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Frankfurt, trade fair grounds. 1240 players sit at hundred meter -length tables. It is surprisingly quiet. The concentration can be felt. The Pokémon “International Championships” or European Championships take place here. There are participants from 40 countries and it is one of four major international tournaments in a Pokémon season. The cards, the video game, Pokémon Tekken and Go are played here. Only unite is missing.

It is the first time in many years that a large Pokémon tournament comes to Germany and, according to the participants, also the first offline tournament in two years. International eSport has accepted Nintendo’s invitation: in 2018 we already titled “The underestimated eSport” and take the opportunity to look at Pokémon at the highest level. How does the event work, what is different from FIFA?

It was about these trophies in Frankfurt. Nintendo

participants from 8 to 60 years

The first thing that strikes: Hardly any other fantasy -based competitive competition brings together so many different people. The hall is full of players from 8 to 60 years, women and men, different nations, but here in Frankfurt clearly with a focus on Europe. And it is integrative. Only the skill counts, even the 10-year-olds loosen adults. Nowhere is there a bad word, as competitively as the players are during their games, they are so warm before and after and congratulating good actions.

2022 Pokémon Indianapolis Regional Championships VGC Finals - Stefan Mott vs Jeremy Rodrigues
Actually only a hall with tables: the international championships. Nintendo

A visit to the international championship is actually sobering. There are no much more than a exhibition hall with endlessly long tables and a stage for the stream here – two shops, the opportunity to take part in Side Events, and a few food trucks in the yard.

Match around match is followed by each other. Nintendo

But you could also say: Everything that is necessary is there, after all, the focus is on the fights. And they have it all: Pokémon is highly complex in every version. Even the youngest know every card, know about every Pokémon attack. In the video game, the opponents have to plan several trains as in the chess and only have chances if they can counter the opponent’s strategy.

“Otherwise the chaos would be too big,” says world champion Schulz

With the cards, the cards must always be selected from countless possibilities that offers your own deck. The difference to other collecting card games: at Pokémon the players draw a lot and search their deck. In this way, complex strategies can also be implemented as long as the opponent does not interfere.

As in the video game, the opponents have a Pokémon in combat, and the rest of the team on the bench. International eSport

And Pokémon is no different from other collecting card games: there is a handful of meta decks that are particularly strong. In contrast, strategies must be conceived and included in your own compilation. And beforehand, because a rule at Pokémon is: You shouldn’t change your deck during the tournament.

“Otherwise that would be too big,” says world champion Robin Schulz in our interview. Some decks can be countered with just one card, if you could pack them in, the tournament would end immediately for many players.

In 2018 the student won his trophy, but this time left early and underlines the two points: cover construction and preparation are essential. To win a tournament, you have to “invest time, find the right deck and practice a lot.” For two weeks he wants to meet friends in front of the upcoming World Championships and practice several hours every day – he is already qualified. In Frankfurt, on the other hand, Schulz was “honestly not really well prepared.”

Pokémon is special

Pokémon makes the positive energy and the sense of community that I experience on the tournament weekend. All players I speak to emphasize how happy they are to meet their friends and acquaintances.

The referees discuss. International eSport

This is where relationships are sometimes formed for a life: Baris Akcos, for example, is a referee, or in the German Pokémon language: Professor. He is engaged to one of the caster of the tournament and knows Markus Stadter, who has repeatedly been an expert in International eSports, from events around the world for a long time. “You get around a lot,” he says.

Baris Akcos is “Head Judge” in Frankfurt. He has been a referee for many years and was a player before.

All arbitration organizations are on a voluntary basis, observe the games, pay attention to rules, are open to questions. The further the participants come, the more “professors” watch the games. The temptation to trick is also greater with increasing prize money. “It’s about more money, more prestige, more World Cup points, every decision counts.”

