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In FIFA 23 there is cross play for the very first time, however just under specific problems

After the predecessor can be made use of for the initial time in an examination phase in May 2022 in the history of the CrossSplay series, the popular feature in FIFA 23 is now firmly integrated, as EA informed us throughout a discussion for football simulation. If you want to play together on PlayStation and Xbox consoles throughout platforms, there are two points to think about.

From cross having fun, there was further fascinating information about FIFA 23 today, which we note further in the write-up listed below.

cross play restricted to gaming console generation

Who can play with each other?

  • PS4 as well as Xbox One
  • PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Computer and also Google Stadia

No cross play is feasible in between the generations. EA warrants this cut with the modern-day hypermotion technology, which was presented on PS5 as well as Xbox Series X/S with FIFA 22, which, nevertheless, does not feed on the tons gene and will not exist in the future.

What concerning the Change? Nintendo has actually been supplied with a plainly lost weight and also obsoleted Legacy Version for several years. Although there was no details about cross play on the Switch over, the function is practically impossible.

CROSSPLAY limited to 1vs1 modi

Cross-platform professional club video games or, as an example, joint friendly games versus the AI will certainly not exist with cross play in FIFA 23. According to the EA, the cross play function is meant for 1vs1 settings. It is uncertain whether this will transform in the future.

Much more present news about FIFA 23:
| Cover stars of the criterion and also Ultimate Version reveals | EA finishes partnership with FIFA which adjustments currently | ESPORTS obligation for Second and also First Bundesliga comes **

females’s club groups for the very first time in FIFA 23

Anybody that has taken a more detailed look at the cover of the Ultimate Version of FIFA 23 likeFabinioandich-Bin-I from the firmly integrated neighborhood will certainly have discovered the Chelsea jersey by super star Sam Kerr. Today we can confirm that there will certainly be females’s club groups in a FIFA for the first time.

2 World Championships in FIFA 23

Just how do you like the initial concrete details about FIFA 23? .

What about the Change? Nintendo has actually been supplied with a clearly slendered down as well as outdated Legacy Edition for numerous years. Cross-platform pro club video games or, for instance, joint pleasant games against the AI will certainly not exist with cross play in FIFA 23. Anyone that has taken a more detailed look at the cover of the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 likeFabinioand alsoich-Bin-I from the firmly integrated area will certainly have found the Chelsea jacket by super star Sam Kerr. Today we can validate that there will be women’s club groups in a FIFA for the very first time.

Along with the normal organization procedure and also global club champions such as the Champions Organization, the focus will certainly get on 2 other significant occasions in FIFA 23: the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 and the Women’s Globe Cup 2023 in Australia as well as New Zealand

NEW WORLD: Is there a subscription

New World: No subscription necessary – only purchase is required

The new World business model can be easily summarized:
* The only time to play is the one -time purchase of the game.

This costs only 23.99 euros in the action price, the Deluxe Edition is available for 29.99 euros.
* You don’t need more to play the title permanently, because a subscription model does not exist.
* Amazon hopes for further income through the Ingame Shop.

New World State of The Game and Player Population
This represents cosmetic objects such as skins for sale.
However, since these items are only optical, they don’t play a role in progress in the game.
There is therefore no buyable relief for challenges such as the Amrhein excavation.
This ensures that it is possible without money to keep up without disadvantages and to be able to experience all aspects of the game.

Google Play, “Five Fifth Fifth”

Google Play has progressed for the use of ‘Google Play Console’ for game development companies. The ‘Google Play Console’ is a developer support tool that encompasses all the features that plays from the app release, updates and monetization.

The Google Player has shown that the reported game already released in Korea on 170 countries around the world through demonstration. In the actual demonstration process, the overseas release has been completed with five clicks.

Kim Hong-geun Google Play Game Partnership Manager explained that “a very simple procedure completes the test and selects a release country.” Even if the developer first launches the game, it will be prepared to check only the policy and declaration. The rules that developers need to be followed can proceed with Yes / No choice. The national identity infringement part that matches the Korean characteristics can also be confirmed as an example of the example.

