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Sonic 2 is profiled to be the most successful video game movie in history

Regardless of whether you liked it or not, the truth is that the first movie of Sonic The Hedgehog was quite good at the box office and everything indicates that your sequel will be the same, but is that more successful. We say this because at the time of writing, Sonic 2 has already been collected just over $ 140 million internationally, a figure that continues to grow considerably as the days pass.

Sonic Movie 2 Breaks Box Office Record! - Biggest Video Game Movie Opening Weekend EVER!
Previously, the first tape of Sonic broke a record like the video game film with the best debut in history with a total of $ 58 million dollars, and now this record was destroyed by his sequel, who managed to gather a Total $ 71 million dollars during its first weekend at the local box office.

Obviously, this means that Paramount will continue working on more films of Sonic , and in fact, they confirmed that it is already part of its own cinematographic universe, which will be expanded to other means such as television with confirmation From the Spinoff series of Knuckles . Besides, who already had the opportunity to see Sonic 2, will know that a third part is already on a road too.

Editor’s note: Either as it is, Sonic’s success is certainly a surprise, especially if we consider that this type of adaptations normally do not go well. We’ll see if they manage to keep this streak with all their future projects, but under the right direction, they should not have any problem doing it.

NFL News: Left Tackle Terron Armstead signs at the Miami Dolphins

Miaimi Dolphins continue to work on reinforcements for their offensive and agree with LEFT Tackle Terron Armstead on a five-year contract of over $ 75 million. Due to various bonus payments, the contract can achieve a volume of 87.5 million, 43.33 million are guaranteed. This reports Adam editor of espn.

The Dolphins further strengthen their offensive line after they had previously committed Left Guard Connor Williams. With Armstead, the Dolphin commit the supposedly best Free Agent, which has been available in the offensive line in this offseason in the market.

With Armstead, the Dolphins bring a much-needed reinforcement for your offensive line into the team to better protect Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the next season. “I have not seen a quarterback that can win a football game all alone,” explained the new Head Coach of the Dolphins, Mike McDaniel, most recently. “He can not be dangled before he throws, so we need someone who blocks.”

Due to the commitments of Armstead and Williams, Miami got two new starters. In addition, Tagovailoa gives the obligations of the two Running Backs Chase Edmonds and Raheem Moscert and Wide Receiver Cedrick Wilson additional reinforcements.

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BREAKING: Dolphins Sign Terron Armstead In 2022 NFL Free Agency - Miami Helps QB Tua Tagovailoa

Armstead was selected in the NFL Draft 2013 from the New Orleans Saints in the third round and played all of his nine seasons for the franchise. From 2018 to 2020 he was elected in three consecutive years in the Pro Bowl, but in the last season he was injured only on eight missions for the Saints.

Sony movie untieition, $ 300 million,

Sony’s Uncle Ted movie is constantly renewing records in the box office, overwhelming all the series of Tomb Raider and leads the box office.

No More Billion Dollar Movies? Old & Snakes Eyes Box Office Opening Weekend
Untitled earned $ 3125 million in the world. If you do not consider inflation, Lara Croft: Tomb Radar ($ 274.7 million), Lara Croft in 2003, Lara Croft: Tomb Radar – Life’s Cradle ($ 130 million), 2018 Tomb La Boot ($ 2746 million).

Untitled is close to Super Sonic’s super Sonic in the past 2020,000 dollars worldwide.

Warcraft ($ 439 million) is a detective Picchu ($ 433 million), LAM page ($ 428 million), and earnings following angrybird movies ($ 3522 million) I became a video game movie.

Sony Pictures suggested that untids can be prepared to be “franchising” and then fabricated.

Ruben Pleasure said that he wanted to create the sequel of unconditions, and one of his ideas is a policy that melts the car chaster of Untitled 4 in the movie.

The success of the movie is expected to energize the new game series production.

Untitled: Legacy of Sibibles collection was released in January. Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy for PS5, but the new item in the main series was not announced.