If you do a good job, you will be invited again, including other countries, because there are many international players at the tournaments. For Akcos it is a home game this time, he lives in Frankfurt.

everyone can participate – however, the level is high

Everyone I talk to see as part of a big family and the feeling spill through the whole hall again in the finals. There are fewer spectators than an ESL One or Katowitz here, but they are no less loud or invested. The atmosphere once again gives the fights on stage a very special charm.

The level is high. At the international championships there is the highest prize money after the World Cup. Nintendo

The number of participants is still limited due to pandemic, AKCOS reveals. But already here you can feel the big festival around the little monsters of Nintendo. In principle, everyone can participate, but only really good players at international championships. However, this does not stop the many parents from playing somewhere in any discipline. This rarely exists with other escorts.

It is played in Frankfurt for three days, and on the first the opponents have to fight nine fights. Then it continues in the knockout system with best-of-thread. In terms of competitions, Pokémon is at a level with FIFA, LOL and Co.

The winners of the video and card game, each in three different age groups. International eSport

So Pokémon is not only an underestimated eSport of strong complexity, the entry hurdles are also extremely low and toxicity cannot be observed. So if you are still looking for an integrative, international, yet highly competitive eSport, you should be in good hands in the world of pocket monsters.

Asian Games Gold Medal Noril Roll National Representative Lineup

‘League of Legend’ e Sports fans in the standpoint of 2022 is really important. The Midseason Invigee is also held in Busan in Korea, and the Rinding Cup trophy, which was really unfortunate last year. Above all, as e-sports in the Asian game, e-sports is selected as a formal event, it is a great opportunity to hunting an Asian game gold medal that could not acquire in 2018.

As the League of Legend Championship Korea (LCK) Spring Season, the fans are interested in the national representative selection. The athletes who are selected as the national representative will be held in September to start with the area of the area to be held in June to July. When the gold medal is obtained, the qualification of military service is available, and the final entry will be composed of six total entries. The Spring season’s grades and players have confined the expected national representative lineup, depending on the number of cases based on the meters shown.

If there is no player selection limit per team – T1 + Canyon



The regulations on the number of selected restrictions per team are not announced. Extremely, you can also draw scenarios that consist of a team that powered the main roaster. In fact, if the players are unplugged and scoring only the prospects of the players, this is the best process.

In this case, the most potent is to constitute the main lineup of the week with T1, which is the overwhelming performance of this spring season. T1 was achieved a great book, even if I think about this season, On the LCK First Team, everyone except Jungle Lero ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun Jun, and his ‘owner’ Moon Hyun-joon was selected as the final MVP and made a great contribution than anyone on the team tradition records. Even if one of the players, this five is the most excellent quantity in the current LCK, and the sum of the time when it is in the world is being recognized as the world’s highest level.

If you pick one of the sub players here, you will also have a Jungle Lecker ‘Canyon’ Kim Gulbu (Congress) selected on the LCK First Team. If you have to take more a players in five positions, you are reasonable to draw a jungle that can choose a different choice, depending on the change of the player, and in the meantime, the Canyon is a player of 1,600 A single season achieved the maximum score. It can be seen that the national representative is already preempted.

If you have the advantage of this roster, if you have the advantage of this, additional training time for matching the summary is reduced by exponentially. Even a ‘kid’ Kim Jung-gyun, who has been a ‘fake’ Hikung-hyung, who has been informed by T1 and a long time, For the grades, it is the ideal roster.

SOUTH ASIAN GAMES GOLD Medal Count (1984 - 2019) | SAG

If you have two players per team?

However, the one team is not only able to actually be able to prove that the team is transferred to the national representative. This is because it is not given time and resting time for the next season, and it is because the team’s strategy tactics and power are exposed. In the first place, it is not very easy to digest and return the 15-day overseas schedule. It can be seen very often when you actually have an international game and experiencing conditional decreased during a month in which the teams have been in progress.