The content classification process was also simple. Google received its own classification business status from the Game Water Management Committee. Developers were able to choose the question, such as fear, selectivity, and coating memos. In the case of unavailable games under the age of 18, the game should be subject to the classification of classification directly from the Game Water Management Committee. If the developer has been false, you can get sanctions through post-management.

The Google Play Console provides developers to policy notifications, launch management, app information, android vital, statistics, user acquisition, financial reports, and user feedback information. App Icon A / B test is also possible. You can see if it has a higher accessibility when it is any icon.

Wowbar Google Play Trust and Safety Team The Korean Operations Agency recommended that developers adhere to the “restricted content” items in the app launch. Limited content is intellectual property, revenue creation and advertisement, spam and minimum function, faithfulness, personal information protection, fraud and device abuse, store registration information, promotional, malware.

For example, the app must provide a minimal user to provide and consider a basic level of functionality. Apps that are abnormally terminated or in terms of functionality are not allowed to allow Google Play. It should also not be the act of increasing the possibility of viewing through spamstore registration information and low quality promotions. Google Play strictly prohibits the app that contains malware that can be harmful to the user. Depending on the Google Play Policy, the responsibility for the problem is that developers are.

If a problem occurs, Google Play notifies the developer by email. Developers can file a policy support team if you think Google Play decisions are wrong. Whoborner responsibility is necessary to “reduce unnecessary communication and provide a document as soon as possible, to provide a document necessary for review,” and “It is also important to not repeatedly repeatedly.”

Kim Dong-gyu, said, “I used the” Android Vital feature especially useful, “he said,” he said, “he said,” The game itself was not healthy, no errors, and could see if it did not give a negative experience to the user. ” Kim Dong-gyu participated three times on the Indie Games Festival supported by Google Play, and recently, it was selected for TOP3. Since then, Kim Dong-gyu exit his high deer to Neobu to 20 billion won.

Kim Dong-gyu’s representative is the advantage of the Google Play Console “to advance to the abroad from a small-scale developer,” and “Google Play is a only platform to easily test, experiment, and help flexibility. I think, “he said.

FNAF: Security Breach In Real Life

At the meeting, Google played that Google plays ambiguous feedback on the developer. As a developer, it is a problem that it is hard to know what is a problem with the game. “So,” the development company says, “he said,” So Google plays a screenshot, including screenshots including violations of violations, “he said. “If you do not see this part of this part, you may be a case where you can order this part. Added.

Lost Ark How does your channels change and play with friends

Lost Ark: This Is How You Change Channels And Play With Friends...
Currently, the beta of the new MMORPG is running Ark on Steam. An MMORPG is known to play with his friends, but how does this be in Lost Ark? Channels, character-specific friend lists and guilds make it difficult. We from Mango have all the information.

How to work in Lost Ark? In order to add friends to Lost Ark, you must first be aware that Friends lists are unique in the new MMORPG for every character.

This is untypical for newer MMORPGs and therefore somewhat getting used to. This means that each of your characters has its own friends list. Thus, also the characters of your friends.

So you have a character of your friend in the list, you do not automatically have your other in your friends list. That s exactly how it behaves with guilds.

Creates a new character, so you have to start from scratch, as far as guilds, friends and group search are concerned. Even your own guild is not automatically available on your other characters. You have to invite yourself to yourself or put an accession request.

How to add friends? Friends can easily add to Lost Ark via the user interface in the friend menu. For this you click on the menu at the menu on the community and selects friends there.

In addition, you now typed the character name you want to add as a friend and sends him a question. If he accepts them, he appears in the future as a friend in your list, and you can see their online status and invite him to the menu in groups.

How to play with friends? Just because you play in Lost Ark on the same server, that does not yet mean that you play together automatically. Each server and each region are divided into different channels.

These channels see you at the top, right edge of the screen. There are different many channels for each zone, which also vary due to the current player number.

Enter a zone, lands in a random channel. But your group is not preferred, so it may be that you can not see your teammate.

Channels change — but how?

How do you change the channel? There are two ways that both work similarly, but bring a certain trick with them.

Clicks on your channel at the top right, then a drop-down menu opens, and you can select any channel. If you click on it, then your channel changes to the selected one.
This is done via a short charging screen and is only possible if you are not in the fight. But the preferred channel is red, but can be displayed that he is full and can not change.

But what does if your friend is on a channel that is full? There is a possibility.

