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Plague tale: Requiem ends its advancement and enters Gold phase: Amicia as well as Hugo will not make us wait any kind of longer

To Plague Tale: Requiem is currently Gold on Plague Tale Requiem has finished its development and the journey of Hugo and Amicia will certainly not wait any kind of longer and also will be released on October 18. It has actually been the main account of the video game on Twitter that has actually reported that The title is currently Gold , so its advancement has completed and also will not endure any hold-up .

** The initial installment captivated many players, as well as the truth is that the sequel paints that it will certainly do the same. To Plague Tale: Requiem was revealed a number of days ago with an excellent gameplay trailer that served to elevate assumptions. Now Asobo Studio has something to communicate that he will celebrate lots of.


Plague Tale: Requiem will certainly arrive on October 18 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC and also Nintendo Change. The previous generation versions were thrown out due to the fact that it permits them to do things previously difficult . Furthermore, the title will certainly reach Xbox Video game Pass on the day of its launch **.

The amusing point is that Asobo has actually announced it by addressing a Tweet from a customer who directed out that this is a stunning day to introduce that it is Gold . It should be kept in mind that Amicia and Hugo’s adventure will certainly be in the Gamescom 2022 with a usable presentation .

Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Surprised with an additional free game

Xbox Live Gold subscribers have been surprised with an additional free game for the month of March. In addition to the four games that make up the Games With Gold line of March, Xbox Live Gold subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can download an additional Xbox 360 game for free. That said, if you have been a subscriber for a while, you may already have it, since it has become free through the subscription service, at least, sometimes. That’s right, provad 3 -Normally $ 20- is once again free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media, the pirate business simulation game arrived in 2012. The first delivery of the Gaming Mind Studios series, the game version for Xbox 360 obtained a mediocre 54 in MetaCritical, and obtained a Even lower user score of 4.4 on the platform. That said, the Metacritic score does not matter much when it is free or free with Xbox Live Gold, which means that subscribers can add it to their library, but they will lose access to the game at the moment when their subscription expires.

How to Convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions

Next, you can read more about the game and see an official trailer:

«The Caribbean, in the turbulent XVII century. The powerful kingdoms of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands fight for the colonies. And there you are, a young ship captain whose only goal is to become the most powerful man of the new World, “reads an official game description at Xbox.com. «To achieve that goal, you can choose one of the two campaigns available: Will you become adventurer or in merchant? For the first time at the acclaimed Port Royale series, you are not alone in the beautiful and apparently so peaceful Mares del Caribe. Develop a successful business company, lead your boats in beautiful 3D naval battles and forces your opponents to kneel! Main features • Two different campaigns for a player: adventurer and merchant • Naval battles, raids, looting and invasions await the adventurer, while the merchant will develop commercial routes and the economy to win glory, fortune and power • 16 different types of boats, As powerful galleons or versatile frigates • Organize trade with 60 different cities such as Port-Au-Prince or Turtle • A complete trade system, with supply and demand dynamically fixing the price of goods and merchandise, as in the real world ».

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Fans want Xbox Games with Gold disappear

A couple of days ago the list of games were revealed that will arrive at Xbox Games with Gold in February 2022. As has been a trend in recent months, the community is not enthusiastic about the announced titles. However, what stands out on this occasion, is that there is a group of fans who want this service to be completely eliminated .

After the revelation of the four titles that came to Games With Gold, the Xbox community was divided into two. On the one hand, some users have pointed out that this service has become just a Pay Wall to play in **, since the games offered are not at the level with what one can find In Game Pass. All this began with the following message from Klobrille:

“Xbox Live Gold as an artificial online payment wall only for consoles continues to contradict everything Xbox does. Gold prevents the fluid vision of ‘any place’ that the brand looks, and offering games like these only gets things. Gold has no place in the Xbox ecosystem. “

This was added more voices in his favor:

“Leaving Gold and not offering games, but for free online, it would be a much alternative, much better for optics.

I know ‘free’ and all that. But it’s not really free, right? Epic Games is really ‘free’ and does not request payment, but it offers much better games. “

However, also resistance by users that believe that games that Games with Gold offers are an important part of the Xbox ecosystem:

“Why get rid of him? Some people do not want GamePass, believe it or not. GWG is an excellent way to get Xbox 360 for free and discover AA games. The problem is that all unconditionals think that all services should offer AAA or recognized games. How about the discovery of games for developers or free BC games? “.