In the above reasons, there is no probability that there is a limit to the personnel by team. In this case, if you are assuming that there is a maximum of two personnel restrictions, you can not mention the ‘Paker’ in the middight (T1) in the middight. There is a great advantage that we have played on the Asian Games in 2018, and it is aimed at several figures, and the skills of the athlete are also the most outstanding midliner in Korea. It was also a gas on the selection factor that it can be performed on the argument.

As a jungle, the jungle, ‘Canyon’ Kim Goo, and the supporter are expected to be ‘Kia’ Ryu Min-seok (T1). The two players have received the MVP of the LCK in the Spring season, respectively, the MVP of the LCK, respectively. It is easy to say this season is the best players this season. In particular, ‘Keri’ is the ability to read and coordinate the edition of the entire game due to the ‘Paker’ and breathing, and the ‘Canyon’ Kim Gun Min can also perform any strategy tactics to meet the alias of the finished jungle. It can also help you in harmony throughout the team.

In this case, due to the limitations of the personnel by the team, the Candidate Candidate is very dark because it does not come out. Among them, ‘Rule’ Park Jae-hyuk (YENG), ‘DEF’ Kim Hyuk Kyu (DRX), etc., may be a relatively reasonable choice. Both players have a lot of international experiences, and the skills showed throughout this season were very exhaustive. ‘Laft’ Kim, Hyo-kyu has the advantage of matching the “Kia” Ryu Min-seok. It is also a spring to take into account the two players’ styles to take two prolonged resources.

As a top liner candidate, ‘Doran’ Choi, Hyun-jun (Zenji), ‘Kanna’ Kim Chang-dong (Nongshim Red Force), and in fact, in fact this season, It seems that it is best to draw. The team has recorded a poor grades in the regular season 7th, but I was recognized as I was uncomfortable with the Second Team, next to the second place of LCK, the second place of the LCK. For those who showed the past-generation form, people have a nickname called ‘Military Base Affiliated Top Colar’.

Number of other cases

In addition, you can also expect one team to limit one team to 1. In this case, in the above situation, the supporter resource is changed to ‘Baryl’ condition and fixed the trading in the “Rule” Park Jaehyuk. However, in this case, there is a problem that it is not very easy to construct a roster of 6, which is not very easy to configure. It is also true that consisting of a team of three people.

The sports national team is completed in April, and afterwards, it will be convened and trained. As a result, when the athlete is completed, and go further, let’s watch this players.

Elden Ring Age of Duskborn Guide: Step-by-step

When Elden Ring Players reach the end of their epic journey through the Lands Between, another dead end – which end you have to choose. For the sake of simplicity, there are three canonal ends with some minor changes based on decisions made in the course of history. For the main end, however, there are even more clear changes at the end. Here we go through what you need to reach the age of Duskborn, which ends in Elden Ring.

How to reach the end of Age of Duskborn in Elden Ring

To achieve this end, you must see Fias Quest until the end. You may remember you as the lady, who likes to hold you on the round table. She also gives this health debuff, many of whom did not know anything when the game came out for the first time. If you make significant progress from traveling through the countries, it will eventually lead another dialogue if you see it again.

Here you give you the weathered dagger you have to bring to D. Of course, if you have already come to the royal capital and even beyond, you would have defeated the necessary number of splitter carriers to continue with the quest.

If you follow the steps of this quest, it is in a new area of ​​the RoundTable Hold. You will be commissioned to go to the Deepproot Depths on which you can access in an area behind the second Ancestor Spirit Boss in Nokron. This area can not be achieved until they made significant progress in Rannis Quest series.

When you get into an area that is definitely a boss, you can be held back by FIA. This time you have to find the curse of death to advance your search. This is located in the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Once you have it, bring it back to her at your last location. You should definitely consider to be held by it at this moment deep roots . Talk to her until she repeats her dialogue, and then reclaim the area by quickly traveling to this site of grace. Interact with the area in which they were currently fighting Lichdragon Fortissax .

After defeating Fortissax, you will receive the repair rune of the Deathprinzen , a key object used at the Fractured Marika. Use this item instead of simply repairing the ELDEN ring. If you use this, an alternative end will be created, where you still take the ELDEN thr1. Instead, the Land’s Between is now wrapped under these dense, gloomy fog.