If you are not in combat right now, click on Ctrl and right-click on your group member. You have to be in a group and your teammates must be on another channel.
Now you can choose canal of the teammate. Again a short load screen and you have arrived. With this opportunity you can even switch to actually full channels to play together with your friends.

Find friends

How to find friends in Lost Ark? A great way to find players at all, the guild browser offers. You reach him, similar to the friend s menu, about the community interface or about the abbreviation Alt + U.

Here you will see every guild of your server that is not full. You can then put a guild request via this interface, which can then answer the ladder or an officer of the chosen guild.

Take care that you also have your guild only on a character. Although this allows you to join each character of another guild, however, takes some guild places when everyone should be in the same guild.

How do you create a guild? You can do that about the interface on Alt + U. If you have not joined any guild, the window opens, and you have the opportunity to create a guild for 10,000 silver.

Then you can invite people as usual, and you can also find you in the guild browser and send you accession requests.

How do you do this? Do you already play with friends LOST ARK or are you rather solo in the new MMORPG? Do you know more tricks to play with friends? Write us in the comments here at Mango.

Still undecided what you should play in Lost Ark? These are the 5 best classes for beginners.

PS4 Sony has to face hard criticism of State of Play

Sony s Newest State of Play has a few nice surprises ready for PS4 and PS5 players ready. A large amount of audience and spectators of the event still reports disappointed and angry. Why? You can learn this here.

summarized the state of play

In the latest State of Play of October 27, 2021, it was priority again to new announcements for the PS4 and PS5. What was introduced during the 20-minute show, we briefly summarized you here:

Deathverse: Let it the

The survival action game Let it from 2016, hereby receives a continuation. The first trailer promises twisted multiplayer fun.


An Indberman tells her life in music business and does it with a developer of Hyper Light Drifter. The adventure should become a biographical game with five episodes.

Bugsnax: The Isle of Bigsnax

A free update should add a new island including additional living space to the cute bugnax in early 2022.

Five Nights at Freddy s: Security Breach

Already in December, horror fans are supposed to throw themselves back into their security-service uniforms to face Freddy and his creepy, animatronic friends.

Death s door

The charming action adventure, and for many candidates for the title Game of the Year, gets a PS4 and PS5 port.


The FunRacer inspired by Mario Kart will be a free-to-play title for PS4, which will appear next year.

King of Fighters XV

In a new trailer, the fighting game introduces the new fighter Dolores. Players and players will also be invited to the Open Beta Test.

First Class Trouble

In this deduction game you have to find out, similar to in Among US, who is not human by your teammates, while you have to ask you a number of own tasks.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

Just in time for the 25th anniversary, Square Enix announces a new game of the Star Ocean series. The Sci-Fi Fantasy-RPG should be released next year for PS4 and PS5.


The pretty action adventure, based on the Victorian Age, receives a detailed trailer to make the world and its map more precisely.

(Source: YouTube / PlayStation)

What do fans have to complain about?

The biggest complaint I have is for many the absence of big AAA titles. Especially with games like Final Fantasy 16 have expected viewing end, only to ultimately Indie Games to get free-to-play games and other smaller announcements.

On Reddit give viewers of the State of Play votes from an average of 4.10. but some also emphasize that the event many fans of certain games series has happily voted : Star Ocean, King of Fighters and Five Nights at Freddy s had for many absolute highlights of the event. (Source: Reddit / Games)

Hat Deathloop Crossplay

Arcane Studios Newest game, Death loop , has released its unique multiplayer brand in tow. When publishing on the PlayStation 5 and on the PC it is only natural for players to ask if they over with their other friends on different platforms. can play CROSSPLAY . In this guide, we explain the status of CrossSplay in the Deathloop .

How to play CrossSplay in Deathloop

While Deathloop allows many different multiplayer options it does not provide a crossSplay . You can only play with other games that are on the same platform you are on. If you play Deathloop on the PlayStation 5, you play against other PS5 players. The same goes for PC players, you have to play on Steam against other players.

It could be that the online components of Deathloop are not clear from the outset because the multiplayer is not released for a good deal in the experience. You can also change the operation of the multiplayer, you can also completely disable the online component if you want. With so many different options for multiplayer players, it is a bit strange that CrossSplay is not in Deathloop, considering how many games offer it nowadays.

