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12 insider suggestions for the Nintendo Switch, which you should not miss


Any individual who thinks about ready the Switch will possibly enter your mind Mario, Zelda and also various other very first parlor game. But likewise the appearance of the video game paths that have actually happened there are some genuine expert ideas for the small portable console that you should not miss.

  • Cuphead is readily available below in the Nintendo Eshop.

An indie video game that is incomparable. Undertale throws you right into an uncertain globe filled with beasts, which is often amusing, constantly odd and, above all, also emotional . On top of that, the video game in the traditional SNES pixel appearance provides you the chance to affect the course of the story with your having fun design, as well as listen to a fantastic soundtrack.

  • Undertale is available below in the Nintendo Eshop.

With its old college animation style, Cuphead is not only actually nice to check out, it is also a really tough nut. You will commonly attack the grass essentially, yet you will additionally experience one of the ideal run-and-games of current years.


a short walking

  • A brief walk is offered here in the Nintendo eShop.

A Breath of the Wild in tiny format. A short walking can be played with in just under two hrs, however it brings you at the very least as much relaxation as well as prompt to discover as on the left open globe adventure. Explore the small island, aid the locals and also climb up to the summit of the mountain.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle-Gold Version- [Nintendo Switch]
Now from EUR 32.90 on Amazon.com

The cost may be higher now. Rate from 04.06.2022 8:19 p.m.

Super Mario as well as technique? That functions surprisingly well! Fit a number of various challengers in round-based battles after your group carefully selects and also equipped. Mario + Rabbids is obviously not quite as challenging as an XCOM, however that likewise makes it fascinating for players who have otherwise not yet acquired any experience with the category.

Katamari Damacy Reroll

  • Katamari Damacy Reroll is available right here in the Nintendo Eshop.

In Spiritfarer you will certainly offer you the task of bringing the deceased to your last quit. Construct your boat, explore pretty areas and also fulfill the last dreams of your guests prior to you bid farewell to them.

A fantastic action challenge for in between is Katamari Damacy Reroll. In the remake of the PlayStation standard you roll a tiny round through streets and houses to make it larger as well as larger **. This can not just guarantee very amusing moments if, for instance, you begin rolling up individuals, but additionally ending up being rather challenging.

Spiritfarer [Nintendo Switch]
Currently from EUR 29.19 at Amazon


The rate might be greater now. Rate from 04.06.2022 5:08 p.m.

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Standards

Would you like a round chess, poker or four victories to play, however don’t have any kind of board games in the house? 51 Worldwide Gamings uses a number of the most preferred classics and also some unknown video game beads from other countries and thus gives a quieter choice to other Nintendo multiplayer video games.

51 Worldwide Games [Nintendo Switch]
Now from EUR 31.99 at Amazon


  • Hades can be discovered below in the Nintendo eShop.


Really, I do not such as Roguelikes in any way, however I just couldn’t do Hades apart.- By doing this, the majority of opinions can be summarized for a surprise hit. A terrific style fulfills a gameplay that plays gamers in his suction, on fascinating personalities, wit as well as lots of dialogues and little tales.

The rate might be greater now. Rate from 04.06.2022 2:15 p.m.

to the moon

To the Moon tells a touching story of loss, love and also life. There is likewise very little even more to claim without expecting excessive. Change to little puzzles, lots of text, a good wit and a great deal of suffering.


  • To the Moon is available here in the Nintendo Eshop.

  • Gnosia is available here in the Nintendo Eshop.

Amongst United States as a single player game as well as anime appearance: Gnosia can be summarized. In the program of the Roguelike, discover what you have to deal with as well as expose your tricks to run away time loop.

What Remains of Edith Finch

  • What Continues To Be of Edith Finch can be found right here in the Nintendo Eshop.

The Finch family passed away through a variety of curious cases. Now it depends on you to check out the deserted building as well as get to the base of the fatalities. The blend of walking simulator and also interactive aspects freshens the gameplay immensely.

New Pokémon Break

New Pokémon Snap [Nintendo Switch]
Currently from EUR 45.00 on Amazon

A short walking can be played via in simply under 2 hrs, but it brings you at least as much leisure and also prompt to discover as on the left open world adventure. In the remake of the PlayStation standard you roll a small sphere through residences as well as roads to make it larger and larger **.