Throughout the praise collaboration IT Takes Two achieved five million sales

Valkrae and Sykkuno -

It Takes Two has reached and throwing exceeded five million sales. Cooperation adventure is now officially the developer’s most successful output of five million sales by passing its predecessor A Way Outin. Naturally, the number of players is, due to the mandatory co-operation of the title, even more than five million better than five million. In addition to the project to be renovated by the film director **, please refer to the fact that the game’s teams are being developed both series and a movie. We’ve begun on the topic of the week of the week. It Takes Two is available for PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Mario Kart 9 should be in development and have a twist in the luggage

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the most effective auto racing video game of perpetuity: In November of in 2014, the extraordinary amount of 38 million sold devices and finally slammed Mario Kart Wii. If you determine the offered duplicates of the Wii U version, which is ultimately the dimensioning of the switch port, the present offshoot of the series also happens even more than 45 million.

As Well As although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Buy Currently EUR 46.28) remains to offer well, the title has now a couple of years on the hump. The Wii U variation is at the very least currently 8 years old as well as the Deluxe version additionally appeared in the initial year of life of the button, so before 5 years back. Not surprising that fans lick their fingers after a brand-new spin-off — as well as could obtain this need in the future.

Mario Kart 9 — however with a spin!

Over all these points Analysts spoke to the electrical outlet and try to create the current location as proper projections as possible. DR. Serkan Toto by Kantian Gaming is just one of these analysts and with one of his declarations he has actually opened an perfect barrel.

With respect to Nintendo Toto not just announced that the chances of a brand-new mobile title were good, however likewise discussed the Next Mario Kart : I realize that Mario Kart 8 luxurious is still Extremely well marketed on the Nintendo Switch, but Mario Kart 9 remains in development (and features a spin as a result) as well as Nintendo might introduce it this year..

About the time of the announcement the analyst does not appear to be sure, the declaration about the state of growth of Mario Kart 9, however, appears according to educated history knowledge. Certainly, where he intends to have this, Toto did not betray, as low as which turn it might act. After resisting Mario Kart 8 of gravity, everything appears possible at any rate.

Mario Kart 9 Is Reportedly In Development, 'With a New Twist' - IGN Daily Fix

Wish For Mario Kart 9 makes the statement of an analyst at Games industry. There you ask at the start of each year several professionals, which after that make forecasts for the coming year: Which trends are developing which stay and what are taking place? Which gaming consoles are marketing and which advertising methods can we anticipate from the huge companies in the market?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most effective auto racing game of all time: In November of last year, the amazing amount of 38 million sold systems and also finally slammed Mario Kart Wii. There you ask at the beginning of each year several specialists, which then make forecasts for the coming year: Which fads are developing which stay and what are going on? Concerning the time of the announcement the expert does not seem to be sure, the statement about the state of advancement of Mario Kart 9, nonetheless, appears according to informed background knowledge.

Free Fire Max Pre

For the pre-registration phase, free Fire Max has begun around the world, the game is getting a lot of attention. The player is excited to try Advanced Version Garena Free Fire, which offers better graphics, effects and much.

The game includes firelink techniques, so that gamers can log in by using their existing free fire accounts. This feature enables them to maintain progress and objects in both versions in real time.

Developers have recently disclosed some pre-registration awards that users can get free.

Free Fire Max Pre-Registration, Reward, and Details about Lots


There are steps to register for free Fire Max:

Step 1: First of all, the players will have to search for Free Fire Max after opening the Google Play Store on your device. This URL will take them to the game page.

Step 2: Then they should click on the Pre-Register option, as shown here:

Step 3: A dialog box will appear on the screen of users; They can complete the pre-registration process by clicking on Understanding button.

They can also use the option to download free Fire Max as soon as possible.


Here they are a milestone award which developers have set:

  • 5 million registration – Max Rechar (Down)
  • 10 Million Registration – 2x Gold Royal Voucher
  • 15 million registration – Max Recker (Facepent)
  • 20 million registration – Cyber ​​Max Skyboard
  • 30 million registration – Max Rechzer (Head)

In addition, Gamers can also get some items by inviting their friends to pre-register

  • A user – Max Rechazor (shoes)
  • Two users – Max Rechazors (Masks)
  • Three Users – Max Rechaser (Top)
  • Four Users – Cyber ​​Max Smash Box
  • Five users – 10x Diamond Royal Voucher

CYL4 ANALYSIS & BUILDS! - Brave Dimitri, Edelgard, Claude & Lysithea: Choose Your Legends 4 [FEH]

In addition, the top 50 players who manage to invite most people will be received for the Men Version of Max Recture Bundle.

_ Note: Players will have to register separately in the specific Web Event / Page to be eligible for these awards, which they can access News tabs in Free Fire ._

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