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Lost Ark: Roadmap for the new June

The new, rather large May update was recently released in Lost Ark, which brought the new Legion-Raid Valtan and the new class destroyer into play, among other things. In particular, the Legion Raid is currently a lot of joy for many players of the MMORPG, and many users of social media such as Reddit report that Valtan is the best experience in the entire game so far. The RAID is also quite difficult for the average player, because some users needed over ten hours of pure gameplay to create the normal version of the raid.

New Lost Ark Roadmap will appear shortly

The May Update is just one of the patches that still stand for Lost Ark. In other regions such as Korea, the title has much more content, including some new classes, which players are already expecting longing, and still some, rather demanding Legion Raids.

We will soon find out what we will receive for the game in the coming months, as can be seen from a message from community manager Roxx from the official forums of the title. Some members of Amazon Games are currently in Korea to discuss the current and future situation of the game with smilegate. We will probably receive a new roadmap for the coming month of Junis next week.

Since Valtan was only recently published, it would be a little early for a new Legion-Raid, but we may be given access to the Raid’s light fashion. This represents an even more difficult version of the fight, and players are rewarded with some cosmetic objects and the right to state in front of their friends.

We Get a LOST ARK ROADMAP! And It's Actually Good!

At least it is certain that the new update will once again bring a new class to the western version of the game. As can be seen from a recent leak, the two new classes, which will probably be published in the next two months, could be the fan favorites Scouter and Arcana, called Machinist and Arcanist.

No matter which class is published in the end, some players will probably not be satisfied with this, because among the missing classes there are some very popular representatives such as Reaper, Artist, and of course scouters. At the latest in October this year we should also have access to every class published for the game.

Another feature that could find its way into the game in the new Juni-Patch are the so-called Abyss trials. These work similarly to the recently published Guardian Trials. Players are adapted to a specific item level and must complete the older abyss dungeons from the first two content animals of the game. The so-called Bridges or bridges could also find their way into play with the new update. These are a mixture of the boss rush and the tower of the game, so to speak. Here players have to defeat more and more difficult bosses and are rewarded with upgrade materials. This game mode was originally published with the new continent South Vern, but there is still no trace of us in the West.

In particular, players who want to achieve an item level of 1445 in order to be able to enter the Hard mode of the Legion Raids Valtan would benefit from this new feature. Until we know more precisely, the recently published May update still provides enough content to keep players on the shelf.

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All locations mokoko seed in the castle Verne in Lost Ark

In the “Lost Ark” you can find many collectible items, but none of them are so rich as the seeds of Mochoko. Mococo seeds resemble small fruits and have a green glow.

In the castle of Verne there is six Wet seeds search and collect. The wet seeds in this place are quite simple. Here is a mococo seed location in the castle of Verne in Lost Ark.

Where to find all seeds wet in the castle Verne in Lost Ark

Lost Ark All Vern Castle Mokoko Seed Locations

Go to the places marked above to find most seeds wet, but avoid libraries to the end. The library has two seeds wet and yellow triangle.

The image above will give four of the six seeds wet, but the last two in the library are special. Go to the place marked in the image below, and interact with the bookcase when the NPC approaches you.

NPC moves back and forth, so you must be patient. You can get to the lower level by opening the bookcase and collecting the last two seeds of wet.

For more information about Lost Ark, check All locations Mokoko Seed in Stern Underground in Lost Ark as well as All seed locations MOCO in a dry path in a lost ark in professional guidelines for the game.

Lost Ark at Europe

In the last week, Amazon Games was the full info broadage for the Europa-Release of Lost Ark on 8 February (pioneer package owners) or February 11, 2022. At the post included the server lists For Europe and the USA, which allows the guilds and players now to organize themselves.

Unofficial DE server is fixed

Since Amazon Games has not yet set official language servers, large parts of the community (21 guilds plus 3 discord communities) recently assembled to talk about an unofficial DE server. In this post office in the official forum and in the Facebook group “Lost Ark German Community”, the decision was then widely used: At AStA, most German guilds and players will create characters.

Other countries communities should have organized themselves in a similar way. Here is the current status quo:

  • Neria (Italy)
  • Kadan
  • Trixion (France, Spain)
  • Calvasus (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale
  • Asta (Germany)
  • White (Portugal, Finland

Lost Ark MMO ARPG NA/EU LAUNCH: Twitch VOD 001 - Smilegate - Amazon Game Studios

If Amazon Games should still provide servers with language markers, the determination on ASTA is of course obsolete. Of course we keep in mind for you.