In New Pokémon Snap you most likely to an amusing photo safari filled with puzzles and also secrets. The emphasis below gets on the pocket monsters of the series. View your actions as well as communicate with you to make the best pictures.

An indie game that is second to n1. Undertale throws you into an unforeseeable world full of beasts, which is sometimes amusing, constantly odd and, above all, likewise emotional . In enhancement, the game in the traditional SNES pixel appearance gives you the chance to influence the course of the story with your playing design, and pay attention to a brilliant soundtrack.

The price might be greater currently.
Rate from 04.06.2022 6:09 p.m.
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Frankfurt, trade fair grounds. 1240 players sit at hundred meter -length tables. It is surprisingly quiet. The concentration can be felt. The Pokémon “International Championships” or European Championships take place here. There are participants from 40 countries and it is one of four major international tournaments in a Pokémon season. The cards, the video game, Pokémon Tekken and Go are played here. Only unite is missing.

It is the first time in many years that a large Pokémon tournament comes to Germany and, according to the participants, also the first offline tournament in two years. International eSport has accepted Nintendo’s invitation: in 2018 we already titled “The underestimated eSport” and take the opportunity to look at Pokémon at the highest level. How does the event work, what is different from FIFA?

It was about these trophies in Frankfurt. Nintendo

participants from 8 to 60 years

The first thing that strikes: Hardly any other fantasy -based competitive competition brings together so many different people. The hall is full of players from 8 to 60 years, women and men, different nations, but here in Frankfurt clearly with a focus on Europe. And it is integrative. Only the skill counts, even the 10-year-olds loosen adults. Nowhere is there a bad word, as competitively as the players are during their games, they are so warm before and after and congratulating good actions.

2022 Pokémon Indianapolis Regional Championships VGC Finals - Stefan Mott vs Jeremy Rodrigues
Actually only a hall with tables: the international championships. Nintendo

A visit to the international championship is actually sobering. There are no much more than a exhibition hall with endlessly long tables and a stage for the stream here – two shops, the opportunity to take part in Side Events, and a few food trucks in the yard.

Match around match is followed by each other. Nintendo

But you could also say: Everything that is necessary is there, after all, the focus is on the fights. And they have it all: Pokémon is highly complex in every version. Even the youngest know every card, know about every Pokémon attack. In the video game, the opponents have to plan several trains as in the chess and only have chances if they can counter the opponent’s strategy.

“Otherwise the chaos would be too big,” says world champion Schulz

With the cards, the cards must always be selected from countless possibilities that offers your own deck. The difference to other collecting card games: at Pokémon the players draw a lot and search their deck. In this way, complex strategies can also be implemented as long as the opponent does not interfere.

As in the video game, the opponents have a Pokémon in combat, and the rest of the team on the bench. International eSport

And Pokémon is no different from other collecting card games: there is a handful of meta decks that are particularly strong. In contrast, strategies must be conceived and included in your own compilation. And beforehand, because a rule at Pokémon is: You shouldn’t change your deck during the tournament.

“Otherwise that would be too big,” says world champion Robin Schulz in our interview. Some decks can be countered with just one card, if you could pack them in, the tournament would end immediately for many players.

In 2018 the student won his trophy, but this time left early and underlines the two points: cover construction and preparation are essential. To win a tournament, you have to “invest time, find the right deck and practice a lot.” For two weeks he wants to meet friends in front of the upcoming World Championships and practice several hours every day – he is already qualified. In Frankfurt, on the other hand, Schulz was “honestly not really well prepared.”

Pokémon is special

Pokémon makes the positive energy and the sense of community that I experience on the tournament weekend. All players I speak to emphasize how happy they are to meet their friends and acquaintances.

The referees discuss. International eSport

This is where relationships are sometimes formed for a life: Baris Akcos, for example, is a referee, or in the German Pokémon language: Professor. He is engaged to one of the caster of the tournament and knows Markus Stadter, who has repeatedly been an expert in International eSports, from events around the world for a long time. “You get around a lot,” he says.

