What do you think of this fan remake of Zelda’s legend: Ocarina of Time_? Are you a fan of the original Nintendo 64 game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Skull & Bones: Four minutes gameplay from alphate test leaked

A technical test for insiders on the multiplayer pirate adventure Skull & Bones was announced in March and indicated that the game after all the setbacks is finally going forward.

6 Minutes Leaked Skull & Bones Video Is Real ?
Now the first gameplay has landed on the net.
The four -minute video shows gelaked gameplay in the form of an introduction to the game, which is apparently shown after the start of the game.
According to the tutorial, your adventure begins as an underdog in the golden age of the pirates.

The climb to one of the most notorious pirates who ever sailed on the oceans is your goal.

PS plus May 2022: Gratis

The spirits almost always differ in PS Plus anyway. Because the tastes are different, the bonus games always arrive very differently with the subscribers. This time, however, the lineup seems to be well received by most people, at least except for one game: FIFA 22 ensures very different reactions in which the negative predominates. The football game obviously heats the minds in general.

PS Plus in May 2022: The lineup can be seen again this time

That’s what it’s about: Every month everyone gets access to some bonus games with a PS Plus subscription, for which no extra costs are incurred. What these are for games is always speculated in advance and then debated. This time everyone looks quite satisfied with the monthly lineup, with the exception of FIFA 22, which is not so well received.

All games that PS Plus packs in May 2022 can be found here:

__4 __3

PS Plus in May 2022

These are the new free games for PS4/PS5



fans are very impressed by May 2022-LineUp:

Jerkyvendor writes in the Reddit comments:

“Super hyped. FIFA is the kind of game that I would never buy, but it’s a lot of fun with friends online and on the couch.

Dead Gods is awesome! I already have it, but I’m happy that my friends play it.

Tribes looks very fun. Hopefully it has online co-op [has it!] “

Giovannidiamanti writes in the bonus games comments:

“That would be a good month for me… would bring all three into the library and to rose.”

Paul271 is happy:

“Really nice. I am happy”

Spoonytony sees it very similar:

“COTDG is a really cool game. I bought it at the time and didn’t regret. Although it doesn’t come to Hades but it doesn’t have to be honest either. I don’t know the other games, so good month.”

metal_marv says:

“This is finally a good month again. I will take all 3 with me. I have not been buying FIFA for a long time because the gameplay is too unrealistic for me. But that’s how I look back in, maybe the 22nd offshoot is good for something. Curse of the dead Gods is also interesting, although I would not normally buy Roguelikes. But that’s what it is worth. “

bonus games-Mod Aldred is also enthusiastic:

“Curse of the Dead Gods is great! And at Tribes of Midgard I will probably play in when it is there. =)”

Iminiki is annoyed on Reddit that he terminated the subscription at that time:

“The first month in which I am without PS Plus subscription had to be like that…”

This is how FIFA 22 takes place:

AN FIFA 22 The spirits differ, little praise is harvested

Xawfire writes on Reddit:

“FIFA 22 is great, a very fun game, you just have to stay away from FUT.”

FEELTHISMOMENT also praises FIFA 22 in the highest tones:

“FIFA is worth it for Pro Clubs mode alone.”

Pouriaq is also very satisfied, also with FIFA:

“Solid month for me. FIFA 22 for the win.”

However, many are much less pleased with FIFA **, such as Christian9500:

“Phew, I never complain about the PS+ games, but FIFA is pretty much the last thing I need. I could also play that via the Game Pass or EA Play. If you know a FIFA, you know every fifa. A part pro Consolation generation is enough. “

bonus games-Mod Scaryferry writes:

“Who has come up with FIFA XD”

Grim85rip becomes even clearer:

“Och nöö scrap rip off fifa örghs…”

Vendaar apparently doesn’t really understand the decision either:

“FIFA? Is that a joke?”

Get the April titles: Until the May games come on May 3rd, you can still secure the PS Plus LineUp from April if you haven’t done that yet. Why is Slay the Spire particularly worthwhile, I have already written down for you in this bonus games article.

What do you say about PS Plus in May 2022-Lineup and especially FIFA 22?

Hanbitsoft, Granado Espada Thailand Publishing Agreement

Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung -hyun) announced on the 27th that it signed a Thai service contract with Electronics Extreme (Extreme) and PC online game ‘Granado Espada’.