This is more of a gloomy way to finish Elden Ring, but this end should still bring the trophy or achievement for reaching one of the three main ends.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Fia's Full Questline Walkthrough: How to Unlock Age of Duskborn Ending | Elden Ring
Attack of the Fanboys / Fencing / Elden Ring Age of Duskborn Guide: Step-by-Step Guide for Fia’s Ending

Bye Bye Fifa Ultimate Team: Why I end this toxic relationship

EAS Football simulation awarded after several months is easier to say than d1. FIFA Ultimate team did not make the separation easy for me – a future was excluded from the outset.

A comment by Gregor Elsholz

In the end there was no big theater anymore. No screaming, no tears, no delayed love swisters. Only one confirmation shortly at the touch of a button: I deleted FIFA from my console – and finished an unhealthy gaming relationship after almost 6 months.

FIFA Ultimate Team: Gotta Catch ‘EM All

Contrary to better knowledge, I have overcome this season as John Terry on the goal line over the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode – As a result, I have worn a brumping skull and a meaning crisis.

Immediately after the release of the latest FIFA entry, I started building my ultimate team and was caught in EAS Gameplay Loop after a short time : Open card packs, remove team, Grind against computer and players online, open card packs, Remove team.

This process was a monotonal cycle that served only the self-purpose, in my team overpayed star players against overvalued special editions to exchange and buy rare cards. But although this frustrated me, I have always played.

In our video we show you the biggest exciters in the history of microtransactions:

FUT: Cheerleader for Super Clubs

This frustration was particularly painful if FIFA Ultimate Team has tempted me to integrate certain players because of their reviews into my team – players who do not stand in real life or whose clubs I do not support in principle or years of rejection can.

Every time I had to set up a player of PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City, Bavaria Munich, Barcelona or Real Madrid , to complete certain challenges, has split off a part of my soul as if I were Lord Voldemort.

Despite my personal dislikes, I was degraded in FIFA to a involuntary cheerleader of super clubs – but although this has made me insanely, I have always played.

FIFA 21 | Why YOU Keep Losing IN FIFA 21 ULTIMATE TEAM! - How to Stop Losing in FUT Champs

EAS football simulation does not offer a future

Although I was emotionally vacuumed from the Grind and the players of my own team after almost six months, I could simply continue to play in all eternity. FIFA’s live service model is so on endless repetition through the punctual dismay of dopamine when opening card packs designed that one end of card collecting would hardly have been in sight.

But as happier as well as ironically, exactly this end is a crucial part of EAS sales strategy. After investing in my ultimate team for many hours **, I suddenly realized that it would be over in the fall.

The next FIFA game will appear and start the entire circulation from the beginning. None of the hard-played special cards can be taken. The grind of the last few months is empty, The season ends with a referee ball. Thank you for playing, nothing means anything, everything was free.

FIFA: Running pass for live service game

After I could no longer ignore the obvious futility from eternal grassets and grinds for collecting players cards, it was time to annimate the ultimate team – I stopped playing away.

FIFA has not contradicted. It has seen how tired I was and my eternal nags has been annoyed anyway . In addition, it would have gone into the breaks between us anyway in a few months. A common future never existed for us. I hope that I will remember this autumn.

In the video we show you the 9 must-plays in March 2022:

Fortnite reveals the cosmetic set Naomi Osaka, Osaka Cup

The Star of Tennis Naomi Osaka comes to fortnite later this week. Osaka is the last addition to the icon series of the game, where she will debut on March 3 at 7:00 p. m. ET. That day, players will be able to get attire and accessories inspired by Osaka. Naomi Osaka’s skin is accompanied by an alternative style of Court Queen, as well as the Royale Racket Pickaxe, which also works as Back Bling. The Skin Dark Priestess Naomi Osaka comes with the alternative style Neon Priestess and PortalForger Pickaxe, which also works like Back Bling. Players can also grab the Queen’s Cloudcarrage Glider and the Cursed Hazeboard Glider.