Baris Akcos is “Head Judge” in Frankfurt. He has been a referee for many years and was a player before.

All arbitration organizations are on a voluntary basis, observe the games, pay attention to rules, are open to questions. The further the participants come, the more “professors” watch the games. The temptation to trick is also greater with increasing prize money. “It’s about more money, more prestige, more World Cup points, every decision counts.”

If you do a good job, you will be invited again, including other countries, because there are many international players at the tournaments. For Akcos it is a home game this time, he lives in Frankfurt.

everyone can participate – however, the level is high

Everyone I talk to see as part of a big family and the feeling spill through the whole hall again in the finals. There are fewer spectators than an ESL One or Katowitz here, but they are no less loud or invested. The atmosphere once again gives the fights on stage a very special charm.

The level is high. At the international championships there is the highest prize money after the World Cup. Nintendo

The number of participants is still limited due to pandemic, AKCOS reveals. But already here you can feel the big festival around the little monsters of Nintendo. In principle, everyone can participate, but only really good players at international championships. However, this does not stop the many parents from playing somewhere in any discipline. This rarely exists with other escorts.

It is played in Frankfurt for three days, and on the first the opponents have to fight nine fights. Then it continues in the knockout system with best-of-thread. In terms of competitions, Pokémon is at a level with FIFA, LOL and Co.

The winners of the video and card game, each in three different age groups. International eSport

So Pokémon is not only an underestimated eSport of strong complexity, the entry hurdles are also extremely low and toxicity cannot be observed. So if you are still looking for an integrative, international, yet highly competitive eSport, you should be in good hands in the world of pocket monsters.

Zelda fans create an incredible remake of Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine

First launched in 1998, _ the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time_ has won the reputation of being one of the best games ever created. Since then, the beloved Nintendo 64 game has appeared on several different platforms, and a 3DS version launched in 2011 gave the game some minor graphic improvements. However, Coina del Tiempo is obtaining much greater improvements thanks to the efforts of YouTuber Cryzenx. Cryzenx is currently working on a new version of the game using Unreal Engine along with other Zelda fans. It looks like an important company, and looks pretty good so far!

A video of the new version of the fan can be found in embedded below.

In the video, we can see family characters and elements of the original game, but with improvements such as dynamic fog and water. While the video shows a series of recreations of the original N64, it also shows some things that were not present in that game, including cooperative mode for four players. Cryzenx has even added Kingdom Hearts to Sora as a playable character! Until now, the project has only partially completed, but it is playable for those interested in seeing what the team has achieved.

⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen #1: Kakariko Village - Unreal Engine 5
It is very interesting to see the impact. Coin of time still have after all these years! The game marked a massive change for the Zelda franchise, moving it from the 2D to 3D kingdom. While many Zelda fans prefer tickets as more than Majora_ or aliento of the wild none of those games would have been possible without time of time_ being made first. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo ever decides to launch a new official version of Coina del Tiempo Beyond the ports that have been seen so far. Until then, Zelda fans will have to settle for fans, or the original game, which is currently available as part of the Nintendo Switch online expansion package.

What do you think of this fan remake of Zelda’s legend: Ocarina of Time_? Are you a fan of the original Nintendo 64 game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

This weeks new game “Nintendo Switch Sports” “MOTOGP 22” “Vampire: The Masquerade

Japan’s interest title 【NSW】 Nintendo Switch Sports
April 29 will be released

April 25th Monday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Toho Hanazaki ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View. _ HOT!

April 26th Tuesday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!
· _ Demon Gays Extra _ HOT!
· _ Chardonelica Mancia _

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

Xbox Series x | S DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

Nintendo Switch DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!
· _ Sunner Log _

April 27 Wednesday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt _ HOT!
· _ Balance Knight / Balance Night _
· _ Dreamin ‘Her-I have a dream of her. – _

· _ Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt _ HOT!

April 28 Thursday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Ultraage _ HOT!
· _ Future Future Yori _ HOT!
· _ Eternal Adventure of Momo _
· _ ABYSS MEMORY Angel and magic line without flying _
· _ There’s A Rikishi In My House

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _ – Distinct !!! + _
· Yellow Wrap Khwa Experience Selection
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!
· _ Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _ – Distinct !!! + _
· Noneko thing or something

Xbox Series x | S DL
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!

