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Report The leader of the 15 000 user strong boycott threatens to suffocate Marvel Strike Force over Iaps

Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based role-playing mobile game by FoxNext (later on gotten by Scopely) for Android and iphone platforms. The game was released worldwide on March 28, 2018, and also is mainly established in the Marvel Cosmos.

FatesFury is an avid player of Marvel Strike Force. it is his game of choice. He is the leader of a players union, known as the Legion of Cabal and consists of 28 families and currently the largest in play. Undeniably one of the most influential Marvel Strike Force player, he now leads to a large-scale output boycott of the game that he loves.

Marvel Strike Force was launched in March 2018 and is a free squad-based RPG with an extensive list of the largest and best heroes and villains of Marvel. For his excellent presentation, its impressive depth and its extensive endgame content it has received excellent reviews, even from us. It was not surprising that a significant and dedicated player base would accumulate millions.

In the meantime, this well-funded title has further improved from an incredibly talented studio externally and has grown as you would expect. I have discussed it in the past several times himself and was always impressed with the support after the start and the growing roster.

FatesFury began a few weeks after its global launch with playing Marvel Strike Force, which means that he was almost two years there. His continuing commitment to the title, he says, is more due to the community than on any gameplay hooks. It s a pretty normal history of a game that looks pretty normal when you re a free playable Action players, based on a proven monetization model to stay alive. So far, so good.

spend those inside, the leader of the syndicate, the players, the huge sums of money to see things quite differently. One point emerged during our chats over and over again: the Friends of fate move on in droves; Many of those he met through Marvel Strike Force and with whom he has befriended, are now fully finished. We are, in fact, many feel in the town on the edge of collapse.

But why? expressed Simple: progress. The resources have increased linearly as necessary for the progress of resources has increased exponentially. FoxNext probably trying to slow our progress, however, is too far gone, and the players are throttled instead.

Admittedly, this is a problem that affects a large number of free-to-play games with a long maturity. Running a Live service permit must be long-term financial sense, and new players who spend money, sometimes not come often enough.

In view of the answer for Fates was clear: An output boycott in a big way, which simply could not be ignored. What began with the freezing of the purchase of Cyclops offers or spheres, has now dramatically expanded and included all the expenses involved.

Player boycotts at this level are often ridiculed. Many turn out to be disorganized, half-hearted and ultimately ineffective. The fate knows this; He tries to do things differently. At the time of writing he and his alliance leaders have compiled the top 25 alliances in the game and the majority of the 250 best alliances for their cause. This corresponds to around 15,000 players.

Those responsible represent a variety of output types: F2P, small and big spending as he says. Although there are undoubtedly the major issues that need to convert them when their plans will work.

Fate knows the risk that he and the other leaders commit a boycott in an already fragmented community. I point out that there seems to be a certain aversion to those in subreddit the game, spend the large sums that are often referred to as whales. Again he knows it. One of the things we want to emphasize is, not to have against you mentality for those we want to continue to spend that do not support the movement or. The economic model that uses this game has to have some sort of divide: The game has players conditioned.

And they spend. You do not have to look far to see that members claim the Subreddits of the game, they would have put in Strikeforce last year alone thousands. We hope that past purchases (or even current) does not mean that we fight as a player. We all deserve a better game that adequately reward us for our time spent. The releases were part of the problem that has led to it. This, but now we want to be part of the solution.

But why not just go ahead? There are many high quality games that do a lot of what Strikeforce does – why not take the risk? And of course it goes back to… friendships. I ve built a number close friendships.

He also has no doubt that Marvel Strike Force can be saved and it is worthy of being saved. The passion of players and developers for this game is still evident, he says. The solutions to the problems of the game are not difficult, but they represent a new way of thinking for the decision makers at FoxNext. I am firmly convinced that the game for all participants can be more profitable than ever before when they have the mindset to..

Much of the current concerns of Fates revolves around the Red Star. Before arriving They had a clear path of development and all kinds of players were able to invest time and / or money to achieve similar results. The time you have spent in the game, let you play more, which was great feeling. This is for Fates no longer the case.

