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Xbox One had no opportunity against the PS4 – Microsoft compares the sales of the 8th consoles

  • The PS4 sold twice as much as the Xbox One.

_ More on the struggle of the 2 gaming giants before the Brazilian competition authorities can be located here: _.

The record states: Sony has exceeded Microsoft pertaining to console sales, considering that in the last generation they sold even more than twice as numerous as Xbox (using gameluster.com).

What did the sales of both consoles appear like? Sony lately published final information on the sales of the PS4 console. The end of the life cycle of the PlayStation console is officially reached.

The 8th generation of Sony and also Microsoft’s console battle plainly goes to PlayStation. This was not always direct prior to the start of the gaming consoles in November 2013. The PS3 as well as Xbox 360 battled a very limited battle in the 7th generation:.

By the way, Nintendo did not contribute in this generation of console. It was the moment of the Wii U, a crossbreed console that was run with a huge portable controller (release 2012).

** Mircosoft currently has to justify the purchase of Activision Blizzard prior to a court in Brazil. In the training course of this, the Xbox mommy business has actually taken a position on its console sales as well as it turns out: The Xbox One had no possibility against the PS4.

Microsoft is holding back with the sold systems of her Xbox. However, in a record to a Brazilian dish, said the number of Xbox One devices were marketed compared to the PS4.

  • Sony reported 117.2 million PS4 offered (all designs, using twitter.com).


  • 87.4 million PS3.
  • 84 million Xbox One.
  • Source: escapistmagazine.com.

  • PS5: Sony comments on the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft- Call of Responsibility has no competitors, will never ever have any type of.

  • Xbox caustt: Sony is afraid that a new Call of Task on day 1 enters the Video game Pass for complimentary as well as ruins the prominence of the PS5.

Accordingly, less than 58.5 million consoles of the Xbox One looked at the counter. This accompanies a previous report by Ampere Evaluation that involved around 51 million units (by means of ampereeanalysis.com).

** What’s taking place currently?

  • Xbox presses right into the marketplace with its video game pass and extended compatibility. Computer and console are a growing number of alike, it will soon be the decision between controller/couch and also mouse/keyboard/desk. You want to place a huge repayment title right into the inexpensive game masquerade the launch.

  • Xbox presses right into the market with its game pass and also extended compatibility.

The following few years will show exactly how the market will make a decision. We are presently in a loan consolidation phase and several studios are purchased up by the biggest gamers: Activision blizzard from Microsoft, Bungie from Sony.

  • Sony, on the various other hand, intends to additional safeguard his large games and score with exclusivity at the launch. They intend to count on Free2Play and also Service games to make their gaming offer extra available. Nevertheless, one likewise responds to the hostile competition and also have highly adjusted and expanded their PS Plus offer.

EA and Ubisoft are no more specific for a lengthy time. The Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard when clarified why this is so: Activision Blizzard discusses why they had to market themselves as opposed to acquiring EA.

Nonetheless, the pc gaming industry is presently on a crossroads and Sony and also Microsoft both represent different approaches, which in the past was much less the instance. This implies roughly:.

In the training course of this, the Xbox mommy business has taken a position on its console sales and it turns out: The Xbox One had no chance against the PS4. What did the sales of both consoles look like? Sony just recently released last details on the sales of the PS4 console. The PS3 and Xbox 360 battled an extremely tight struggle in the 7th generation:.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft provides his browser

After over 25 years, Microsoft hires a service that is used at times. What was announced in May 2021 is now becoming a reality.

Dortmund-Microsoft makes a drastic decision: After 27 years, the browser icon Internet Explorer is now retiring. Because now Microsoft has already exchanged her for a new browser.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft sets its browser icon 2022

According to techbook.de, Internet Explorer can no longer keep up with the competition. In contrast to the mobile Internet, the software should be slow and complex. The result: the first browser from Microsoft is hardly used these days. That is why the company announced the end of the browser in May 2021.

Now the time has come: On June 15, the Internet Explorer is to be finally discontinued. There have been no security updates since June 2021 and in August 2021 the Internet Explorer also disappeared from the Office Suite Microsoft 365, as reported Techbook.de. Instead, the company is said to have concentrated on Microsoft Edge-the software manufacturer’s new web browser (more digital news at EDGE browser).

Microsoft ends internet service-with consequences for a few users

What does that mean for the users? Admittedly, the number of people who use the Windows Explorer has been steadily falling in recent years. According to Statista, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox gained greater popularity.

In May 2022 it was said to have just 0.8 percent who used the Microsoft web browser-but whether companies are also recorded in statistics is not apparent. For many users, the switch-off of the Internet service will hardly be worth mentioning after more than 25 years.

