Book Publishing Acorn will be conducting the Overwatch and Hearthstone official cooking book funding, which is published in Tumblebuck until the 24th.

First of all, ‘Overwatch official cooking book’ contains food that heroes in the game and traditional food recipes from countries. On a total of 216 pages, there are recipes related to 29 Overwatch heroes and more than 90 traditional food recipes around the world. His major recipes include Hanamura’s Ricky Maru Ramen’s secrets, Rhinehard’s hometown of Ihhenbalde, D.VA’s watermelon, and Nepal’s traditional food Momo.

Subsequently, ‘Hearthstone Cooking Book: Inn’s Tavern Cooking Secrets’ contains recipes inspired by cocktails sold at the game stage, and snacks and Hearthstone characters. There are about 50 kinds of cooking methods, including the blood, jade, Medivh’s special Karazan cocktail, and Stormpike specialty cupcake.


Both cooking books were written by Challenges Monroe Kassel, who wrote the official book of Warcraft, the Elder Scroll official cooking book, and the Game of the Game of Thrones.