And what do he and the boycott community of FoxNext? I think a tangible sign that they are open to change and the discussion would go a long way. This is a change in the mindset of the current, which seeks to elicit the value of the players before being replaced to a new one that sees players are valuable and something you cultivate needs. We have many of these things told them for months, and so far they do not want to move, perhaps because we have continued to spend money.

I wonder what happens if the boycott proves to be ineffective: The boycott is a line in the sand. We are ready to expand it if we do not hear from FoxNext. Many players enjoy the game already without spending anything. and I am ready to join their ranks.

A possible day without registration, which coincided with a mass bombing, was already on the table. I ask Fates in his opinion, which is a controversial method of player protests and other means for the targeted harassment in some cases. He says, Our main goal is a trusting conversation with FoxNext about how the game for the benefit of all can be improved. (Check bombings) This could be a way to show displeasure, but we hope that we can start working together previously with FoxNext.

The Senior Community Manager FoxNext responded quickly to the initial complaint and outlined future plans contents and a list of improvements to which the team is currently working, including changes to the Red Star system. Dismalcontent, another leader of the boycott, responded with a further community feedback, which included a proposed AMA between members of the community and FoxNext.

not at all No, I will ask FatesFury whether he is satisfied with the first response from FoxNext. It looks as if they had made progress in communication, but there is still much to do. The boycott is now in full swing.

This will last until we have a clear indication of FoxNext see that they are listening, says Reddit users Shewski, another boycott leaders. Our fastest proposal for good faith is to expand the rewards for completion of U7 [in all reward levels]. However, we will look for the sign on the lookout for which they decide.

We have FoxNext asked for a comment. However, they have not issued any official response at time of writing.

5 Best Gun Combination in Free Fire Max for Rush Gameplay

A combination weapon is a weapon that comprises at the very least one rifled barrel and one smoothbore barrel, that is normally utilized with shot or some sorts of shotgun slug. Most have actually been break-action weapons, although there have actually been other layouts too. Combination weapons making use of one gunned as well as one smoothbore barrel usually remain in an over as well as under arrangement. Side-by-side variations are referred to as cape guns.
A boring (German for triplet ) is a combination gun that has three barrels. A vierling (German for quadruplet ) has four barrels. Combination guns usually make use of rimmed cartridges, as rimless cartridges are harder to remove from a break-action tool.

Gun Combination is an important part of any player s strategy, whether Garena Free Fire or Absolutely New Fire Max. Most of the time, a match is fixed on the basis of the skills of weapons and skills of players running these firearms.

In Free Fire Max, keeping in mind the ability of guns in different range fights should be selected, whether it is close or long.

There is excellent capacity for almost all kinds of fights in the combination of an AR and a sniper, while a pair of shotgun or SMG proves fatal in a short distance melee. Therefore, it is important to have a combination which is favorable to the gameplay strategy and approach.

Free Fire Max: Best Gun Combination for Rush Gameplay

Here are the best gun combinations for those players, who have aggressive approaches with Rush PlaySteller:

5) August and AWM

Aug Quick-Fire is one of the Rifles (ARS), and AWM is arguably the best sniper in Free Fire Max. AR is not accurate and slightly unstable in the medium category, but it is best in the category after Groes.

In the combination, AWM s long distance shot complement the small distance capabilities of Aug. Therefore, when the player is playing aggressively, making a couple of AWM and Aug is very good.

However, players need to master AWM close and middle-class melee because it is an excellent gun to kill one-shot.

4) Groza and M82B

Like AWM, Groza also has a special airdrop weapon with better capabilities than other guns. Compared to most guns, Grozo seems like a highly stable AR. Its high damage rate 61 and 77 are the other reasons that make the shotgun fatal.

To supplement the closest range of graza, the player can consider the deadly rifle like M82B. With adequate practice, the player can get one kill quickly with two shots of M82B.

If the player can master the sniper in the nearest fight, then they can get the best results in the match.

3) M249 and MP40

M249 is a great LMG Free Fire Max which is quite enough to eliminate the entire team at a time. It faces damage with 57 ratings with excellent stability, which makes it a good option for mid-category fights.