This is not the first time that this debate divides the community. Last year, reports arose where it was mentioned that Xbox had planned to eliminate the service , to integrate it only through Game Pass Ultimate. However, at the moment there is no information about these plans.

On related topics, a Monster Hunter style game would be in development for Xbox. Similarly, a Battle Royale mode would already be in development for Halo infinite.

Xbox - February 2022 Games with Gold
Editor’s note:

This is a debate that seems never to have an end. The truth is that having this service is good for all those who do not want to have Game Pass. However, it is also true that the offer of games can improve in various aspects.

Broken RANKS without pay2Win Premium currency we will get through a normal game

Whtiemoon did not build their reputation for 10 years to now — for apologize — give me a puppy with monetization in Broken Ranks.

The latest entry on the game website ( here ) applies to a business model, and more precisely, premium currencies (platinum), which will exist, but which will not be required to fully enjoy the gameplay.

What’s more, platinum can gain for gold from other players, through promotions to a higher level and through events, so even without real cash, we will be able to get such currency. A similar system exists in Albion Online, and Albion would never call the P2W game.

There is no wonder because it is one of the most important topics that we have not yet explained accordingly. We will do it in installments to clearly communicate to what principle the monetization in Broken RANKS will function.


Let’s start with the fact that in Broken RANKS the role of premium currencies meets the so-called platinum. Under no circumstances is required to enjoy the game. At this point, you will definitely think: everyone says so at the beginning, because nobody in their right mind would not advertise his title, as Pay it win. Of course, there is a lot of reasons, but in Broken Ranks, the premium currency is released in trade, so you can get it from other players for gold (free currency in the game), any items or even for free, if the other one will agree on it,

A model that appears in Broken RANKS is based on over 10 years of experience. In our previous production (The Pride of Tavern) there is an identical system, and it must be mentioned that he checked very well, gaining the approval of the community.

In summary: in Broken RANKS, simply take advantage of your merchant sense and exchange satisfactory both sides.


I managed to put up a bit of gold, or elevate a sword, helmet or another item from Boss? Great, certainly someone needs them! You can replace it with gold or a sword with another player on raw materials, missing helmet, or… platinum, our premium currency. As you can see, classic trade — platinum functions as one of the many items that can be freely operated.

Platinum forms

Platinum, as an object, occurs in the so-called Packages ( Platinum pack ). In the game, they are present in two variants: 10 and 50 platinum in the package. There is no limit of the number of platinum packages or restrictions related to trade.

How to get it in the game?

In addition to trade between players, for objects and gold, platinum in the game can also be gained differently:

for the promotion of characters to specific levels,
As part of the prizes during Events.

The entire Content is available without a platinum requirement, and all the best possible can only gain their own forces — from bosses, special mobs, through trade players and crafting.

When the Game is Pay to Win...

Global Prime Minister Broken RANKS is scheduled for January!

FIFA 22 Cristiano Ronaldo is a price king for FUT

The pointer of time does not stand still – not for CR7. The now 36-year-old has lost on the real lawn latteriness, EA Sports acknowledged the development with a downgrade for FIFA 22. Ronaldo is in FUT only equipped with 91 points as overall rating, in FIFA 21 were still 92 Counter. Thus, the attacker also loses its second place in the overall ranking of the base objects behind Lionel Messi (93) – Robert Lewandowski (92).

As if the Portuguese wanted to score this circumstance directly again, he recommended himself in September with three Premier League hits for choosing the player of the month (Potm). The voting is now closed, Ronaldo stands as a winner and owner of a new special card. This has an overall assessment of 92 points, it is already his second particular object in the still young FUT 22-season. Three times CR7 in the top 4 – but Messi comes.

26 Teams for Potm-Ronaldo

Previously, Ronaldo had already been awarded a dynamic Ones to Watch (OTW) card as part of the first FUT 22 promo, which has without previous boosts over the same values ​​as its gold object. With regard to the ratings, the routinean can still do not reach the water to his long-term competitor Messi, but no one surpasses him on the prices on the transfer market. On the first two ranks of the player cards of still active is Ronaldo, his OTW and his POTM object will indicate the list clearly. The lead in front of the Gold Map of Kylian Mbappé is currently more than a million coins, in four place follows CR7 again – also in the Gold version. However, this dominance should be blown up on Friday night.

