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FIFA 22 cheap solutions to the SBC Marquee Parties of the week of November 25

In FIFA 22, FUT SBC scan be very profitable with a sometimes minimum investment. Here we leave you the cheapest solutions to complete the challenges of marquee matches.

As with all the solutions we offer you for these SBC, do not feel pressured to use the same teams for the player. Try, as far as possible, compose in to the content of your own club inspiring you in the models that we propose. You can also buy all the envelopes that we tell you if you do not want to complicate you.

An envelope of gold players must be collected at the end, in addition to the packets for each of the completed equipment.

This week we have a game in Serie A, one at the Bundesliga, one in Align and a clash at the Premier League.

Solution for Marquee Parties on November 25

Wolfsburg — Dortmund

Players — Wolfsburg + Dortmund: Minimum 1
Same League players: minimum 4
Unique players: minimum 2
Average equipment assessment: minimum 70
Chemistry: minimum 70

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
6,000 coins on PC

Naples — Radio

Players Naomi + Radio: minimum 2
Nationalities: Minimum 6
Gold players: minimum 3
Same Club players: maximum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 72

Chemistry: minimum 75

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
6000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Real Madrid — Seville

Real Madrid players + Seville: Minimum 2
Unique players: minimum 2
Same Players Country: Maximum 3
Gold players: minimum 3
Average equipment assessment: minimum 74
Chemistry: minimum 80

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

Marquee Matchups Completed - Week #9 - Help & Cheap Method - Fifa 22

6,000 coins in PS
6,500 Coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

Chelsea — Manchester United

Chelsea players: minimum 1
Players Manchester United: Minimum 1
Championships: maximum 3
Unique players: minimum 2
Average valuation of the equipment: minimum 76
Chemistry: minimum 85

Start from scratch This equipment will cost you approximately:

6,000 coins in PS
7,000 coins in Xbox
7,000 coins on PC

FIFA 21 Official Details of the Pretemporada de Fut 22

FIFA 22 offers more ways to progress and compete. He begins to give life to your team of FUT 22 earning unique rewards with the pre-season of FOV available in FIFA 21.

Play FUT 21 and win prior rewards to FUT 21 and FUT 22. Fans will have the opportunity to unlock rewards for FUT 22 during the preseason in Fut 21, including envelopes, consumables, loan player cards and more.

During the first week of the preseason, you can earn rewards to start the FUT 22 season in the best way possible. By completing the daily challenges of templates creation and completing the goals at FUT 21, you can unlock the following Fut 22 content:

  • FUT 22 BOOST CREDITS (5 games x 1000 credits) x 2
    • The SBCs of FUT 22 heating daily will be launched; Complete 5 followed to win the reinforcement of FUT 22 reinforcement credits.
  • FUT 22 KICK STARTER PACK: Includes the following:
    • 5 x Chemistry styles (1 guaranteed shadow / hunter)
    • 5 contracts for rare gold players
    • 1 x SELECTION OF THE FUT 21 KIT (Choose between the Kits of El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, Fut Future Stars)
    • Package of gold players
  • Pack League of Your Own Fut 22: Includes the following:
    • Golden Bundesliga pack of 3 players (1 exceptional)
    • Pack of 3 players of Laliga Gold (1 exceptional)
    • Package of 3 Golden Ligue 1 players (1 exceptional)
    • Package of 3 players of the Premier League Gold (1 Exceptional)
    • Package of 3 players series to Gold (1 rare)

All the pre-season rewards of FUT 22 will not be interchangeable. The FUT 22 rewards obtained during the preseason will be awarded before October 12, 2021. FUT 22 rewards must be renamed by initiating session on FUT 22 before November 12, 2021.

The preseason of FUT gives you the maximum advantage for FUT 22. The pre-season rewards of FUT 22 require you to buy FIFA 22 on the platform you choose. The pre-season rewards of FUT 22 can not be transferred from one platform to another of different companies (from Microsoft to Sony and vice versa).


FIFA 21 is available at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch and is expected for Platforms Next Gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series by December. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

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