You can find an advance of the new masks on the Tweet incrusted below.

Fans who wish to obtain the early aspect will have the opportunity to do it on March 2. That’s when the Osaka Cup will debut in the game. Players with a better performance will earn both masks, the hind peaks / backpacks that accompany them and a Spray Forbidden Ace. During a three-hour window, players will be able to participate in up to 10 fortnite games, and players earn points depending on their rank. The Osaka Cup could be a good option for those with less V-Bucks to spend, or players who only look for an excuse to spend time with them. Fortnite This week!

The Fortnite Icon Series has presented masks inspired by several real-life celebrities, including Tyler «Ninja» Blevins, Travis Scott, Lannan «Lazerbeam» EACOTT and more. Osaka should be a very good addition to the series, and the reception on the skin seems quite positive so far! While some Fortnite The fans are not so familiar with Osaka, the game could encourage players to learn more about Osaka’s tennis race, their experience as a fashion designer or about their activism!

Fortnite is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

How to Unlock the Naomi Osaka Outfits EARLY and for FREE - (Fortnite Naomi Osaka Cup & Trailer)

Do you plan to buy the appearance of Naomi Osaka in fortnite? Who should appear below in the icon series? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

How to go through the ruins of the relics “The Daunt Relic” in Horizon Forbidden West?

Action Horizon Forbidden West unfolds on an extensive map of the open world, where players can explore new territories, meet new allies and fight new enemies. One big difference between Horizon Forbidden West and its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn is how actually the map is actually filled.

One of the new tests added to the Horizon Forbidden West map is ruins of relics. Ruins of relics can be found across the entire map, and players will have to solve puzzles with obstacles and bypassing, to find a collection of collectibles stored in each of the ruins. The steps that will need to be taken to complete Ruins Relics: Embrain listed below:

  • Step 1 : Enter the ruins of relics. Players will need to enter the ruins from the northern side.
    Step 2 : Find a yellow capture point inside the building. Use the mobile box inside to push yourself to the capture point.
    STEP 3 : Once at this level, players must see a locked door containing the scope of the Ruine Ruine. Exit the balcony using the output near the locked door.
    Step 4 : Once on the balcony, run through the abyss right forward to get to the second part of the building.
  • Step 5 : Jump in this new part of the building. If you are in the right place, the data point must be visible. This data point will contain Door Code ( 1705 ), which will be needed later to gain access to the collectibles of these relict ruins.
  • Step 6 : If you look up, looking at the data point, there must be two points that can be pulled by PullCaster. Long beam with blue tip and grid. Use PullCaster on both of these points.
  • Step 7 : Find the box on the upper floors of this room, and then lower it using the traction castener. This box can be used to access the open lattice just. After the box is installed correctly, jump on the beam, which is lowered down and then on the grid.
  • Step 8 : As soon as you enter the next room through the grille, jump into the big hole in the ground. The hole is almost the only thing that is in this room, so it is difficult not to notice.
  • Step 9 : In the back of this hole there are capture points that ela can use to climb up, except that the first point is unstable and falls if it grab it. To get around this, the players will need to deliver the box to this area to strengthen themselves. When you get to capture points, turn on and go to the dark area. The ceiling will be a plower point that players can pull down to make a hole in the previous room.
    Step 10 : Climb through the hole and pull another wall using a plowder to find the box that was used in step 7. Spend this box back through the holes that were just created, and use it to get to the points. The capture mentioned in step 9. Climb. Up capture points to get to the next room level.
  • Step 11 : As soon as you climbed up, look at the west to find a wooden balcony, and jump on it. This is a balcony on which there will be key module behind the locked door. Take the key module and return to the locked door mentioned in step 3.
  • Step 12 : Open the door using the key module (obtained in step 11), and then the door code (obtained in step 5). As soon as it is done, players will be able to get their prize for completing these relict ruins.