Granado Espada, who entered Thailand since November 2006, achieved 150,000 subscribers in two weeks, and won the Best Men’s Character Award and Best BGM award at the 2007 Thai Game Show. Granado has 730,000 local users who have encountered Espada.

The company expects Granada Espada to continue to grow by providing more inspiring customer service and game experience that fits the eye level of new generations through extreme publishing. Extreme was founded in 2014 as a publisher, and was selected as the best game professional guy at the Thai game show. Since then, he has shown a success with the Korean game IP.

An official from Hanbitsoft said, “Extreme is a publisher with a high understanding of Korean game IP and local users.” “We expect Granado Espada to be more satisfied with local users.”

Granado Espada in 2022

An extreme official said, “We have successfully launched many Korean games as a leading and experienced online game company,” he said. “We will understand the market and operate new ideas based on our voices.”

Granado Espada, meanwhile, is a PC online game that adopts a Multi-Character Control (MCC) system that operates three characters at the same time, unlike MMORPG that manipulates and nurtures one character. It features a medieval European graphic, a barrack mode that grows into a character of a family that has designated a character, and a battle mode where the operation changes.

Skate 4: Its already a lot of fun saying the player tester

Fashion game scenes from the pre-alpha and possible features like an online skate park for yourself: the last week had some interesting news to offer skate 4.

The information did not come from official sources, because so far, Electronic Arts has not revealed almost nothing about the game. But a game test ensured that a lot was strung to the outside.

So also the statement of testers that Skate 4 should already do a lot of fun and it was a great skateboard video game. This reports Jeff Grubb in an article on Venturebeat.


There is also listed again that Skate 4 plays in the open world of Fun City. The city is filled with a variety of activities, including races and tricks. FULL CIRCLE should focus on the basic gameplay items as a developer.

As mentioned earlier, the point of individualization should be a big topic. The adaptation options are comparable to modern multiplayer games. Grubb compares that with Forza, in which despite the same vehicles can chap his own. He himself speculates besides the content generated by players on premium content.

About your own online skate park Grubb said that you can just open your own server where you can hang up with friends and skate together. Ideas for own tricks and scenarios should be implemented directly by adding skatepark elements, which you can then try it immediately.

Since Electronic Arts give up a lot of time to try out and experiment for the development team, it could take a long time until Skate 4 is released. It seems like to create something special for the fans.

Bielefelds Ortega Moreno: I just could puke

Disruption: Marco Kostmann can not stop the negative run of the Arminia at least before. In his debut as an interim coach, Bielefeld had to give up 1: 3 in Cologne.

Nevertheless, the former goalkeeper coach, who was temporarily promoted to the chief coach on Wednesday, drew a positive conclusion: “I was satisfied with the attitude and commitment. We thrown in what we did during the week.” Ultimately, however, it still “hurt because it is only about the points shortly before the end of the season.”

Stefan Ortega Moreno summarized the third defeat in a row and seventh of the last eight games: “We have lost. Ultimately, it’s all about.” It was “balanced game”, Bielefeld had shown a “reasonable performance”. “But in the moments when everything is about, just naive.”

One of these moments offered the only 18-year-old Burak Ince, who had been substituted in the 77th minute to his second Bundesliga mission. Eight minutes later, the youngster had the chance to equalize at the meantime of 1: 2, but Cologne’s Marvin Schwäbe parried. In return, Jan Thielmann decided the game for the 3-1 final score (86th).

“Burak was the second game, we cannot blame it. He is not the guilty for it now,” said Ortega Moreno in front of his teammate. Rather, the result is a reflection of the past few weeks: “We have been doing the shit that we did for a long time,” the German-Spaniard stated. “I could just throw up.”

I’m just not fine. I’m not feeling well for a while.

Stefan Ortega Moreno

The visibly emotional goalkeeper also gave an honest insight into the emotional world of the relegation battle. “I’m just not feeling well. I’m not doing well for a long time. It is a strenuous situation. I think it is so every1. “That’s why I try to collect myself. To come down.”

Best Of Ortega Moreno 2020/21

After that, the view is looking back on the coming matchday. At the moment, the penultimate Bielefeld is separating more three points from 16 and Stuttgart in a game. VfB could expand the distance tomorrow (5:30 p.m.) at Hertha. The Arminia also welcomes the Berliner next Saturday (3:30 p.m.).

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