If the player connects M249 with Quick-Fire yet stable SMG, MP40, it will make their gun combination suitable for the Rush PlayStile. Players should remember that being a SMG, the capacity of ammo in MP40 will need to reload it continuously.

2) MAG-7 and Parfather

In case of damage, the MAG-7 is the weakest shotgun, but free fire Max can be considered the most accurate. This shotgun may prove to be quite important for any player whenever it is being run. They can finish their enemies rapidly with one or two shots of MAG-7.

However, the MAG-7 is not a great middle-class weapon and it should be connected with a stable rifle parfire. The strategic advantage will increase on long distance fights by connecting Parafal. Therefore, MAG-7 and Parfather make a great combination of free Fire Max.

1) Mark and M14

Mark is one of the fastest rifles in the game, while M14 has a solid option for high-damaged ars, because there is 77 damage rating in the later. Close to the skar suit and mid-category fights are quickly dealing with loss due to excellent stability.

On the other hand, one of the M14 ARS, but there are excellent mid-category and long distance capabilities which can be used as Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle Hybrid.

Both guns provide an excellent balance for combination and whenever the players run on enemies, are perfect because the pair of weapons require less practice.

Note: This article is subjective and fully reflects the opinion of the author.

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5 types of free fire players face in Battle Royal

In sociology, appeal is just how much a person, suggestion, area, thing or other concept is either liked or accorded status by other people. Suching as can be because of reciprocal taste, social tourist attraction, as well as similar aspects. Social standing can be because of supremacy, prevalence, and also comparable aspects. As an example, a kind individual might be thought about pleasant and also therefore a lot more prominent than one more person, and an affluent individual might be considered remarkable and therefore extra preferred than an additional individual.
There are 2 key kinds of interpersonal popularity: viewed and sociometric. Regarded appeal is gauged by asking people who one of the most popular or socially important people in their social team are. Sociometric popularity is measured by objectively measuring the variety of connections an individual needs to others in the group. An individual can have high regarded popularity without having high sociometric popularity, and also vice versa.
According to psychologist Tessa Lansu at the Radboud College Nijmegen, Appeal [has] to do with being the center factor of a team and also having influence on it.

Due to the popularity of the free fire, different players of all areas of life participate in the Battle Royal Mode either for entertainment or rank push. Looking at the freedom of the game style, gamers can use to win, there are many types of players who can be faced in in-game.

While most regular players will be, for the early sports, and experienced giants who can be out of a whole squad, will be some unique player type which will be different from the crowd and will make every match interesting.

5 types of free fire player in Battle Royal

1) The Silent Camer

Silent Camper is one of the most deadly type players so far, which can be done in free fire. Once the landing phase ends, and the stage of the loot starts, then they collect as much as possible and then choose a place for the camp.

Whatever thing makes them so dangerous, it is that unless it is forced by the safe area, they will wait patiently at one place. Most of them prefer to use Snippers and keep high accuracy.

2) Aggressive Rasher

The opponent or player of the same team, and so far most free fire players have suffered aggressive rushers in the game. His full ideology and strategy revolves in the fight with blazing guns.

Although this method works all the time for some very skilled players, most times, things are not according to the plan. Nonetheless, it is entertaining, especially when a whole shaft participates in the fight and it gets eliminated.

3) Passive Lootera

Free Fire Camper in Passive Robbers, the only difference is that they do not attack opponents until the first shot is not run. This type of player will loot in the whole game, avoid fighting and collect as much as possible.

If they manage to reach the final areas, these players become the right supply box, because they have enough robbery to supply a team again. Most beginners choose this game style because it seems beneficial to rob your path by the end of the match.

4) Third party expert

The only thing compared to camper is more frightening, third party expert. This type of player will wait for the right opportunity to strike when two teams or players are engaged in battle.

When a side gets seriously injured or the fight with the second team is won and now it is recovering, then it will come out from the third party expert attack. Most of the time, they manage to end easily because the anti-team is not ready. While hate this type of players in many free fire, their strategy is unmatched in the game.

5) Careless driver

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Perhaps the most entertaining type player in Free Fire can be done in the game, that s the reciprocal driver. These players only want to drive during the game, even if they are not very good in it.

