This last year has been the perfect scenario for Elon Musk, since it became a trend thanks to the greatest purchase of his life that was neither more nor less than the Twitter platform. However, not everything has been successes for the businessman, since his fortune has fallen a lot in recent months, basically almost half of the total.


The company Tesla , which gives most income to the investor, has generated a minimum of 187. 65 thousand dollars Input, a percentage that is much lower than what registered in past years and months. That could imply that things would not be well-balanced in the distribution of resources, at least their business partners see.

Musk has lost 92,000 million of dollars this year, a reduction of 48% of its fortune, the greatest fall among the magnates tracked by the multimillionaire index. Being the loss that has left the most in the 2022 . Currently, it has a net worth of 177,000 million dollars, noting that it has lost more than a couple of millions.

Although it is still the richest person in the world, its money reached a peak of 340,000 million dollars just a year ago, when Tesla shares scored a record of $410. For now, it may be allocating resources from more to other companies such as Twitter , to be able to recover a little when charging monthly money for verified accounts.

Way: Bloomberg