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Bielefelds Ortega Moreno: I just could puke

Disruption: Marco Kostmann can not stop the negative run of the Arminia at least before. In his debut as an interim coach, Bielefeld had to give up 1: 3 in Cologne.

Nevertheless, the former goalkeeper coach, who was temporarily promoted to the chief coach on Wednesday, drew a positive conclusion: “I was satisfied with the attitude and commitment. We thrown in what we did during the week.” Ultimately, however, it still “hurt because it is only about the points shortly before the end of the season.”

Stefan Ortega Moreno summarized the third defeat in a row and seventh of the last eight games: “We have lost. Ultimately, it’s all about.” It was “balanced game”, Bielefeld had shown a “reasonable performance”. “But in the moments when everything is about, just naive.”

One of these moments offered the only 18-year-old Burak Ince, who had been substituted in the 77th minute to his second Bundesliga mission. Eight minutes later, the youngster had the chance to equalize at the meantime of 1: 2, but Cologne’s Marvin Schwäbe parried. In return, Jan Thielmann decided the game for the 3-1 final score (86th).

“Burak was the second game, we cannot blame it. He is not the guilty for it now,” said Ortega Moreno in front of his teammate. Rather, the result is a reflection of the past few weeks: “We have been doing the shit that we did for a long time,” the German-Spaniard stated. “I could just throw up.”

I’m just not fine. I’m not feeling well for a while.

Stefan Ortega Moreno

The visibly emotional goalkeeper also gave an honest insight into the emotional world of the relegation battle. “I’m just not feeling well. I’m not doing well for a long time. It is a strenuous situation. I think it is so every1. “That’s why I try to collect myself. To come down.”

Best Of Ortega Moreno 2020/21

After that, the view is looking back on the coming matchday. At the moment, the penultimate Bielefeld is separating more three points from 16 and Stuttgart in a game. VfB could expand the distance tomorrow (5:30 p.m.) at Hertha. The Arminia also welcomes the Berliner next Saturday (3:30 p.m.).

Rose explains his change against St. Pauli

Even though the annoyance of BVB fans after the cup-out of the second league leader FC St. Pauli was primarily against the players, coach Marco Rose did not come to it. Trailers like the media wondered if the 45-year-old, who turned only three times and responded only late tactically, greater – and above all earlier – reconstruction measures would have to take to turn the threatening bankrupt.

On Friday, Rose then gave a rare insight into tactical and personnel decision-making during the game and reported on the discussions that were led to the bank within the coaching team. The question of the system or after that one takes out – these are things we also discuss, to decide them to the best knowledge and conscience, said Rose and called as an example a possible take-in of Marius Wolf – the instead over The entire playing time outside sat – or a change to a two-point system. There are always balances. And in Hamburg we decided to change late.

Rose: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach

Among other things, this decision was so hit because the offensive players at the Bank – Yousuf Mouton, Steffen Tinges or the non-named Ranger – had no rhythm. To at least partially change, Tinges will storm on Friday for Dortmund U 23 against Freiburg II. Also, Youngster Mouton collected in second representation last game practice in a test against Alemannic Aachen.

Next time, we may be decided earlier, Rose cleared and accounted for: If you lose, the arguments are not mandatory at the coach.

Wild rumor Besiktas Istanbul should fishing for Rapids Marco Gr ?ll

With the commitment of Marco Grill, the SK Rapid landed a direct hit. Little surprisingly, the 23-year-old with strong achievements interested in itself — now Besides Istanbul should weigh an offer.

As rotafutbol reports, the Turkish tradition club Besides Istanbul thinks about a commitment of rapid offensive players Marco Grill with the end of the season. There, the OF team player is to replace Cycle Latin, whose contract ends in summer.

Grill changed in the summer free transfer from the SV Raid to Dusseldorf. In the current season, the Salzburger collected in 33 lots in all applicants 17 scorer points. Three times the left outside, whose contract is running at Rapid until summer 2024, head for the Austrian national team.

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After Tanja Khan and Veil Kayak in the summer of 2011, Gruff would already be the third Rapider, who moved to Besides.

BVB Manuel Akanji for the future in Dortmund Nothing I want to change right now

Under the new coach Marco Rose, central defender Manuel Kanji (26) belongs to the BVB to the absolute master personnel. However, the Swiss has not thought about his future in Dortmund.

At the moment, I actually focus full on the team and try to bring my best possible performance. And then we will see what the future brings with him, Kanji said in an interview with the Kicker. In general, however, he feels very well in the team and with the coaching staff. There is nothing I want to change at the moment.

In recent years, the Swiss had to fight again and again with his vulnerability. That it runs so much better in this season is apparently at external help. I have been working with a mental trainer for about two years now. He helps me a lot, even if we usually talk to each other for ten, 15 minutes only before the games, said the 26-year-old. His one and a half years old son is an important emotional support for him, so Kanji.

And of course you go into the game with a better feeling and a greater self-confidence, if you play constantly well over a longer period. I feel very well in this team, the Swiss explained his last good performance.

To a voluntary break for reasons of regeneration, Kanji does not think at all — on the contrary: I like to play every game. For this I am here, I am used for the past years. I feel very good and fit. I want to make every game
Kanji comes in the current season on a total of 19 competitive applications for the BVB. His working paper in Dortmund is still running until 2023.

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Bremens Friedl at the beginning

Due to the Corona infection of Marco Fried, the Bremen Health Office Markus had come to the legibly. In the vaccination presented by Werder-Chef coach, discrepancies fell on, since then it is determined against him, the suspicion is crushing. Fried himself got something from all the events in Bremen only from the domestic quarantine. On the day when the Austrian went into isolation, he did not expect that, at least he explained on Thursday that, when I come back, the coach is gone.

On Saturday morning, Fried had only learned from the team from the resignation of the 47-year-old, his teammates have informed me about it, Fried said, who would not want to express closer in the matter with which the Bremen prosecutor’s office persists long ago: That is a running method and I only know what is written in the media. When things have been clarified, Fried plans at least once again to contact the beginning. They could not say goodbye too personally.

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
When the defender received the news of the trainer, was that a shock, Fried said, That’s all new territory for us. This way has never been there somewhere in this way. But by the fact that the game against FC Schalke 04 was imminent on Saturday night, the team had at least a sporting focus. The current exceptional situation at Welder requires a very sensitive handling of the professionals, as other things, said Fried, and finds: Undue here, we have mastered well.

Fried feels like his corona infection again fit

Health is the double vaccinated three-time Austrian national player after his corona infection Again fit. The disease in the form of fever and extreme sore throat had made clearly noticeable: I sweated at night, says Fried: Fortunately, that quickly went over again.

On demand, the Welder professional also pledged to vaccinate: Unclear must live with the consequences that they have to go in quarantine and that they are more easily infected. And I believe that the symptoms are lighter in a disease. However, a decision must make everyone for themselves. Whether for Fried on Saturday evening at Holstein Kiel (8.30 pm, live! At Bremen Health) will be enough for a mission, he can not forget himself yet: At the end of the week we’ll see how far I am.

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