People who hold onto Internet Explorer until the end on June 15 will no longer be able to open it from the above date. As can be seen from a blog entry by the software giant, the EDGE browser should then open automatically. The future of the internet explorer from Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, according to the article. The users then have nothing more than to use the new browser-or to switch to a completely different offer.

Internet Explorer: So Microsoft held on to the software

Microsoft is said to have recorded the Internet Explorer for one reason. The Explorer was indispensable for many companies, since older web applications were sometimes only usable. According to Microsoft, companies have an average of 1678 websites and applications that the Explorer need.

So that these companies can continue to use the old software, Microsoft has considered a solution. The company now relies on the newer, chromium-based version of the EDGE browser with the so-called IE mode.

Edge should be able to open pages that only worked with Internet Explorer 11. This is intended to enable Microsoft to surf the Internet faster and use the old software at the same time.

Rubric list picture: © Karo/Imago; Canva; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/EDGE browser

Xbox Game Pass: Rumors on the family subscription at the netflix of Microsoft grow

Towards the end of March, the two manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony, have delivered a battle by interposed media. On the one hand, the Nippone company was trying to respond to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass by restructuring its PlayStation Plus offer. On the other hand, the American giant revealed nothing, but prepared in the shadow his next adjustment for his subscription system to the rich catalog of games. The new idea of the Redmond firm? Propose an offer that will delight the whole family!


Towards a multi-game pass?

When very nothing has been formalized on the part of Microsoft, a rumor revealed the next EstoCade that the American giant is preparing to bring to his competitor on the other side of the Pacific. Because yes, it’s not that the PlayStation more that aims to redo a beauty since the Xbox Game Pass could, too, have a new offer that would go to all of the Fireplaces interested in the Microsoft subscription. As mentioned by the WindowsCentral website, a few days ago, the Redmond firm reflects at a family formula that would allow several members of the same home to benefit from several accounts on one and the same subscription.

With this new head strategy, Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass move to the forms already offered by other industry leaders, such as Netflix, Disney +, Spotify or Big N, in terms of video games, with its Nintendo Switch Online subscription . As a reminder, the great manitou of the Xbox and current Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer, had already indicated that such a track was explored internally, without giving more details. Today, the rumor becomes precise because it is corroborated by another journalist, close to the files on which Microsoft works.

An announcement this summer, and a launch at the end of the year?

While it was mentioned last week the development of a more compact and more efficient chip for Xbox Series X , Brad Sams returned to the load by adding its small grain of salt around From a Burning Microsoft folder: the addition of a family formula for its Xbox Game Pass, allowing up to five people of the same focus to graft on a single subscription. According to the journalist who officiates for the Thurrott media, the information of Jez Corden WindowsCentral on this new formula would be proven, and Microsoft would care about throwing this offer soon.

The journalist fails to say, with certainty, when this subscription could arrive on the market because, in-house, the timing of the announcement could have been revised. Today, the rumor wins by weight, and it would not be surprising that all this is formalized in good and due form during the period of the E3 – if it is that we can always call it so despite it ‘Cancellation of the show – for marketing by the end of the year 2022 . There is only to be patient to discover, or no, all that!

  • Game Pass: The service dominates, but subscriptions remain minority
  • Should the Game Pass fear the new PlayStation Plus (ex spartacus)?


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Microsoft Game Pass goes Netflix style with supposed family plan subscription
There are 3 minutes

It will not have long lasted to see the rumors of a Microsoft reaction! Hoping that this is concretized, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate even at 20 € / month would be an excellent deal with 3 to 5 accounts grafted on it.

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Over 70 other games now downward compatible with the Xbox

Microsoft has once again proved numerous games of past times to complete the downward compatibility program on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X / S.

Last night, Microsoft broadcasts a live stream for the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. A little has been opened in the past, a documentary announced and of course there were also various announcements such as the start of the beta of Halo Infinite multiplayer. But even if a big focus is on new games, Microsoft has not forgotten that there are numerous gamers who are still playing their old Xbox games with joy, or they would like to catch up with classics.

Now Microsoft has recorded a momentum of new games in the catalog downwards-compatible games and thus to give me a really fat batten on. You can now experience the complete Max Payne series, all F.E.A.r. games and even the entire skate franchise on the Xbox One X or Xbox Series X / s. There are also numerous titles for the first Xbox like Dead Or Alive Ultimate, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II, Star Wars: Star fighter and the Both Togo Games and Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

Microsoft WINS ME BACK To Xbox With Amazing Anniversary News! The Community Wanted Me Back!

A total of more than 70 titles have been newly added, of which over 20 were published for the first Xbox. In addition, numerous games get an FPS boost damped, and this technique will be used even on some selected games with Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta). An accurate overview of all games and their respective improvements can be found here.

However, this was the final update in terms of downward compatibility. According to Microsoft, all legal and technical possibilities have been exhausted so that no more old games are added to the catalog on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X / S.

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