Most characters in League of Legends, Mob the Riot Games, have changed considerably since its release.

Whether because of design errors at the time of the debut or because the passage of time was not kind to them, Riot Games has changed the skills of dozens of heroes through simple reworks or great updates.

The developer still has a long list of pending works due to the difficulties in meeting the community’s requests. However, as in all rules, there is also one exception: a perfect champion who has not changed and can never change.


In one of his usual League of Legends design conversations, the employee known as Riot August defined Morgan as the perfect character.

He is an authorized voice to talk about it, because besides being one of the developer’s most experienced champions designers, he was also responsible for doing what the champion’s rework would be in 2015.

An update that was not worth it: he realized that nothing he did could improve a combination of perfect skills.

I did the Morgan Rework and realized that the champion was already perfect, he didn’t need to change anything. She would receive a new Ultimate, a new W and a new passive. However, nothing was as good as what she already had in her kit. That’s why so many people love her. It just wasn’t worth changing anything, explained the developer.

The good old August was not mistaken. Even seven years after Rework’s attempt, Morgan is still the second most played support, and appears in almost 11% of ranked matches (taking into account all lines).

Riot August continued with his explanation: People who choose Morgan ado it for a reason. They do this because they want a simple and straightforward character that does simple and powerful things. Press Q, immobilize the enemy; Tighten and protect the allies; Press W, give damage to area. In addition, your ultimate is very complex and interesting… Aesthetics helps, but the kit has to be good for a character to be popular. If the kit weren’t there, people wouldn’t play it. People love Morgan’s skills.

Throughout history, the only major adjustment Morgan had is related to its passive. However, not even this skill changed radically, since in all her versions she had the function of increasing the health of the champion.

At first, she did this by increasing her life regeneration, then her spell and finally recovering HP based on the damage caused by her skills and the champion level. Nothing disruptive, because Riot Games never felt the need to make major transformations.


Seeing how Riot Games has worked with this champion so far, it doesn’t look like there will be major changes in the future. At the visual level, he is not a character who needs urgent modernization and, in terms of skills, the opinion of League of Legends workers has been more than clear.

It’s just one of those rare cases of perfect work that only needs balance adjustments from time to time.