If the game appears next year on Xbox and Game Pass, the online offer may be extended to enable cross-play experiences, although Arcane did not give any comments that would be the case.

Deathloop is currently available exclusively as a PlayStation 5 console and on the PC via Steam.

5 Tips Free Fire Player can follow to improve your K D ratio

Improving your K / D ratio can be difficult in free fire because each match is players\-are-furious-about.html” title=”unique and offers new challenges”>unique and offers new challenges. Unless they learn the basics of the game, most players will have the average K / D ratio. Although it can not be an issue for most players, looking for some improvement methods.

The good news is that players have several ways to improve their K / D ratio. By following some simple tips during each match, the player can soon hope to get better in-game statistics.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Low Level for Free Fire Players K / D ratio

5) Do not get home at hotdress

In order to improve your K / D ratio in Free Fire, the players who should follow the golden rule, avoid dying at the beginning of the match. There is no best way to land hot-drop places to keep mortality in the game.

Even if the alignment is out with the whole team, there is a very real possibility. While professional players do survivors from hot drops, the average player will need too much luck to survive.

4) Play aggressive but carefully

Playing aggressively can not be for everyone, but this is a good way to improve your / D ratio for free fire players. Keep in mind that play aggressively does not always be hasty in viewing every opponent.

Playing aggressively is actively looking for them instead of trying to avoid opponents. Playing a safe match can also be aggressive.

3) Avoid playing with random

A strong start! From 0 to 21(F2P)/ Fire Emblem Heroes  WEEK 1
Without you say it will be the best idea to play with random players when trying to make a serious match. Although it can be entertaining many times, there are several drawbacks.

Playing with random peers is the worst way to improve someone’s / D ratio, and it is the best way to spoil it. Players should either play free fire or with a coordinated team

2) Stay in safe zone

An easy way to improve your K / D ratio in Free Fire is to survive as long as possible. To do this, players should stay in safe zone at all times during the match.

It will allow them to easily roam, rob for the supply and get eradication when possible. This players will also stop on the edge of the safe area or by pinning out of the enemy’s fire.

1) Make it in the final area and secure a boom

The best way to improve someone’s / D ratio in Free Fire is that it should be made in the final area and a boon should be secured. Although for most players it will be a difficult task, but it is not impossible to achieve it.

Read also

By winning each match, the mortality rate remained as low as possible, while mortality is always high. While it would be impossible to be a full K / D, it will receive the closest player perfection.

Edited by Rachel Simlih

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Best Emulator and Settings in September 2021

A large number of players have inquired what is possible to play on free fire PC. Those who are unaware, program emulators known as Android can be used to complete this task.

In addition to BlueStacks, Gamelup, NKS Player and LD Player, many other emulators available on the Internet can also be used. Bluestack is considered to be the best choice of options available due to its characteristics and overall performance.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to download and run the free fire through BlueStacks on PC.

Best Emulator and Settings to Play Free Fire on PC

Bluestax provides features like HD graphics, high FPS, Smart Control and Multi-Instance, which provides an incredible gaming experience to players. Users can take advantage of the emulator from its website, which can be accessed by clicking the URL.

After downloading and installing emulators, players can follow these steps to get free fire:

Step 1: Users should first log in by using their Google Account and then open the Play Store app.

Step 2: After this, they have to search for Garena Free Fire using the search bar and tap on the Install option.

Step 3: Free Fire will soon be downloaded in the emulator. Finally, gamers can open it and log in to your account to enjoy the Battle Royal Titles.

Minimum and recommended requirements for Bluestax are given here:

the minimum

  • You: __ Windows 7 and above Version
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • Ram: At least 4GB RAM
  • Storage: 5GB

_ Recommended requirements _

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 1000 Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with Single Thread Benchmark Score
  • Graphics: 750 with Intel / Nvidia / ATI benchmark score. More than or equal
  • RAM: 8GB or higher
  • Virtualization enabled on PC / Laptop


It is recommended that the player adapts the settings according to his choice and choice. Copying the settings of others will be upside down.

Nevertheless, users who still want to know more about the best BlueStacks for free fire settings, they can see the above given video.

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