Is Lost Ark censored in the West? We explain the changes

Even before the Launch of Lost Ark in Europe and North America, the community discussed a supposed censorship , which Amazon has done specifically for the Western version. And in fact it has given a change in some places in the MMO. Whether this is censorship is currently in the center of the community debate . We introduce you to a few changes from Lost ARK .

Different classes have new starter outfits

Even with the character creation, first differences can be seen. Accordingly, the starter outfits have been adapted to some female classes. The costumes are no longer so free here, as is the case on the server in Korea or Russia. However, the liberal outfits were not entirely away from the game. According to Amazon , the original clothing can continue to be found as a Loot in the game world. In the forum there is some comparison pictures to see.

Editor presets have been adjusted

Like many other MMOs, Lost Ark also offers a comprehensive character editor . Here players can not only decide for their class, but also for the look of their figure. Numerous presets are available – but the selection differs significantly clearly from the template. Behind this is the attempt by Amazon, more Diversity in Lost Ark to accommodate.

For example, in the EU / Na version, for example, more presets of figures with Western facial moves or dark skin color can be found. Why in the editor as many templates with Asian facial features were removed, Amazon has not revealed. Fans find this action a bit questionable – after all, you could just have more choices. Some missing presets can be postponed in the editor.

Developer also revised some NPCs in the game world

Amazon did not just want to accommodate diversity not only in character editor, but also in the existing game world by Lost Ark. For this reason, various NPCs were provided with new clothing or sometimes even a new skin color. Criticism, however, is mainly due to the quality of the implementation whose shortcomings also complain about this streamer.

Lost Ark West : Censored & Bl@cked
In Twitch clip, there is the revision of Ezrebet to see. Compared to the Korean original , the figure for the Western version has received a dark skin color. However, Ezrebet also has a mysterious-shiny enclosure, which is either a bug or bad job. Do you disturb the changes for Lost Ark in the West?

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Guide you Berserker de Lost Ark

This guide will teach you most of what you need to know about the Berserker class in Lost Ark, starting with an overall overview of its strengths and weaknesses, skills but also our recommended builds suggestions for Leveling, in PVE solo and in groups, or PVP.

Presentation of the Berserker

_With their devastating swordfish attacks and their effective defense, the Berserkers are invariably powerful warriors, but when they enter the fury mode, nothing can stop them. In this extreme state, their speed of movement and attack is increased, and they access a special skill inflicting the greatest sufferings to their enemies.

Role of the Berserker

In Lost Ark, the Berserker is an archetype of the warrior class. It is a purely DPS class that cuts its enemies with a huge two-handed sword.

The Berserker is a purely DPS class that shines mainly in its high resistance and burst. In PVP its role is to unwind on the battlefield, simply. This is one of the simplest classes to play: you go straight and cut your opponents.

Beerserker Identity Proficiency

His identity competence (his main liability in a few kinds) is the rage that filled with the shots given and received. When the rabies of the Berserker is complete, he enters frenzy, shines bright red and his attack, his travels as well as his chances of criticism are increased. Once full, rabies gives you access to the ultimate skill: bloody rush.

Once the rage is consumed, you have a Cooldown (reloading time) 30 seconds before it can fill it again.

forces and weaknesses of the Berserker

Strengths :
– Big dps
– Simple to learn and play
– Rather resistant
– Very good class for beginner

– No buff for the team
– low scope
– average mobility

Skills of the Berserker

Awakening skills

Our Recommended Builds on Lost Ark

In Lost Ark you can save up to three talent trees. You can change Build for free at any time in the game (out of combat and when your skills are not in CD). In the lines that will follow we will talk about “Tripod”. If you do not know what it is, do not hesitate to read our guide on the Tripod system of Lost Ark.

Remember that there is no optimal build. We recommend some builds that we believe are efficient, but above all, we advise you to find your own build that will be the most fun for you.

Leveling Build of Berserker

From level 11, quickly add a tripod point in “shoulder load” to get “excellent mobility”. This is one of your main moving spells with the Berserker, do not go next to move faster between enemy packs. At level 18, you will be able to access «iciller ignition» which is also a practical mobility skill if the load is not enough for you.

At level 20, you can withdraw points from other skills to make a priority of “final blow”. It is a skill that is expensive in point of tripod but it is a very powerful skill.

