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Russell: no more assigned number 6 in the NBA

Followers of the NBA have actually remained in the head at number six because last season, that returned to his old number number. For him and all other 24 actors who ran with this number in the previous season, there is a kind of exception: You can continue to wear them on the component of the organization.

Costs Russell was much more than the most successful basketball player of perpetuity as well as this has been demonstrated once again: After Russell’s death in July, the NBA and the NBPA playing union announced on Thursday that its number 6 is no much longer offered. The reality that back numbers of private gamers will no longer be awarded in their franchises is more typical, yet it is a novelty to quit the allocation in organization.

Russell recognized in all halls

In enhancement, Russell is likewise the focus of the halls: On the one hand, every team in season 22/23, which starts in October, will show up on the ideal shoulder with a special badge, on the other hand, a logo with Russell’s back number is posted beside every scoreboard.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver also classified and also commented Russell’s work: Costs Russell’s unmatched success on the square and as a pioneer of the civil liberties motion should have to be honored in a historical as well as one-of-a-kind means.

Dallas solves play-off ticket – Franz Wagner talks about Novitzki

Luka Doncic overshaded everything in the decisive victory again and steered 38 points in 35 minutes (also 13 assists and nine blocks). Alone 20 of them scored the Slovene in the third game section when the MAVs finally put the course on victory. The Texans now prove third place in the Western Conference, the entry into the play-offs is Maximilian Kleber and Co. not to take. The German international came to six points by sinking two threesome (2/7).

On the other hand, Boston Celtics have suffered a setback despite a convincing resignation of Center Daniel Theis. The record champion underlined 98: 106 the Miami Heat, which stand at the top of the Eastern Conference and how the MAVs are already qualified. The Celtics, for which the Iis scored 15 points without failing from the field, are fourth place.

Wagner about Novitzki: “A giant inspiration for me”

Franz Wagner Post-Game Interview - March 22, 2022
**** On strong 28 points, ShootingStar Franz Wagner came for Orlando Magic, who was the best thrower of his team. His brother Moritz added four more counters. Nevertheless, there was a 110: 127 bankruptcy at the Washington Wizards. Franz Wagner Meanwhile, attended the special lob by Dirk Nowitzki: “Of course, that makes me very happy,” he said to the German press agency on Wednesday (local time) after the Magic defeat. Nowitzki is “a huge legend and a giant inspiration for me and many other basketballors in Germany”.

The best German basketball player in history had impressed in a dpa interview at the beginning of the week by Wagner’s first season in the NBA. “I have to say that he really impressed me in his first year. I did not pursue him at the college. I was really surprised how solid he plays, how well his all-round game is. There is a building on it,” Novitzki had it Said and with a view to the European Championship in autumn in Germany supplemented: “If he has prevailed in the NBA, then he can play a really important role in the European Championship.”

After one and a half years: China shows another NBA game

After a twisting about Hongkonger Democracy movement, China’s state television has been broadcasting a complete game of NBA for the first time for one and a half years. The Chinese state transmitter CCTV 5 showed on Wednesday the game of Los Angeles Clippers against Utah Jazz. There are many million NBA and basketball fans in China. However, Chinese state television had set the transfer of games in October 2020.

Trigger were statements of the then Houston Rockets Manager Daryl Morey, who had put behind the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Morey had published a picture on Twitter with the words “Fight for Freedom – Stand With Hong Kong”: Fighting for Freedom, Hong Kong supports.

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