Nintendo Switch
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Edible Girl 2 Beauty Farm Battle _ HOT!
· _ Love + love or die _ _ _ _ _
· _
Twink Sengoku ◆ Time Keep Love New Encounter for Nintendo Switch _
Yellow Wrap Khwa Experience Selection
Nintendo Switch DL
· _
· _
Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _
Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _
Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!
· _
Edible Girl 2 Beauty Farm Battle _ HOT!
· _
Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _
– Distinct !!! + _
· _
Love + love or die _ _ _ _ _
· _ Twink Sengoku ◆ Time Keep Love New Encounter for Nintendo Switch _
· _ Watcher Chronicle _
· _ Thank you ~ Nyanzu & Kumi Yoshi Escape game ~ _
· _ Endless puzzle fan collection _
· _ Card full planning
· _ Get Pack-Moving Great Otimo ~ _
· _ Smout golf _
· _ Escape game R00M _
· _ Transylbi _
· _ Park Asaurus “Parkasaurus” _
· _ Breep bloop _
· _ Boku’s Ninja World _
· _ Pop Slinger _
· _ Match Three Pirates! Davy Jones Successor _
· _ Magical Jewelry: Dwarf Destiny _
· _ Mark and Galaxy Dragon ~ Marco & Galaxy Dragon ~ _
· _ ABYSS MEMORY Angel and magic line without flying _
· _ bugsnax _
· _ Caves and Castles: Underworld _
· _ DANCE with DEVILS _
· _ DARK BLOOD REBORN-Dark Blood Reborn- _
· _ Light fairytale episode 1 _
· _ Lost Bubbles: Sweet mates _
· _ LOST GRIMOIRES: Rubbing Kingdom _
· _ OMNO _
· _ PanMorphia: Mezama _
· _ ping pong arcade _
· _ Save Me MR Tako: Definitive Edition
· _ turn tack _

April 29 Friday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Horres fighter II _
· _ Marble Ball Friends _


Nintendo Switch
· _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ HOT!
· _ Betian Paapera English Adventure _
Nintendo Switch DL
· _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ HOT!
· _ Betian Paapera English Adventure _
· _ Dundee & Randy DX _

April 30 Saturday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Monms quest _
· _ 2Week: Death World _

North American Take Title [PC] [PS5] VAMPIRE: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt
April 27 will be released

April 25 Monday (North America)

Windows PC DL
· _ Barro F22 _
· _ DRACO knight _
· _ DRAGONSCALES 7: A Heart of Dark Flames
· _ Hidden BEAST _
· _ The Remains Chapter 1 _
· _ You Deserve A Seat AT THE TABLE _



Xbox Series x | S DL



Nintendo Switch DL

April 26th Tuesday (North America)

Windows PC DL
· _ Ambulance Emergency Simulation _
· _ Curtain Call _

Nintendo Switch: Zelda

At Amazon you can get cheap the PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch cheap on offer, in the design of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He only costs 16.70 euros (RRP: 24.99 euros). According to comparison platforms, the Zelda model published at the end of 2021 has never been so favorable. Even in the many other designs in which the PDP Rock Candy is available, it is currently nowhere to get so cheap. So far, Amazon does not give any information on how long the deal still applies. Here you will find him:

PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch (Zelda) for 16,70 € at Amazon

What does the PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch?

Quality: The Rock Candy Switch Controller in Zelda Design is a 2021 published, official of Nintendo licensed Gamepad of the manufacturer Performance Designed Products (PDP), which already has a whole range of controllers for Nintendo Switch and also for Xbox has brought the market. It is a lower price range wired controller, whose sticks and buttons are still reliable and accurate. In addition, the controller is properly processed and is well in the hand.

Features: The gamepad has the layout and the buttons, which can also be found at the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Compared to the significantly more expensive Nintendo Gamepad, the PDP controller lacks some features. It has neither RMBLE nor the necessary sensors for motion control. Also NFC for reading Amiibos is not available.