“Cyclone” and “temperary cut” are a must have for Leveling of the Berserker. These are two excellent AOE skills that will allow you to hit a lot of enemies together. Start by mounting “Cyclone” and finish with “temperature cut”.

Build PVE du Berserker solo

In solo, focus on zone and displacement skills. Group your enemies and cut them out.

Build PVE du Berserker in a group

Regarding raids, prefer target mono damage on bosses and keep a minimum of mobility to avoid attacks.

Build PVP of the Berserker

In PVP, the beserker must inflict heavy damage and has certain control capabilities. Try to climb your rabies quickly to start your awakening skill and chain your abilities to avoid giving your opponent the time to react.

Here is our Build proposal for the PVP Berserker. Remember to adapt your build according to each your opponents.

– Shoulder load: Moving
– Final blow: Big damage and combo to finish his opponent
– Tempecious cut: Control
– Plot iciller: Mobility and control
– Wind blade: Mobility
– Red dust: Damage
– Sword storm: Control

We hope this guide can help you in your first steps in Lost Ark. Remember that these are just suggestions based on our preferences. You are free to modify at your leisure depending on the build that you will find more fun to play.

If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the exit of the game in France or our guide on the most sought after classes. So much for our Berserker guide in Lost Ark. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Build.

Lost Ark How does your channels change and play with friends

Lost Ark: This Is How You Change Channels And Play With Friends...
Currently, the beta of the new MMORPG is running Ark on Steam. An MMORPG is known to play with his friends, but how does this be in Lost Ark? Channels, character-specific friend lists and guilds make it difficult. We from Mango have all the information.

How to work in Lost Ark? In order to add friends to Lost Ark, you must first be aware that Friends lists are unique in the new MMORPG for every character.

This is untypical for newer MMORPGs and therefore somewhat getting used to. This means that each of your characters has its own friends list. Thus, also the characters of your friends.

So you have a character of your friend in the list, you do not automatically have your other in your friends list. That s exactly how it behaves with guilds.

Creates a new character, so you have to start from scratch, as far as guilds, friends and group search are concerned. Even your own guild is not automatically available on your other characters. You have to invite yourself to yourself or put an accession request.

How to add friends? Friends can easily add to Lost Ark via the user interface in the friend menu. For this you click on the menu at the menu on the community and selects friends there.

In addition, you now typed the character name you want to add as a friend and sends him a question. If he accepts them, he appears in the future as a friend in your list, and you can see their online status and invite him to the menu in groups.

How to play with friends? Just because you play in Lost Ark on the same server, that does not yet mean that you play together automatically. Each server and each region are divided into different channels.

These channels see you at the top, right edge of the screen. There are different many channels for each zone, which also vary due to the current player number.

Enter a zone, lands in a random channel. But your group is not preferred, so it may be that you can not see your teammate.

Channels change — but how?

How do you change the channel? There are two ways that both work similarly, but bring a certain trick with them.

Clicks on your channel at the top right, then a drop-down menu opens, and you can select any channel. If you click on it, then your channel changes to the selected one.
This is done via a short charging screen and is only possible if you are not in the fight. But the preferred channel is red, but can be displayed that he is full and can not change.

But what does if your friend is on a channel that is full? There is a possibility.

If you are not in combat right now, click on Ctrl and right-click on your group member. You have to be in a group and your teammates must be on another channel.
Now you can choose canal of the teammate. Again a short load screen and you have arrived. With this opportunity you can even switch to actually full channels to play together with your friends.

Find friends

How to find friends in Lost Ark? A great way to find players at all, the guild browser offers. You reach him, similar to the friend s menu, about the community interface or about the abbreviation Alt + U.

Here you will see every guild of your server that is not full. You can then put a guild request via this interface, which can then answer the ladder or an officer of the chosen guild.

Take care that you also have your guild only on a character. Although this allows you to join each character of another guild, however, takes some guild places when everyone should be in the same guild.

How do you create a guild? You can do that about the interface on Alt + U. If you have not joined any guild, the window opens, and you have the opportunity to create a guild for 10,000 silver.

Then you can invite people as usual, and you can also find you in the guild browser and send you accession requests.

How do you do this? Do you already play with friends LOST ARK or are you rather solo in the new MMORPG? Do you know more tricks to play with friends? Write us in the comments here at Mango.

Still undecided what you should play in Lost Ark? These are the 5 best classes for beginners.

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