Where to find Relic Ruins: The Daunt

That Ruins of relics: An intimidation will be the first ruins-relics with which the players will face their journey to the Forbidden West. It can be found south of ChainsCrape, the city with whom players will first get acquainted at the entrance to the full game map.

where to find the key module

The Relic Ruins: The Daunt will require players to get key module To open a locked door with a collectibles. The execution of the steps described above should lead to the fact that players will receive a key module. The key module itself is mentioned in step 11. Most relict ruins have a locked door, but the key module is not always the necessary part required to open this door.

where to find the door code

These Ruins-Relics will actually require two things to enter a locked door containing the item collecting Ruins. Along with the key module, players will need to find out Door code . Not in all ruins of relics will need a door code, but in the daunt it is needed. The code from the door can be difficult to find, and it is easy to skip if the players do not know what they are looking. Door code – 1705, and can be obtained by performing steps described above. The door code and, in particular, where to find it is mentioned in step 5.

What is the reward for Relic Ruins: The Daunt?

All Ruins Relics in Horizon Forbidden West will lead to the fact that players will receive decorations. What decorations will receive players depends on the completed ruins of relics. The Relic Ruins: The Daunt will reward players Decoration: Easually .

These decorations are used later in the game when players reach the camps in Las Vegas, and also completing the Quest “Nights”. Players can redeem decorations, talking to NPC by name Stemur, which can turn the decorations in a beautiful light show. These collected items are cosmetic and will not have a great effect on the gameplay.

The Daunt Relic Ruin | Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruin Walkthrough

Interested in Horizon Forbidden West and want to know more? Learn how to improve the peas in Horizon Forbidden West in Pro Game Guides!

Syberia – The world before the officially announced release date

Microids, developer and French publisher of video games, worked on Syberia – the world before. It’s an upcoming adventure game that takes players in different places. At the end of 2021, the company announced an unfortunate delay of the title in the first quarter of 2022. However, today, Microids confirmed that Syberia – the world before will be released on March 18, 2022. It will be available digitally on PC via Steam. The game costs $ 39.99 while the Deluxe edition comprising a pre-order bonus and a Deluxe upgrade costs 49.48 USD. In addition, a console version of the game is planned.

Syberia: The World Before l Official Release Date Trailer l Microids
In a statement via his Steam page, the company said, _ “We are delighted to finally reveal you today the launch date of Syberia: The World Before on PC (digital)! The last opus of this series of adventures will take you in an incredible trip through the continents and the times on March 18, 2022 on PC._ The company said that it wanted to offer the best experience to the players and that the additional weeks have allowed the team to offer the best possible game.

In addition, Microid confirmed that the original partition of the game, Inon Zur, is available on streaming platforms. It will also be available in vinyl when launching the game.

SYBERIA – The World Before follows the stories of Kate Walker and Dana Roze who intend to solve mysteries. To do this, players must explore and survive at various locations in the world of Benoit Sakal. It is known for its landscapes and breathtaking characters. Along the way, players will solve puzzles, riddles and will discover a rich history.

What do you think of Syberia – the world before? Have you ever played a previous game of the series? Are you going to try the game as soon as it exit? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

Hitman 3 responds to launch complaints in Steam with free content

The arrival of Hitman 3 to Steam hSteam community triggered the phenomenon of the review bombing and criticisms. Some decisions from IO-Interactive have not sitting too well on the players’ community, who have not only complained about the price of the packs, but have also pointed out other additional problems. The study hSteam community answered the protests and hSteam community toned the _MEA fault _ , but in addition to the apologies it hSteam community revealed that it will compensate the players.

“The launch of Hitman 3 in Steam hSteam community not been planned Steam community planned. We were excited to publish the game in Steam with new content, and we knew that the level of expectation and emotion of the players wSteam community high, especially since the title had been exclusive for a year in Epic. In the end, We can not achieve our own expectations about the launch, so we do not like our Steam community, hSteam community begun the Hitman 3 trip in this way, “they say in the statement.