The irony is that they first manage to expose the players and even get aliminations by driving them only. While most players have tried these as a final resort, some players use it as the main way of eradication.

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Note: This article shows the personal ideas of the author .

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How to insert Unic Capital Letters in the name of Free Fire

A Free Fire name, which is also known as a nickname, defines the player’s in-game personality. Due to this sole reason, the players often choose a good and unique name, or change their name to cooler by using the name changing card.

Generally, free fire players do not allow them to use special characters, letters, symbols and fonts in their in-game names. However, sites like Gamers can use Nicfinder.com and Lingojam, which allows them to do stylish names.

Here’s how the player can use unique large letters to change his name in Free Fire.

Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS & Android) - How to Change Your Name! | RasouliPlays

Free Fire Ign: Receiving a surname using unique large letters

As mentioned earlier, to use unique large letters in your free fire name, players can go to the site like Nickfinder.com. To get them your desired user name, they should follow the steps below.

Step 1 . Browse Nickfinder.com to get suggestions for free fire names.

Step 2 . Tap on three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, and select Cool Text Generator from the options.

Step 3 . Type the desired user name in the caps lock-on box and select the desired font out of the options.

Step 4 . Copy the selected font and paste it into the device’s notes.

Step 5. Open Free Fire App and tap on the profile banner.

Step 6 . Press on the Edit icon and click on Surname . The player can then copy and paste the surname.

Step 7 . Players can use a rename card to replace their current nickname or pay 390 diamonds.

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After confirmation of payment, players get a new nickname in free fire with unique large letters. If the player does not want to spend 390 diamonds, then they can click here to rename how to get the name card, to learn.

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How to use smoke grenades effectively in Free Fire An Beginners Guide

When it comes to strategic objects in Free Fire, Smok Grenade is one of the most overlooked. Although in some situations, its utility in war becomes a dwarf compared to the walls of the glue, yet it is an essential object to learn. Beginners

New Player’s Guide for Fire Emblem Heroes (2019) | Basics of Combat, Unit Stats, & Summoning Advice
There are their advantages and disadvantages to use smoking grenades, however, its versatility in the game is not behind anyone in the game. Learning to use this item effectively is going to help more than the imagination of players.

Top 5 Ways to Effectively Using Smoke Grenade in Free Fire

5) Confuse the enemy

Using smoke grenades to confuse the enemy is an art. When a time is well maintained during a match, it can cause more chaos than a silencer player associated with a sniper.

With the help of Smok Grenade, the player can confuse his opponents with very little effort. When they are thrown on camper, they often leave their position, and when they are thrown over opponents during the firing, they get back. During this annoyance the players can easily go and finish them.

4) Using smoke to retreat

When to fall back or retreat from engagement in the free fire, using the smoke grenades is the best way to avoid ignorance. While glue walls will provide excellent cover from the incoming fire, the smoke will completely hide players within them.

It will obstruct the effort to pursue the enemy because the line of sight has been cut off; And since there is no retail light of weapons pointing to the target hidden from the smoke, the player is free to escape without having much trouble.

3) Hiding and shooting from smoke

Hidden players within the smoke can not be targeted automatically by opponents, however, they can shoot back by targeting their places. While prone to shooting back, the possibility of hurry shots will be reduced.

In addition to taking a clean shot from within the smoke, players can also fix and take some time to make the strategy. If possible, players should use the enemy away from smoke using the element of surprise.

2) Applying

One of the great things about smoking grenades in Free Fire has the ability to use their aggressive and defensive. These strategic items will prove invaluable when used correctly in a difficult situation.

In places having a lot of buildings, the player can be ambushed on the opponents before using smoke grenades. Most anti-smoke tries to escape, and this will get the opportunity to shoot them without worrying about returning to fire.

1) The option of glue walls

Although many people consider the best thing to the Glu Wall in Free Fire, but the use of smoke grenades. As good option can be done. There are some differences in both objects, but in short they do the same work.

Glu’s walls provide physical cover, while the smoke grenades hide the line of sight, which becomes difficult to shoot precision for the enemy. They also hide the movement, which becomes difficult to predict the player’s place for the enemy.

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Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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