PDP Rock Candy Controller for Nintendo Switch (Zelda) for 16,70 € at Amazon

Design: One of the main reasons for the purchase of the PDP Rock Candy is of course its appearance. Like all the controllers of the Rock Candy series, the Zelda model has a transparent shell, which is colored blue in this case. Front on the left handle finds a picture of link in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wildly known design. By the way, the cable is removable, so it does not bother if you want to place the controller clearly visible on the shelf.

__55 __1

Energizing Honey Candy - Refill Links Stamina Wheel, with 1 Ingredient. Zelda BOTW
more on the subject

The Best Controllers for Nintendo Switch – Our Recommendations 2022


Some links built on this page are affiliate links. When buying over these links Switch receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. More info.

New switch accessories makes the Nintendo handheld for 4K

In terms of hardware performance, the switch in direct comparison with Xbox Series X | S and PS5 clearly pulls the shorter. Even the Xbox One and PS4 are superior to the Nintendo Handheld. However, thanks to 4K-UPSCALING, a new gadget should increase the image quality of the switch.

The BEST Accessories for Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode

4K-Upscaling for the switch: Small gadget ensures higher resolution

In handheld mode, the switch provides a maximum resolution of 720p, in the dock the Nintendo console reaches full HD . That’s not really contemporary. Consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5 deliver 4K resolution in some games – at the same time, more and more players are at home on a UHD TV, in which the low resolution of the switch becomes obvious.

Before publishing the OLED Switch, many fans had hoped that Nintendo would still publish a pro version of the switch with additional hardware power , but the company currently does not seem to have plans in this regard.

Anyone who wants to grab the dissolution of his switch something under the arms, but should keep in mind the gadget “4K Gamer Pro” . The small device is a handy UPSCALE in the USB stick form factor that increases the resolution of the Switch from Full HD to 4K . For this, the compact apparatus is simply connected between switch and TV, connected to HDMI and powered via USB-C power supply.

On YouTube there are already first videos to see the result of the 4K Gamer Pro in comparison to the original resolution of the switch and a competitive product:

What strikes: the picture acts significantly sharper, but is absolutely survivored . A native 4K signal can therefore not replace the 4K gamer Pro. By contrast, the MClassic used in the video for comparison ensures that the textures are somewhat softened and therefore ensures a smoother image.

  • To the official website of the manufacturer


Best Nintendo Switch Accessories 2021: Controllers, Bags, Memory Cards & More

Daniel Nawrat

When will the practical switch gadget appear?

So far, the 4K Gamer Pro has been published only in Korea – cost point: around 120 euros (source: Funshop.co.KR). For comparison: The MClassic costs around 130 euros in this country (see Proshop). However, the company wants to try his luck with the small upscaling gadget soon on Kickstarter. Good that the prices for participants of crowdfunding are slightly lower. There is not a concrete start date yet.

Good to know: The gadget does not necessarily have to be used for the switch. Other other – especially older consoles may benefit from the upscaling of the compact stick. For retro fans, the 4K gamer Pro could be worth a look.

Zelda wild breath follower, released next year

The Legend of Zelda, which is interested in many of the gamers around the world, was postponed in the spring of next year.

Nintendo announced on the 29th, the news that the Date of Zelda was delayed through the official YouTube channel. In the video, the Legend of Zelda, the Representative Producer, Aounma Age came out and said the news. Aoune Meiji said, “I decided to play a little more time for development,” he said. “

The Zelda Siduzzi was first released in E3 2019 Nintendo Direct. At the time I was unexpectedly, many people were as expected as a subsequent work that was unexpected. Since then, E3 2021 released the release of the year, but eventually it was postponed.

Launch Timing Update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel
This follow-up is expected to recover several dodges that have not been recovered from previous activities. In particular, the Jona ethnic, Hairal king, who lived in Phillonne province, is mentioned in the work, but it is a two-person researcher who has not appeared. According to a public trailer, it is expected that it will be a tremendous game that is rich in the Hairal area that appeared in the previous work, as well as on the Skyward Sword.

Learn more about Zelda Emperor Solius will be released later.