Messi is likely to go to the highlight in the second OTW selection for the packs, the dynamic object of the Argentine could take over the top. It will at least the gold-ronaldo from fourth rank. Incidentally, for the POTM version of the summer newcomer from Manchester United, the own pack Luck must be strained. The card is available via SBC, but requires the exchange of 26 teams.

Other gaming news and everything from the world of ESPORT is available at Earlygame.
Author: Niklas Aßfalg Bus: Cristiano Ronaldo represents the most expensive FUT 22 objects of all active professionals. Copyright: EA SPORTS

5 Best Free Fire Eligible to get with gold coins for aggressive game style

A gold coin is a coin that is made mostly or entirely of gold. The majority of gold coins minted considering that 1800 are 90– 92% gold (22 karat), while the majority of today’s gold bullion coins are pure gold, such as the Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, as well as American Buffalo. Alloyed gold coins, like the American Gold Eagle and also South African Krugerrand, are normally 91.7% gold by weight, with the remainder being silver as well as copper.
Generally (as much as about the 1930s), gold coins have been flow coins, consisting of coin-like bracteates as well as dinars. Considering that recent decades, nonetheless, gold coins are mostly produced as bullion coins to financiers and also as celebratory coins to collection agencies. While modern gold coins are additionally legal tender, they are not observed in day-to-day economic deals, as the steel worth usually goes beyond the nominal worth. As an example, the American Gold Eagle, provided a religion of 10 USD, has a metal worth of greater than $800 USD (being around a fifty percent an ounce).
The gold reserves of reserve banks are dominated by gold bars, yet gold coins might occasionally add.
Gold has been used as cash for many factors. It is fungible, with a reduced spread in between the rates to deal. Gold is also easily mobile, as it has a high value-to-weight proportion, compared to various other products, such as silver. Gold can be re-coined, split into smaller sized units, or re-melted into bigger devices such as gold bars, without ruining its steel worth. The thickness of gold is greater than many various other steels, making it difficult to pass imitations. Furthermore, gold is extremely unreactive, hence it does not taint or wear away gradually.

Buying a character in Free Fire can be an expensive matter for players. Most characters have to be bought by using gold coins or diamonds (in-game postures).

While diamonds are purchased using real money, players have the option to get gold coins through in-game events and awards. The players who are in the aggressive gameplay, they can only buy the following characters using gold coins.

Free Fire Characters that can be purchased from gold coins for aggressive gameplay

1 . Rafael

Price: 8000 gold coins

There is a passive potential in Rafael, which is called Dead Silent, which has a silent effect on Marseman Rifles and Snippers. Enemies in Rafael are also harmed to HP, which is very fast compared to normal scenarios.

2. Miguelo

Price: 8000 gold coins

Miguel is also a passive free fire Character, who has the capacity called Crazy Slayer. Using this ability, the player can get EP for each hitting. At the time the EP can be changed later in HP.

3 . Olivia

Price: 2000 gold coins

Olivia is one of the oldest characters of Free Fire. He helps in the revival of the colleagues. His ability, healing touch, allows players to recover additional HPs fixed by Olivia.

4 . Hayato

Top 10 F2P Units In Fire Emblem Heroes

Price: 8000 gold coins

Hyato is one of the few free Fire which is a awakening form in the characters. She is one of the most powerful passive characters of the game. His ability, Bushdo, the maximum HP of the player enhances the penetration of the armor.

5 . Misha

Price: 8000 gold coins

Misha’s passive potential makes it difficult to target while driving for enemies. His ability, afterbufter, enhances the driving speed of that vehicle, which is commanding Misha. It also reduces the damage happened inside the vehicle.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion. Character selection is a personal decision, and giving a priority to the other completely depends on a person’s game style .

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5 Best Free Fire Eligible to Get With Gold Coins in September 2021

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder (February 7, 1867– February 10, 1957) was an American writer, mostly recognized for the Little Home on the Savanna series of youngsters’s books, released between 1932 as well as 1943, which were based upon her childhood years in an inhabitant as well as leader family.During the 1970s and also early 1980s, the television series Little Home on the Pasture was freely based on the Little House books, and starred Melissa Gilbert as Laura and also Michael Landon as her father, Charles Ingalls.

Most characters free fire hundreds of diamonds but are very important from the gameplay’s perspective. Although these characters are not available to many users, they wish to be the owner.

However, in Free Fire, some good characters come at the cost of some gold coins. Therefore, no one can get them with the exchange of gold in September 2021.