  • You may be interested: these are the main reSteam communityons for criticism

HITMAN 3 Release On Steam Is A Total Disaster! Mostly Negative! What's Wrong?

What are the compensations?

Those who have acquired Hitman 3 or anyone who does it until February 19 will have guaranteed a free update:

  • Buyers of the standard Hitman 3 edition will receive an update to the DELUXE edition.

The process began on January 27 and hSteam community started operating automatically in Steam. To claim the free update Just start the game.

Hitman 3 is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch, although the latter is a version in the cloud. Interactive, meanwhile, works in new games, including a completely unprecedented delivery of James Bond 007 , which will not be bSteam communityed on any cinematographic product.

Genhin Impact Next update brings new figures a new region and much more

The Photo team presented the next update for Genshin Impact, who is allowed to look forward to players shortly after the start of the new year. Version 2.4 of the online role-playing game appears on 5 . January 2022 and will bring numerous contents in the title again. In addition to two brand-new figures, players may also look forward to some returnees in the banners. In addition, another region is celebrating its debut in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya offers puzzles and new enemies

The new scene of Genshin Impact differs slightly from the previous places. Encanomiya drives under the water surface and is illuminated by an artificial sun that has created an old civilization years ago. The region is not only full of secrets, also new enemies will join you in the way. Including the deep-sea dragon odds and the abdomen in his previously unknown pro form.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
New heroines appear with Update 2.4 in Genshin Impact

As usual, players are also looking forward to newcomers in online role-playing. This time is Hence (5 Stars / Kayo) and Run Jin (4 stars / Geo), both of whom with rod weapons provide damage. Both figures are available in the first prayer of the update. Later, then Zwingli and Gansu will be available again.

Lantern ritual and gifts with Update 2.4

Travelers will go back to Life early January to celebrate the next issue of Lantern Rituals. There are special rewards for the conclusion of different tasks. Among them a free 4-star figure from Life and ten pieces of interwoven fate, which can use it to the activation of other weapons and figures.

Via PlayStation Blog

From Dominik Wingman
29.12.2021 at 16:20

The Gunk Sci Fi Adventure for Xbox Including Game Pass

The Gunk by Thunderous is now available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Players can now enter the fascinating alien world of The Gunk via Xbox Game Pass or the Microsoft Store and explore the secret behind the strange hypnotic substance that prevents the otherwise blooming ecosystem of a mysterious planet from waking up again to life.

In the gunk, the players hatch in the role of Ran, one half of a room driver duo encountered on a seemingly barren planet infested by a strange, undiscovered substance that they call The Gunk.

The Gunk - Launch Trailer

Ran and her partner Beck’s wonder if their days in whom they had to fight for resources could be over the laps could be over with this unusual discovery.

But there are other important questions to answer: What exactly is the gunk? How did it come here? What existed for a world before his arrival? And what happened to the old civilization that only left ruins?

Download The Gunk for Xbox — 24.99 euros or free with Game Pass

In The Gunk, the focus is on exploring a wondrous and diverse alien world that is to discover. The biomes range from rocky canyons over dense jungle to deep underground caves (which is finally the team behind Dreamworld) and some other surprises.

The mucus makes all these areas infertile, but if you remove it with Ranks upgradeable, mucus absorbing power glove, you discover a flowering ecosystem that seems to be suppressed by this mysterious and destructive mucus.

During their exploration, Ran can scan the environment to make new discoveries and learn more about this fascinating world. These discoveries are recorded in a logbook and give the players who deal with these entries, information about the events on this planet contaminated by Gunk.

Game Director UHF Harelips, said, We are pleased that the players finally can attend the aliens world we have lovingly created in The Gunk for Xbox and PC. We wanted to tell a ‘adhere’ story as in our previous games, and that’s exactly what we want to deliver here in this rich Sci-Fi world in which the players will hopefully have a lot of fun.

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