Update 1.1.1 of Pokemon Sword and Shield Corrects Plantages due to maliciously designed Pokemon exchanges

Nintendo has published new updates for Pokemon_, and Home Pokémon. The last main line _pokemon games came out last year for Nintendo Switch, accueil is a cloud application that allows users to transport their Pokémon regardless of the device on which they choose to play.

Pepée and Shield Pokémon have been updated to version 1.1.1, and by the official changelog, this hotfix has “corrected several problems to improve the gaming experience.” According to the reports of the users, however, we learn that this update has been designed to correct “the plantages caused by the exchange of Pokémon” maliciously “.”

Home Pokémon has also been updated to version 1.0.1, but we do not have specific reports or details about what has been modified with this hotfix.

Nintendo has provided an official changelog where it only indicates to have “corrected several problems to improve the gaming experience”. Nevertheless, this update may be aimed at integrating changes to the latest version of Pokémon.

[ポケモンソード&シールド ファンアニメ] マリィ
Home Pokémon had already been updated on March 6th to correct a problem of completion of Pokédex and is carefully monitored because it includes a monthly subscription plan in addition to a free level.

The last game of the franchise, pokemon mystery dongeon: Rescue Team DX, realized excellent commercial performance although it is not a main title. However, long-standing fans are waiting for Sword and Shield’s first extension in June.

Nintendo Switch Online: New reward system starts through

If you want to gamble on the Nintendo Switch games in online mode, you will not be over at a subsidiary Switch online service subscription. The is quite favorable compared to competitive services such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, but the equivalent has always been manageable. While Microsoft and Sony lure with monthly free games, Switch online users are content with a retro library of old Nintendo classics. Now a new feature should make membership a little more attractive.

With immediate effect, Nintendo introduces a reward system in the Switch Online App. There you will find the menu item “Missions & Rewards”. The idea is simple, the name program: Nintendo introduces you tasks that you have to do within a given time frame. In return, you will receive a boheing. This is therefore in the form of the so-called platinum points. This is a digital currency that has long been available at Nintendo and with which you can download digital bonuses such as avatars and screen backgrounds.

basically not much new

Platinum points could have gained them so far by using certain services, for example when they linked their Nintendo account to their Facebook account or subscribe to the Nintendo newsletter. It does not change much with the introduction of the new system. The so-called missions are at least extremely unspectacular. To currently get about 30 platinum points when you start any game with online mode or gamble a title from the NES collection. To miss the concept a reasonably fresh paint, Nintendo introduces new digital items with which you can craft individualized profile pictures.

Nintendo Switch Online Updated With NEW Achievement-Like Missions & Unlockable Rewards! - Tour
The so-called icon elements consist of frames, backgrounds and main motifs, which they can acquire with platinum points individually and can combine with each other at will. Each component costs 10 platinum points so that you can assemble a complete icon with a completed “mission”. To keep the idea of ​​interesting, there is new icon elements every week, who are dedicated to a monthly fixed topic. Currently and until 3 April 2022, Nintendo graphics released graphics around “Super Mario Odyssey” and “Animal Crossing”. Who likes to play around with digital avatars, is looking forward to the new feature. Who hopes for a substantial added value for the switch online service, should be rather disappointed by the reward system.

“Zeldas legend Majora Majora” is decided by the switch in February 2022! Horror flavor that the world is destroyed after 3 days

Nintendo will be able to play Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online, which can be played by joining Nintendo Switch Online + Addition Pack, and it announced that he added Majora of Zelda in February 2022.

The Mask of the Legend of Zelda is an action RPG released for Nintendo 64 on April 27, 2000. It is a sequel to The Legend of Zelda.

The biggest feature of this work is A black world view . If you can not change the destiny, it will be game over, and you will always be counted during the game during play, so you can taste the adventure that Haraharadokidoki does not stop.

Even though I know that I have to get hurry, the player at that time that I was repeated with Oro and the right and left and the end of the day is several. The horror element is a strong horror element in the The Legend of Zelda series, which repeats 3 days to the destruction. If you are playing for the first time, you will be able to play this opportunity by all means who are scared by the childhood.


Today, on January 21, Banjo and Kazoo’s Great Adventure has been added to the service.

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