Best Free Fire Eligible to Buy With Gold Coins

5) Maxim

Maxim is highly beneficial while using healing equipment in Free Fire. Players can be faster than the passive potential of Maxim, especially when they are fighting opponents. While using their ability, stupidity, made kits (kits) or mushrooms (s), helps in increasing the speed of treatment.

At the initial level, the increase is 15%, which can improve up to 40% at the maximum level. Maxim’s price in Free Fire is 8000 gold coins or 499 diamonds.

4) Moko

Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s Eye, which helps in detecting the enemy shots. His passive capacity tagged shots for two seconds at first level, which is up to five seconds at the sixth level.

Hacker’s Eye also shares information with colleagues, which gives a strategic edge on the weak enemy trying to avoid the team. Users can buy Moko for 499 diamonds or 8000 coins.

3) Hayato

Hayato is one of the characters with passive capacities, which have been underestimated in Free Fire. Their passive potential, Bushido, increases the penetration of armor up to 7.5%, because the maximum HP decreases 10%. Increase in armor entry is with a lack of 10%.

At the last skill level of Hyoto, the armor entry increases up to 10% because the maximum HP decreases 10% every time. Gamer Free Fire can buy 8000 gold coins or a Character with passive capacity at the cost of 499 diamonds.

Purchase will unlock the awakened mission for Hyato.

2) Laura

Women’s free fire character in line-up, Laura will be the strongest. Anyone can use his passive capacity, Sharpe shooter to increase the capabilities using the scope. At first, weapons accuracy have a significant increase of 10%, while 30% at the sixth level, use the gamers scope.

In Free Fire Store, Laura is available for 499 diamonds or 8000 gold coins.

1) Miguelo

Miguel can be considered as a good option, the second option is a combination. Being a passive ability character, Miguel’s skills do not require manual activation to crazy slay. Crazy Slayer enables an EP benefit after each kill made by players.

At the skill level one, the advantage in the EP is 30, while at the maximum level, it increases to each murder to 80. Over time, the EP received decreases because it turns into HP, which becomes a good option for Miguel aggressive gameplay. He is available for 8000 gold coins or 499 diamonds in the Free Fire Store.

Note: This list is not in a particular order and reflects the author’s opinion.

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FIFA 21 Official Details of the Pretemporada de Fut 22

FIFA 22 offers more ways to progress and compete. He begins to give life to your team of FUT 22 earning unique rewards with the pre-season of FOV available in FIFA 21.

Play FUT 21 and win prior rewards to FUT 21 and FUT 22. Fans will have the opportunity to unlock rewards for FUT 22 during the preseason in Fut 21, including envelopes, consumables, loan player cards and more.

During the first week of the preseason, you can earn rewards to start the FUT 22 season in the best way possible. By completing the daily challenges of templates creation and completing the goals at FUT 21, you can unlock the following Fut 22 content:

  • FUT 22 BOOST CREDITS (5 games x 1000 credits) x 2
    • The SBCs of FUT 22 heating daily will be launched; Complete 5 followed to win the reinforcement of FUT 22 reinforcement credits.
  • FUT 22 KICK STARTER PACK: Includes the following:
    • 5 x Chemistry styles (1 guaranteed shadow / hunter)
    • 5 contracts for rare gold players
    • 1 x SELECTION OF THE FUT 21 KIT (Choose between the Kits of El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, Fut Future Stars)
    • Package of gold players
  • Pack League of Your Own Fut 22: Includes the following:
    • Golden Bundesliga pack of 3 players (1 exceptional)
    • Pack of 3 players of Laliga Gold (1 exceptional)
    • Package of 3 Golden Ligue 1 players (1 exceptional)
    • Package of 3 players of the Premier League Gold (1 Exceptional)
    • Package of 3 players series to Gold (1 rare)

All the pre-season rewards of FUT 22 will not be interchangeable. The FUT 22 rewards obtained during the preseason will be awarded before October 12, 2021. FUT 22 rewards must be renamed by initiating session on FUT 22 before November 12, 2021.

The preseason of FUT gives you the maximum advantage for FUT 22. The pre-season rewards of FUT 22 require you to buy FIFA 22 on the platform you choose. The pre-season rewards of FUT 22 can not be transferred from one platform to another of different companies (from Microsoft to Sony and vice versa).


FIFA 21 is available at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch and is expected for Platforms Next Gen PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series by December. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

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